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  1. We have bought and configured WP Booking Calendar (version: 9.Business.Medium.SingleSite.5.0.4) for our client’s website.

    The site and purpose of the calendar is to let customers book apartments for a few nights. The calendar is otherwise working as intended, but we cannot configure it properly so that when the client picks one day from the calendar, it shows one night as chose and the cost for one night, and if he clicks / picks two dates, then it shows two nights and the price for two nights. As with all usual hotel / apartment bookings, selecting a day means booking for that night.

    Currently (multiple day selection selected, price set for night) if one day is selected from the calendar, it shows the price for one night and reads 1 nights, for example: “Dates:12.11.2014 (1 – night(s))”. This works as it should. However, when you pick two days (customer trying to book for 2 nights), it reads for just one night still: Dates:12.11.2014 – 13.11.2014 (1 – night(s)). This should obviously read for 2 nights, since the client is booking two nights. Changing the cost configuration from nights to days only affects the calculation for the price (if I set it to “per day”, it works as inteded. every selected day/night adds to the cost).

    So simply put: We just want the client to be able to select which nights he wants to book, and the cost / text would show properly. Normally on any hotel booking site the customer selects two nights by clicking on two days in the calendar. I cannot reproduce this.

    • Hello.
      You need to set the cost per 1 day at the General Booking Settings page in “Cost section”.
      And then instead of using this shortcode [nights_number_hint] please use this shortcode: [days_number_hint] at the Booking > Settings > Fields page.
      Booking Calendar just have a little different meaning of “days / nights” terms. If yo select 2 days in calendar, its means 2 days and 1 night (in terms of Booking Calendar logic).
      Kind Regards.

  2. Hello,

    Can you inform me on how to configure the basic calender to show some details of who has made the the pending/approved bookings ? I know this is visible on the admin side in the Booking Calendar – Overview but would like it on the main calendar without logo.



    • Hello.
      The ability to see in the mouse over tooltip the info, who was make the booking possible only in admin panel at actual versions of Booking Calendar.
      Its possible to make a little trick to show in the “mouse over tooltip” over specific booked timeslot (please note the booking must be made for the specific timeslot, and not the full date), the Name of the person, who made the booking. This trick possible to make at the Booking Calendar Business Small and higher versions.

      11:00 – 12:00 Jony Mack

      But please note this feature can impact to the performance, so we do not recommend to activate it.

      If you are still want to activate it,so please open this file: ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/lib/wpbc-constants.php (in older versions its was here: ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/wpdev-booking.php ) find this code:

      if (!defined('WP_BK_SHOW_INFO_IN_FORM'))    define('WP_BK_SHOW_INFO_IN_FORM',  false );                 // This feature can impact to the performace

      and replace to this code:

      if (!defined('WP_BK_SHOW_INFO_IN_FORM'))    define('WP_BK_SHOW_INFO_IN_FORM', true);                 // This feature can impact to the performace 

      Kind Regards.

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