Please, feel free to propose new ideas or new features, which you desire to see in future releases of Booking Calendar Plugin.

  1. The feature that I really miss are:
    1) The ical sync
    2) a customizable mail sended few days after the booking (very useful to ask a review ti the customers)

    • Totally agree, especially about ical syncing. It's very useful when you can see the bookings elsewhere than in wp.

      • Hello.

        Currently we are working on implementation ability to import/export .ics feeds/files, which will give ability to sync booking data with websites like airbnb,, homeaway, tripadvisor or vrbo or any other website, that support import/export .ics files
        This is will be main feature of next major update.
        Hope its will be available already soon.

        Actual versions of Booking Calendar support import of events from Google Calendar to Booking Calendar.
        Also manual export of booking (by clicking on link) to Google Calendar.
        Paid versions of plugin support of export bookings to the CSV files (which possible to open in MS Excel or some similar applications).

        Kind Regards.

        • Hello.

          Since update 8.0 of Booking Calendar, plugin is supporting

          - import of events via .ics feeds from Google Calendar ( or Airbnb or any other calendar that support .ics format, like iCal application)

          - and export bookings to .ics feeds (files), which possible to import in Google Calendar (or Airbnb,, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, VRBO, FlipKey and any other calendar that uses .ics format ).

          Please read more about this feature here:

          Kind Regards.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I don't need customisation from WP Booking Calendar but I need API for me to extend the booking workflow. For example customer can do booking using a limited quota, after the booking, we need to get the booking information and update to custom table. Is it possible?

    • Hello.

      1) When the booking have created (visitor click on "Send" button in the booking form), so then is executed this hook:

      do_action('wpdev_new_booking',$booking_id, $bktype, $str_dates__dd_mm_yyyy, array($start_time, $end_time ) ,$formdata );

      You can catch it:

          add_action('wpdev_new_booking',  'your_booking_created' ,1,5);
          function your_booking_created($booking_id, $booking_type, $booking_days_count, $times_array , $booking_form ){
             //debuge( $booking_id, $booking_type, $booking_days_count, $times_array , $booking_form );   // Show info  about parameters

      Disclaimer. Unfortunately we can not start, right now, some personal customization or custom development, because almost have no free time. Thank you for understanding. Please note, if you will modify the source code of the Booking Calendar, we will not guaranteed the correct work of plugin and do not support it.

      2) Please note, in case if you need to delete specific booking (because of your quota), you need to run this code.

              $approved_id = array( 10 ); // ID of your booking(s) to  delete
              $approved_id_str = join( ',', $approved_id);
              $approved_id_str = wpbc_clean_like_string_for_db( $approved_id_str );
              wpbc_send_email_deleted( $approved_id_str, 1, '' );
              global $wpdb;
              if ( false === $wpdb->query( "DELETE FROM {$wpdb->prefix}bookingdates WHERE booking_id IN ({$approved_id_str})" ) ){
              if ( false === $wpdb->query( "DELETE FROM {$wpdb->prefix}booking WHERE booking_id IN ({$approved_id_str})" ) ){

      Kind Regards.

  3. Unfortunately I'm missing a changeover feature.

    A departure date should be selectable as arrival date for another one. Similar to [cutted]

    • Hello.
      Currently it not available in actual versions, yet. This feature in our TODO list for having it in future updates of plugin.
      Kind Regards.

        • This feature have high priority in our list beside this feature also have priority "sending reminders".
          I can not say right now when exactly its will be implemented, but hope, its will asap.
          In case if you can not wait and want to make the integration of your payment system by yourself, so you will be able to check how was integrated exist payment system in plugin like PayPal or Sage Pay gateways. Please check more about this here:

          Please note, if you will modify the source code of the Booking Calendar, we will not guaranteed the correct work of plugin and do not support it.
          Kind Regards.

  4. I think that would be great if the pluggin could create automatic fake appointment for business that are starting. This way customers would not be affraid of seeing an empty caldendar.

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