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  1. Hello,

    I am trying to give access to one user to see the Bookings Listing page without making them a WordPress admin. Is this possible?

    I set the user to be an Author. In the booking calendar settings page under Plugin Menu and under "User permissions for plugin menu pages", I set the permission for Bookings to be Author. But when the user tries to click on Booking Listing from the drop down menu, they just get a message that says "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page." How can you let non-admin wordpress users see the Booking Listing page?

    • Hello.
      Basically you was done everything correctly. Just recheck that toy was set for tat user standard "Author" WordPress user role, and not some custom one.
      If the previous not help, try to set at the Booking > Settings General page instead of Author user role the "Contributor" user role.
      Kind Regards.

  2. Hello,

    I have Business Medium version of the plugin and faced an issue with the booking aggregation when two different resources are being used:

    We have 1 house that we're renting using two price-points, depending on the size of group of visitors. Essentially, the price for "up to 6 people" is smaller than the price for "up to 12 people". We've initially achieved that by using [bookingselect] shortcode with two resources set, so visitors on our site first choose one of these two options, and then the price per day (that is visible on the calendar) changes to reflect an option selected.

    The issue that we have though, is that when people book the "up to 6 people" resource, it doesn't mark house unavailable for the second resource during the dates booked. This obviously causes a big problem, as even though the house has been booked, it still displays these dates as available for the second resource, resulting in a possible duplication.

    How can we solve that? We'd like to keep the select option in the form, so vistors can see can see prices changing on the calendar depending on which option the choose.

    Your prompt response will be appreciated!

    • Hello.

      1) Its possible with aggregate parameter in the Booking Calendar shortcode, only if you will use 2 different separate booking forms at this page. Its means not selection of the booking resources in selectbox.

      Example of shortcodes:
      Example of Booking form for booking resource with ID = 2

      [booking type=2 nummonths=2 form_type='standard' agregate='3']

      Example of Booking form for booking resource with ID = 3

      [booking type=3 nummonths=2 form_type='standard' agregate='2']

      Please read how manually to configure Booking Calendar shortcodes here

      2) Or you can try to use only one booking form at the page, and configure additional cost for the visitors selection at the Booking > Resources > Advanced cost page.
      Please note this cost will be not show in the calendar days cells (its will be possible to show cost only with [cost_hint] shortcode in your booking form at the Booking > Settings > Form page, which will show total booking cost, depend from the selected dates.
      Check more here:

      Kind Regards.

      • OK Thanks

        One more question: is it possible to configure EXPORT of the bookings to Google Calendar? I know that importing from there is possible, but how about the other way?


        • Hello.
          1) Booking calendar support only import of events from the Google Calendar (not 2 sides sync).

          Info about it exist in any settings pages at plugin website and at help configuration page of plugin website:

          The export into Google Calendar functionality exist in our todo list for some future updates of booking calendar. Hope its will be available ASAP.

          2) In the next update of plugin will be possible to export specific booking to Google Calendar with link / button - its means manual clicking on button for exporting to Google Calendar.
          We already added this feature to the Beta update version of Booking Calendar, so if you are using paid version of plugin you can request it with mentioned in comments that you need Beta update.
          You can request the new update of Booking Calendar on this page:

  3. Hi,
    I have a problem with the extension Booking Calendar, check this link :

    EXEMPLE - 1 NIGHT : 100€

    If you book 1 night, the price is divided by 3 (33,33€)
    If you book 2 nights, the first night is divided by 3 and the second night is divided by 2 (33,33€ + 50€)
    If you book 3 nights or more, the first night is divided by 3 and the second night is divided by 2 and the next nights is not divided (33,33€ + 50€ + 100€ [.....] + 100€ + ....)

    Can you help me please ?

    • Hello.
      It's possible to configure in Booking Calendar Business Medium or higher versions at "Valuation days" cost settings.

      Please open firstly Booking > Settings > Payment page and set cost "per 1 day".

      Then open the Booking > Resources > Cost and rates page and click on "Valuation days" button rear specific booking resource.

      Then configure cost similar to this:

      For 1st day = 33.33 usd per day
      For 2nd day = 50.00 usd per day

      Save settings.

      And I can gues that you already saved cost per booking resources as 100 usd per day

      Also please open the Booking > Settings > Payment page and rechck that option "time impact to the cost" was deactivated - unchecked.

      Kind Regards.

  4. Hello,

    I am having trouble displaying bookings for "Today" in the Booking Listing page. I created two bookings for today, April 19th, 2017, and they show up when I go to Booking Listing view in the admin panel. But if I change the filter to "Dates: Today" to only show today's bookings, it says "Nothing Found." If I do "Previous Dates", they do show up though, which is wrong. Also the times are for later today and have not already passed.

    • Hello.

      1) Please be sure that you are using latest update of plugin. If you are using paid version of Booking Calendar so then you can request the new update of Booking Calendar on this page:

      2) Please open the WordPress > Settings > General page and recheck that you have correctly set your time-zone.

      Kind Regards.

      • I just installed the latest version 7.1.1 and checked the time under WordPress settings which is correct, and the problem's still there. Today's bookings are still not showing up when filtering for "Today" in Booking Listing view, but they do show up in "Previous Dates". They also do correctly show up if I filter for a specific range from 4-19-17 to 4-19-17 (today).

        • Hello.
          Please send screenshot of your booking and screenshot of your filter configuration togather with screenshot of Settings General page and time of checking all this to support @

          We will check it and make fix in next update of plugin.
          Thank you.

  5. Hello support,

    I would be interested to purchase a business small system. Now i have a question... is it possible to have a overview of the different resources, like i see in the admin panel... to see that in the front... I wanna make 65 resources and i would like to show them to the viewer who visit the site. Is that possible?

    Best Regards
    Hans Kapteyn

    • Hello.
      You can insert the "Timeline" (the same view as Calendar Overview in admin panel, but in read only mode) into the front-end side of your website. Its will look like in this live demo
      Please read how manually to configure Booking Calendar shortcodes here

      Please note, if you will have too many booking resources there, so then speed of page loading there can be impacted, because of loading all such bookings for every resources.
      Kind Regards.

      • Hello support,

        Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to get it without the names? And does it works in business small?
        So only if its taken or not?

        Best Regards
        Hans Kapteyn

  6. I have the business medium version. I want to translate the fields to greek language. I use this:

    First Name (required): [text* name]
    Last Name (required): [text* secondname]
    Email (required): [email* email]
    Visitors: [select visitors "1" "2" "3" "4"]
    Details: [textarea details]
    [submit "Send"]


    Prénom (obligatoire): [text* name]
    Deuxième prénom (requis) [text* secondname]
    Email (obligatoire) [email* email]
    Visiteurs : [select visitors "1" "2" "3" "4"]
    Détails : [textarea details]
    [submit "Envoyer"]

    But it is not translated. Is the [lang=gr_GR] wrong?

    • Hello.

      Probably the correct locale will be el_GR
      and you need to use this shortcode:


      Kind Regards.

        • Hello.
          If you are using WPML plugin for transition (or some other), so then you need to check in settings of this plugin, what exactly locale is defined, when you switch language from English to Greek.
          Kind Regards.

          • Thats right!!!
            Because the language is characterised as el, i need to use [lang=el]

            Best regards!!

              • And a last question please. How can i lower the width of a texture? These areas look really big in the width.
                I tried the [textarea unique_field_name x0,5] but it does not work.

                • Hello.

                  You can redefine width and height of this element by making this CSS fix. Usually themes override width and height od textarea elements, so that parameter in shortcode is deprecated.

                  Please open this file ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/css/client.css

                  ( you can check how to edit files in WordPress menu in this article )

                  then add this code to the bottom of this file:

                  .booking_form_div textarea {
                      width: 200px;
                      height: 100px;

                  Please do not forget to clear browser cache before testing these changes.

                  Kind Regards.

              • Hello.
                Basically, its have to work automatically, if you correctly set locale.
                I was just checked in actual version of plugin by switching language to "Ελληνικά" at WordPress > Settings page, so then in the booking form for
                shortcodes: "[check_in_date_hint] - [check_out_date_hint]"
                I received this hint, after days selection: "Μάιος 16, 2017 - Μάιος 17, 2017".
                The format of dates you can configure at the Booking > Settings General page in Booking Listing section.
                Kind Regards.

              • Additionally. Its seems that you need to rename transaltion files from ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/languges/ folder: to and booking-el_GR.po to booking-el.po
                Its seems that default locale for Greek is 'el'.
                Kind Regards.

  7. Hello,

    I need to upgrade asap to the new version that we paid for, but we can't get a response from your team. We filled out the request form, now what?


    • Hello.
      The link was sent to your email. Please check spam folder, if you do not see it in inbox.
      Kind Regards.

  8. WP Booking Calendar is absolutely fantastic! I have a question.
    There are two websites where you can book my appartment. Two different websites, two different forms.
    Would it be possible to synchronise these two one way or the other?
    Or use an iframe or something like that?

    • Hello.
      Thank you for interest to the Booking Calendar.

      Unfortunately, plugin does not support sync of data between 2 different websites, sorry.
      You can try to search for some plugin, for sync of your Databases, because all bookings are storied in the Database.
      Kind Regards.

  9. Hello, I have business small version (Business.Small.SingleSite. of the plug-in. Admin's language seted up to english, default language of site is russian.
    All info on Admin panel is in english exclude the booking plugin. It is on russian. Do you analize admin panel language or just site language?

    • Hello.
      Plugin is activating language of your active locale.
      So if you have activated "Russian" language at the WordPress Settings General page then admin pane of Booking Calendar will be in Russian.
      The same workflow have to be if you are using some translation plugin like WPML, when you activated (switched) active language.
      Please recheck that locale of your English language was set as en_US.
      Kind Regards.

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