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  1. When i enter a booking or send an email i would rather it send check in day to check out day eg 6th October - 8th October. This being for two nights. However it says 6-7th October for two nights. It reads as only one night. How do i change this?

    How do i enter price and tariff?

    • Hello.

      In the email templates at the Booking > Settings > Emails page you can use this shortcode:

      [check_out_plus1day] - inserting check-out date (last day of reservation), + 1 day,

      Its will show in emails the checkout day as 8th of October instead of 7th of October.

      Other shortcodes that you can use:

      [dates] - inserting the dates of booking,
      [check_in_date] - inserting check-in date (first day of reservation),,
      [check_out_date] - inserting check-out date (last day of reservation),,
      [check_out_plus1day] - inserting check-out date (last day of reservation), + 1 day,
      [dates_count] - inserting the number of booking dates.

      Kind Regards.

    • Hello.

      Please check possible troubleshooting instruction about this issue here:

      Please recheck the permissions of the php files and folder of the plugin, it's have to be 755 (check the relative info here ).

      Also please recheck that you are do not have any incorrect rules about permission at the .htaccess file. Please, recheck that your server is have the Internet connection. Because usually such error can appear if some internet connection to your server is exist. In general this error is means that server does not respond to the browser after Ajax request.

      At least, if the previous steps will not help, please try to recheck the error.log file at your server about any relative errors, for rechecking the reason of that error

      Kind Regards.

  2. I love this plugin! is there any way that we can have the moderator panel on a page where they dont need to access my admin page? I will be assigning a different person to approve or decline schedules but I dont want to give them access to my admin page for wordpress.. Thanks in advance!

    • Hello.
      Unfortunately in actual versions of Booking Calendar does not exist such functionality sorry. To approve bookings, you need to have access to wp admin panel.
      You can define such users as subscribers, and use some other security plugins to restrict access or view of any other WordPress plugin menu pages.
      Kind Regards.

  3. Hello guys, wonderful plugin!
    I have one question please:
    I am trying to find a way for the calendar, to be as understandable as possible. The partially booked square, which has a vertical line confuses people. I tried already to make a square with diagonal line, but it cant be done in a right way, as you told me so.

    I think the only solution is to get rid of the partially booked square.
    But if i do this, i need my customers to check the nights they will stay, and not the check-in and check-out time.
    I made two pictures to explain this better: In picture we see the present situation- the partially booked square divided in the middle. In this example the house is booked for 16 and 17.
    In picture we see the same house, without the partially booked square. Here its very easy to understand that you cannot stay on 16 or 17 in the house. So you can check all nights until the 15th, or all nights from the 18th and after.

    Is it possible to be done?

    • Hello.
      Please try to make this fix.
      Please open this file ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/lib/wpdev-booking-class.php

      then find this code:

      $blocked_days_range = array( $my_date->booking_date ); 

      and replace it to this code:

                      $blocked_days_range = array( $my_date->booking_date );    
                      if ( substr( $blocked_days_range[0], -2 ) === '01')             //FixIn:
                          $blocked_days_range[0] =  substr( $blocked_days_range[0], 0, -8 ) . '00:00:00';          
                      if ( substr( $blocked_days_range[0], -2 ) === '02') 

      Please note, this trick will not work in Booking Calendar Business Large or higher version.

      Kind Regards.

  4. Hello,

    If some days from a reservation past from curent day that days have a color more darker.

    It`s posible to make this color darker only if the entire reservation past from curent day ? like it`s expired. thanks

    To know wath clients have gone, thanks.

    Sry for my bad english.

    • Hello.
      In actual versions its does not possible. Sorry.
      I will add this feature to the TODO list.
      Kind Regards.

      • Or maybe to automatic unapproved reservation after they expired ?

        It`s posible? i pay extra for this custom edit.


        • Hello.
          Sorry, I do not sure that clearly understand about this "automatic unapproved reservation after they expired"?
          If you have activated "automatic cancellation of unapproved bookings" at Booking > Settings General page, then these bookings just will not exist in system anymore.
          If you was meaning something else, please explain it more detail.
          Thank you.

          • I need something similar.

            After i make a reservation i approve it. (reservation from 20 to 23 september), i need a automatic code so the reservation goes back to pending when the curent date will be 24 september (when client leave the room, but only to set the pending status dont delete it)

            I will pay extra.


            • Hello.
              1) Firstly please note. Unfortunately we can not start, right now, some personal customization or custom development, because almost have no free time.
              Here is more info about this: Thank you for understanding.

              2) I understand that you need to mark such bookings (visually) somehow to define that such bookings already in the past. This feature I already added to the TODO list.
              But currently start with personal customization we can not, because working on finishing next major update 7.0 Its take almost all free time.
              Sorry, and hope on your understanding.
              Kind Regards.

  5. Hello people.
    Booking Calendar is lovely. Want to use it and buy premium ... but...

    The calendar does not appear on my mobile phone: LG NEXUS 5X running Android 7.
    Two separate websites using different wordpress themes show the same fault:- ... 'calendar loading' ... but show the 'out of the box' form below OK

    (on my Android NEXUS 7 Tablet running 5.1.1 I can see the calendar and out of the box form)

    • Hello.
      Strange. Please try to clear browser cache in your mobile phone and test it again.

      If its not help, then please check these steps:
      Please try to deactivate one by one all your active plugins at the WordPress > Plugins menu. Then retest it again.
      If its not help, please deactivate your active theme and active the default WordPress theme. And then retest it again.
      Just need to find the reason of who generate JavaScript error.
      Kind Regards.

      • Thanks for your reply
        There are two parts to WP Fastest Cache:-
        WP Fastest Cache
        WP Fastest Cache Premium.
        It seems that the Premium Plugin is the one which stops the calendar loading on my NEXUS 5X Android 7
        Of note: On the phone, it is very very difficult to get the month to change by tapping the >> to the right OR << to the left. So - the calendar is very dysfunctional.
        However, tapping any day is much better - a bit tricky, but better.
        Hope this helps

        • Hello.
          Thank you for the info.
          We will improve scrolling months in calendar at future updates of Booking Calendar.
          Kind Regards.

    • Hello.
      Unfortunately, no. The feature of improving showing times at mobile devices, exist in our TODO list.
      Hope its will be implemented ASAP.
      Kind Regards.

      • Thanks.

        Do you see that happens in a few month or so?

        Sometimes 50% of the visitors comes from an mobile or ipad and if they can't see the booked time, it really limit the booking calender functions. Having that said I am happy you have it on the TODO-list.

        • Hello.
          Currently I can not say about the exact date of this update. We are having too many items for future updates.
          I will set higher priority for this item.
          Kind Regards.

  6. Hi,

    I have a problem with the mobile version of the booking system. I have booking Business Small Single Site 6.2.2. If I'm at the web site booking and holding the mouse over the bookings I can see what times are booked, but if I'm on the mobile site, I only see that the day is booked, not what time that is booked.

    Is there anyone that understands why this happens?

    This is my page
    Big thanks in advance!
    Best //Sofie

    • Hello.
      While is trying to make booking using mobile phone, system does not support mouse over tooltips.
      But still, after selecting specific day, plugin is disabling booked time-slots in selectbox at the booking form, and visitor can select only availability time-slots.
      This issue will be improved in the future updates of Booking Calendar.
      Kind Regards.

      • aha ok, thank you very much. Do you know when this update will come?

        Thanks in advance,

        Kind regards

        • Hello.
          Currently we are in process of finishing next major update 7.0
          So we can start with this issue only after finishing of this major update, which will bring many improvement, and some new features.
          Hope its will be asap.
          Kind Regards.

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