How to configure for visitors editing / canceling their exist bookings or receiving link to payment form?

1) Firstly please, create new post or page, and insert into content of it this shortcode:


You can just click at the booking button at edit toolbar and then at popup dialog select second tab for inserting this shortcode or just write manually it. Publish or update this page or post and copy the URL to this page.
2) Now, open the general booking settings menu page and at the top of page at field: “URL for bookings edit” write the URL to the page from point #1. Save the changes of this settings page.
3) Open Booking > Settings > Emails page and inside of email templates, where is this possible (you can check it at help section under the each email template), you can use this shortcodes for the inserting links into the email templates, which are sending to the visitors:
– inserting link of booking editing by visitor at client side of site,
– inserting link for booking cancellation by visitor at client side of site,
– inserting link to payment page for visitor at client side of site.

4) You can test it now for the new bookings.