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If you have any technical question about the plugin or configuration of plugin or if you found some issue, please describe it here. Please, inform inside of message your version of WordPress, PHP, Booking Calendar. Also sometimes is needed list of used plugins inside of system and name of your WordPress theme.

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  1. Hi Support,
    we’re using the booking calendar (large) for a hotel. in calculating the costs per night we’ve noticed something strange: a very specific date is not calculated on cost calculation. That date is sunday 25th of october 2015. All other dates calculate normally, but when we include that specific date in a booking, that night is not calculated. Could you think of a reason why that would be?

    • Hello.
      Plese open the Booking > Resources > Cost and rates page and recheck by clicking on “Rates” and “Valuation days” button your settings that you configured them correctly.

      2) If you still have this issue, plese try to set cost per day at the general booking settings page. Update the settings.
      Then open the Booking > Resources > Cost and Rates page and click on “Valuation days button”. Then remove all cost settings from there. Update the settings. Then switch back to the “cost per night” settings at the general booking settings page. Update the settings. Then open again Valuation days settings and configure them from begining. Update the settings.
      Then test it.
      Kind regards.

  2. Hi,

    I am trying to get the search availability to work but cant get any search result.

    I have created a page with search form (only use from and to date). I don’t redirect to any other page (use Ajax).

    I have created a page with a booking form and reset the search cach. It show two pages. The resource is available and has no bookings.

    Any idea?


    • Hello.

      Please be sure that you inserted the booking forms for the (single or parent) booking resources into the different pages.

      Also if you selected more than 1 visitors in the search form for the search, then please check here how the different configurations of the booking resources and availability (at the General Booking Settings page in Advanced section) apply to the search results.

      If you still do not have the search results, you can check this troubleshooting instruction:

      • Hi and thank you!

        Booking form is inserted
        I don’t use no of visitors (either the resource is available/booked on a specifi date)
        I hope that the availability is based on the actual booking situation?
        I have turned of caching on the site.
        Still no search result.

        It might be that I have a page which is build dynamically based on a Formidable view. There I list all objects with the corresponding calender view. That is on that page I would like to add the search for available resource and only show these that are not booked within a certain date interval. I hoped that you presented the search result based on the content in the booking database…


        • Hello.
          1) the number of visitors is required field. So plese include this field, may be just with one option “1”. You can insert it into the DIV tags and set with CSS as not visible to the visitors.
          2) Booking Calendar is require that the booking forms was inserted into the published posts or pages. I do not sure what type of dinamic pages you are using. But please try to insert booking forms just in the usual posts to test first (you need to remove booking forms from the other dynamic pages). Do not forget to click on “Clear cache” button at the Settings > Search page, before testing search results.
          3) And be sure that you do not use any cache plugins, like “WP Super Cache”. Please deactivate it. Or add the exception to the page with booking forms and search results page.
          Kind regards.

  3. Hi there,

    We are using your plugin on and it’s great!
    Unfortunately yesterday someone made a booking and paid and we received the confirmation email as well as the payment but we could not find the booking on the booking system?? WEIRD!

    Can you advise what has happened and give us some help to try and retrieve it?


    • Hello.
      1) if you know ID of booking, then you can search it at the Booking Listing page at top right side form. Or you can reconfigure filters parameter at filter tan to show all bookings.
      2) If you still do not see it, then probably this booking was canceled. And in this case you need to create this booking manually again at the Add booking page by using the data from that email.
      The reason, why its was canceled can be that some administrator cancel it by accident, or you are having “auto cancel pending bookings that have no successfully paid status after specific amount of time”. It’s at the general booking settings page. It’s can be that you do not configured IPN (for PayPal) and Bokking Calendar does not know the payment status of that booking. Or if you do not use PayPal, customer just do not clicked on the “return link to your website” from other payment system, and that’s why plugin does not know about the status of booking. If you do not approve this booking manually, then it’s can be auto canceled after specific time, if this feature is active in your settings.
      Kind regards.

  4. Hi there,

    Thank you very much for this nice plugin. I’m having the personal version installed, and it works nicely except one small issue.

    I’m running a car rental website and it requires customer to fill in both rent date and return date, which will need two calendars. The problem is that I really want to have multiple calendars in a single booking form. However, in the settings -> Fields page, it prompts “Important! You can use this shortcode([calendar]) only once in the form.” Is it possible to include multiple calendars in one form?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Hello.
      Yes, unfortunately, its does not possible to have the 2 calendars in the same booking form.
      You can activate the “Multiple days” selection mode at the General Booking Settings page in Calendar section, and let your visitors to select 2 dates in the same calendar. 1 day for check in date and other for check out.
      Kind Regards.

  5. Hi

    I make a lot of try, but when I booked a reservation on my website, I did’nt receive any mail. My client didn’t receive and me neither.

    May I have forget something? I change parameters in differents emails, but nothing is working

    Thanks for your help


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