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  1. Night bookings calculation incorrect.
    Hi, I've got a room which:
    1. Charges per NIGHT (so obviously check in and check out is different 'days').
    2. Monday-Thursday (nights) is say $100 per night; Friday (nights) is say $120. Sat and Sun different again (season filters).
    3. Settings: I can use ' Multiple days' or 'Range days' the error is the same.
    4. Check in is set to 15:00 and check out is 10:00.

    ++ error #1 ++ (day / night min stay.)
    - Mouse click the same day twice (example Monday 1st Jan) = $100 [cost hint] but shows check in as 1Jan 15:00 Check out 1Jan 10:00... which is physically impossible. (Range day is set to Min 1{day}). --looks like it does not understanding 1Night min--
    - Mouse click Monday the then Tuesday = also $100 and shows check in 1Jan 15:00 Check out 2Jan 10:00 [this display is good]
    ++ error #2 ++ (costing The problem happens when the total is calculated.)
    + 1st click Wednesday (night), second click Thursday = $100, check in 3Jan 15:00, check out 4Jan 10:00. [OK]
    + 1st click Wednesday, second click Friday = $220, check in 3Jan 15:00, check out 4Jan 10:00 [wrong] (same thing happens with 'Multiple day' select instead of Range) ---- It is taking the price for the check out day ($120/night) and not the night before ($100). Should be Wed night $100 + Thu night $100 = $200 and check out Friday morning. Instead it is using Friday(night) $120 because the checkout is the morning.
    ---- The error looks to be in the day night click logic. The same example but clicked order Thu, Fri and then Wed gives the correct result $200. So you can see when the last or first click is a different price range the results are incorrect because it taking the day value not the night before value.

    I Looked everywhere for the season filter to be applied to 'night' same as Resource 'cost/night', but can't see anything.

    Can you please explain in steps how to set up so charge per night is calculated correctly for room with different prices for days of week. If tried on your demo site and that seems to work correct, but mine not. I copied the settings from demo site as good as I can see. -- Otherwise, What is the best way to reset my sql table for this plugin? I've noticed that my Valuation Days doesn't always take effect. I have to resave the top and bottom save buttons and change the flag to fixrd and back to percentage before multiday discounts are applied (not the errors described above).

    • Hello.
      Firstly please note, in the Booking Calendar exist 2 terms "days" and "nigths". For exmaple 2 days (1st of January and 2nd of January) is means 1 night.

      1) The range days selection is setting for days (not nights), in this case, you need to set minimum 2 days selection at the General Booking Settings page in Calendar section.
      2) If you set "cost per 1 night" at the General Booking Settings page, so its means that the cost of the second selected day will be = 0. In your case, if you need to set cost of last selected day (check out) = 0, so then please follow this instruction:
      - please open the General Booking Settings page and in Cost section, please set "cost per 1 day"
      - open the Booking > Resources > Cost and rates page and click on the "Valuation days" button near specofic booking resource.
      Then configure cost like this:

      "For" "LAST" day = 0 USD per 1 day.

      In this reconfiguration we are using reserved word LAST, which is define last selected day.

      During using "Valuation days" please do not forget to activate specific cost row settings, by setting checked, specific checkbox at the left side of each row.
      Kind Regards.

      • Thanks for the reply, I've got the BusMed ver6.2. When I look at your demo BusMed it is alot simpler.
        On BusMed Demo:
        - General Cost section, set "cost per 1 night"
        - Resource #1 ID2 - Rates - check 'weekend' and make $40 for one night.
        Job Done, works as expected.
        Why would I need to all the confusing settings in your reply for my version?
        Sorry, But I'm just trying to make it work like the demo.

        • Hello.
          If you have cost per specific week days the same, so then its will work as in the live demo.
          But if you have the cost per specific week days with different cost (depending from the rates), so then such cost configiration can be different in your case.

          This issue, because Booking Calendar during calculation cost per night, is set second selected date with cost = 0.
          For example,
          let say we are having cost per week days like this:

          Mon = 100
          Tue = 100
          Wed = 100
          Thu = 120 
          Fri = 150
          Sat = 200
          Sun = 100

          And let visitor select 3 days (2 nights): Thu, Fri, Sat.

          In this case, if you will just set cost per 1 night, and do not have any configuration in "Valuation days" cost settings, system will calculate cost like this:

          Thu ( 120 ) + Fri ( 150 * 0 = 0 ) + Sat ( 200 ) = 320 USD

          Here second selected day = 0.

          If you will configure cost settings with cost per 1 day, and configure "Valuation days" with "LAST" word settings like in my previous comment, so then in this case, system will make cost calculation, like this:

          Thu ( 120 ) + Fri ( 150 ) + Sat ( 200 * 0 = 0 ) = 270 USD

          Kind Regards.

          • in demo site all I do is

            On BusMed Demo:
            - General Cost section, set "cost per 1 night"
            - Resource #1 ID2 - Rates - check 'weekend' and make $40 for one night.

            And it works, try it you'll see

            • If you need to have configuration like in the live demo, then
              - please open the General Booking Settings page then set "cost per 1 day"
              - after this open the Booking > Resources > Cost and rates page and click on "Valuation days" button and remove/delete all cost settings from there. Click on Save button.
              - now click on "Rate button" and configure rates for specific seasons, if you need them, or deactivate exist rates.
              - now open the General Booking Settings page again and in cost settings set again cost per 1 night". Test it. It have to work as in the live demo.
              Kind Regards.

      • I just tried your suggestion.
        - General Cost section, set "cost per 1 day"
        - min two days
        - for LAST $0 per 1 day

        Now the result is even more messed up:
        can't select 1 day (so that works only for range)
        selecting 2days (1 night) = $100
        selecting 3days (2nights) = $100
        selecting 4days (3nights) = $200 (if all same weekday)
        selecting 4days (3nights) = $220 (if the last day was Friday, ie Thurday night) so it removed a day but still added $120!

        • Hello.
          1) I was thought, that you was need to set minimum 2 days selections for do not allow to select just 1 day, because of comment here: (error #1).
          And if you are using check in/out times (change-over days), in this case you must to select minimum 2 days, otherwise you can not submit the booking.

          2) Can you send screenshot of your cost configuration from the General Booking Settings page and cost configuration from Booking > Resources > Cost and rates page (for Rates and "Valuation days" cost settings) and link to the page with booking form to the support @
          So I can test it also.
          Thank you.

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