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If you have any technical question about the plugin or configuration of plugin or if you found some issue, please describe it here. Please, inform inside of message your version of WordPress, PHP, Booking Calendar. Also sometimes is needed list of used plugins inside of system and name of your WordPress theme.

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  1. I have the medium business version and want to be able to set different days to check in on different calendars.  So some the change over date may be a Friday and others a Saturday.
    I’ve selected Range days in booking settings and then the select a Dynamic Range with 2 mouse clicks, and for any day of the week.
    I add this [booking type=2 form_type='standard' nummonths=1 options='{select-day condition="weekday" for="6" value="7"}']
    I was wanting to see if I clicked on the calendar it would only let me pick 7 days from Saturday but it doesn’t seem to do anything different – I can click anywhere on the calendar and select any number of days? What am I doing wrong.

    • Hello.
      Please send the screenshots of the general booking settings page and edit post page, where you was inserting booking shortcode and link to the page with booking form to this email: support @

  2. Hi there,
    I just stumbled across the free version of your software and like it pretty much already.
    My question for you is if your plugin is capable of doing the function described below on the paid version:
    I need the booking calendar to not show all the request that people make by marking the days in the different colours.
    The system should just accept people selecting i.e. 4 days of a certain month, then fill out the fields for additional informations and send me this in a request email.
    Kind of like a general availability request. i.e. you have x Carpenters to do work. The customer doesn’t have to know if its Steve, John or Max specifically available. Just place a general order to get information if 1 of those has time.
    I don’t need to see those requested days graphically anywhere, just the email with the dates the person requested.
    Best regards,

    • Hello.
      1) If you do not need to show the specific days as booked, in other words set the days in calendar as always available. Then it’s will require a small customization in the code to have this feature.
      2) If you need to that your visitor can select only fixed (or minimum) 4 days in calendar, then you need to check the Business Small or higher version, where you can activate the range days selection mode at the general booking settings page in admin panel.
      3) In any paid version of Booking Calendar you can configure the form fields and email templates at the Booking > Settings page.

      Please retest it in the live demos.

  3. Hello,
    I am a paying customer of your calendar booking software. I am using it on this website here:
    In general I really like how this software works, but I just noticed a problem. Recently I had someone who reserved one of my cabins, but she accidentally reserved two spaces and only paid for one of them. When this happened the space that she reserved that she never paid for was marked as unavailable on my booking calendar so other people couldn’t reserve it.
    How can I make sure that reservations that do not receive payment get removed from the booking calendar?
    Thank you,
    Nathan Brown

    • Hello.
      In the Booking Calendar Business Small and higher versions possible to activate the “auto cancel” functionality in the General Booking Settings page for the “pending bookings, which have no successfully paid status after specific time”.
      Please note, if the you do not approve specific booking, or the paid status will not be changed (you do not use the IPN in Paypal or visitor do not click on “ruturn link” from the payment website), then the booking will be cancel after specific time.

    • Hello.
      Please open this file ../booking/css/admin-booking-listing.css

      then add this code to the bottom of that file:

      .wpdevbk-filters-section .advanced_booking_filter {
         display:block !important;
  4. hi, 
    can you add additional items to the .block_hints div? while there’s “available”, “pending” & “booked” i need to add an additional hint.


    • Hello.
      Unfortunately, such feature does not support in the actual original versions of Booking Calendar.
      If you want to add this labales manually by yourself then you can make it in the file ../booking/lib/wpdev-booking-class.php
      in this function content:

      function get_legend(){

      Please note, if you will modify the source code of the Booking Calendar, we will not guaranteed the correct work of plugin and do not support it.

  5. Hi,
    Can I change the style of display for a particular resource? For example the colour when it’s booked in calendar overview.

    • Hello.
      By default its does not possible to change these colors in the Calendar Overview page, but you can try to make this customization in the ../booking/css/admin.css file.
      Kind Regards.

  6. Hi there,
    I’m really keen on buying the plugin (large business version) for a client.  However there is one requirement of theirs that is missing.  That is the ability to send booking confirmations via SMS, ideally using Twilio.  Is this something on the roadmap?  Or is there a way I can integrate this via another plugin perhaps?
    Many thanks,

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