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  1. Hello,

    I have purchased the Business Small version of the plugin. I have a client who books tours at a Museum. They are closed Mondays, so currently we have Monday selected as an unavailable day. Sometimes however my client gives special tours out on the days they are closed. Is there any way to book a day on an unavailable day. I know we can manually add a booking, but it still can't be done on unavailable days (which makes sense) Might there be a way to do this with a different version of the plugin playing with some of the Resources and Availability filters?

    • Hello.
      It's possible with Business Medium version to create "range days season filter" at the Resources Filters page for Mondays. Then set the days from this season filter as unavailable for specific booking resources at the Resources Availability page.

      Later if you need you can edit season filter to deactivate some days from it for making them available again.
      Please test it in the live demo go this version.

      You can make Upgarde to higher version of plugin from your exist version by clicking on upgrade link at the top right side of general booking settings page in admin panel.
      Kind regards.

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