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  1. Hello there,

    How can i add in the form field, a verification of email address?
    So, except from [email* email] i also need the customer to rewrite the email and it works only if the email is written both times exactly the same.

    Thank you very much

    • Hello.
      To create verification email, you need to use special CSS class in other email field. This CSS class must start with this reserved words: "same_as_" and then have to go the name of your primary email field: "class:same_as_email"
      Example of confirmation email field of the primary email field:

      [email* other_verify_email class:same_as_email]

      Kind Regards.

      • Thats perfect it works!

        And a last questions please:
        When a customer chooses on "country" that he is from Germany, then the shortcode [country] says he is from DE. Is there a way to keep the original name of the country and not the short name of the country?
        Also if i use [country*] instead of [country], then the the shortcode is empty. Is this a bug?

        • Hello.
          1) Sorry in actual versions does not possible to show full country title. It's will be possible in future updates.

          2) country its special reserves shortcode. It's does not support * symbol. Please remove * symbol from shortcode. Because country it's selectbox, so it's by default have some selected value and it's does not possible to unselect it.
          Kind regards.

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