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If you have any technical question about the plugin or configuration of plugin or if you found some issue, please describe it here. Please, inform inside of message your version of WordPress, PHP, Booking Calendar. Also sometimes is needed list of used plugins inside of system and name of your WordPress theme.

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  1. About Css Questions:

    First Name (required):[text* name]
    Last Name (required):[text* secondname]
    Email (required):[email* email]
    Phone:[text phone]
    Adults: [select visitors class:span1 “1” “2” “3” “4”] Children: [select children class:span1 “0” “1” “2” “3”]
    Details: [textarea details]
    [checkbox* term_and_condition use_label_element “I Accept term and conditions”]
    [submit class:btn “Send”]

    I want to change “class:span1″ ( height and width) and textarea height and width.
    which file (.css) can change that appearance?


  2. Hi, 2 silly quesitons really.

    1. I can’t set the currency for the module. how do I do that? it’s currently USD, but our client needs it as £
    2. The client has a need to have a minmium spend. for example if the booking is for 1 day, but the minmium spend is 2 days, then how is this managed.

    The version we’ve implemented for our client is
    Version: Business Medium SingleSite 5.3
    Type: Business Medium
    Platform: WordPress

    Thanks in advance

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for this great plugin!

    However, I’m facing some trouble while using it, to be more specific: the booking resouces translation. As I’m making a multilingual site, the field of books form could be translated perfectly with WPML. But there seem to be no way to translate the resource names as well.

    So, could you help to point out a way to translate the resources names, or maybe add this as a new feature in the next release?

    Thank you again for your help!


  4. Hello,
    I was wondering if I could link resources together. So when I book a resource at a certain time and date, that others would be automatically booked as well.
    A little explanation: we have multiple conference rooms, but they can be transformed into one big room. Customers can book the smaller ones separately, but when the large room is booked, the 2 smaller ones need to be booked as well.
    Is that possible?
    Thx for your reply!

    • Hello.
      You can use the “agregate” parameter in the booking shortcodes for the “small rooms”. Please read more here: Its will add to the calendars of small rooms, the bookings that was made for the “large room”
      Let say, “Large room” have ID = 2, “Small room #1″ have ID = 3 “Small room#2″ have ID = 5

      Then in the booking shortcode for the “Small room #1″, you can use this:

      [booking type=3 agregate='2']

      and for the “Small room #1″, you can use this:

      [booking type=5 agregate='2']
      • Thanks for your reply.
        And can I do this when the user needs to select a resource first? Or in the admin panel?

        • Hello.
          Such config possible only got the separate booking forms.
          It’s means that you can insert 3 booking forms for your rooms separately into the page(s). Please try to test it.

  5. Cost of Single Site edition versions (usage on 1 website)

    I am not good at english. Can you tell me that means I can use only in confirmed ( can not be changed) website, or I can change that website ( domain name).

    I want to use only one website , but it plan change domain name in next 3months.

    • Hello.
      If you need to transfer your version (later) from the test server to the live server, then yes it possible with the single site usage version.
      But you will be need to contact us with info about the old test site domain and new website domain (URL). Also its possible to make such transfer only once, and of course you will be need to delete the Booking Calendar version fro the previous old website.
      Kind Regards.

  6. Hi. I would only like the customer to be only able to select one date. SO only one date at time. Is taht possible?

    Please let me know

    • Hello.
      You can activate the “single day” selection mode at the General Booking Settings page (“Calendar section”) in your admin panel.
      Kind Regards.

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