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  1. I have purchased Business Large SingleSite 5.4.2 for our bed & breakfast. I have set the standard rates and set up seasonal filters for peak periods. I have applied a seasonal filter to the valuation days of each resource to increase the room cost during peak periods. but I’ve found that the valuations are not correctly calculated when the check-in date precedes the peak period start date. I believe you realize this because you display a warning in the valuation page setup stating the valuations will only be applied if the check-in date falls within the seasonal filter window. Is there a technique or solution that allows the cost to be accurately calculated when the first date is before the seasonal filter window begins?

    My standard rate is $125/night. During peak periods, our rate increases to $200/night for any one-night stay and $150/night for any two-night stays during the seasonal filter window. For three nights or more, the standard rate is applied.

    Valuation days were the primary reason why I purchased this version, but if they can’t be mixed with non-valuation dates successfully, the upgrade is worthless to me.


    • Hello.
      The ability to configure the “Valuation days” cost settings, that depend from the season filter, possible only based on the “check in” date condition for the season filters. Its because if we are have to many intersected season filters with different cost settings, its almost not possible to have the correct cost configuration.

      That’s why if you need to configure the cost, that depend from the season filter for each selected date, and do not depend from the number of selected dates, you can configure it by using “Rates” cost system.

      If your cost depend from the number of selected dates for the booking, you can use the “Valuation days” cost system. If in addition its depend also fro m the season filter, so in this case you can configure the “Valuation days” cost system based on the “check in” day, that belong to specific season filter.
      Kind Regards.

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