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  1. Hi There,

    I've just started using this tool and have two items I can't seem to find help on.

    I am using WordPress 4.7.4 and Booking Calendar Version 9 Business Medium single site 7.0

    Item 1. Is there a way to set the default view in the admin panel to show Year? Currently each time the admin navigates to this page it defaults to month, where I want it to default to Year.

    Item 2. Some of the bookings come via a third party and the admin manually loads these bookings so that users on the site can see that the resource is booked. These bookings can be at different rates to the ones set up in our resources. Is there a manual way for the Admin to overwrite the rates or to grant discounts on the booking at the time of creating the booking?

    • Hello.
      Please note, "year view mode",  available only  if you selected only 1 booking resource to  show in Calendar Overview page.

      If you will  use all booking resources,  or several  selected booking resources,  so then  Year view mode will not be  available . 

      Please open the Booking > Settings General page and in Booking Listing section follow this:
      1) Select  "Calendar Overview" as default view mode.
      2) Select  some booking resource, as default.
      3) Select default view mode, as Year. Save the changes.
      Kind Regards.

      • Hello.
        Relative second point.
        I do not sure how you are load such bookings.

        If you manually create these bookings at admin panel at the Booking > Add booking page,
        So then you can edit cost of this booking at Booking Listing page, and after this you can send payment request to the visitor for payment this amount of sum.

        Kind Regards.

  2. Hello
    I am from israel and i try to make the calendar form from right to left and i did'nt make it.
    how can i make the text align to the right ?
    Where i can find tutorials on this plug-in ?

    • Hello.

      1) You can configure alignment of form fields in paid versions of Booking Calendar at the Booking > Settings > Form page.
      Example of configuration of such form at Booking > Settings > Form page:

      <div class="standard-form" style="text-align:right;">  
           <p>First Name (required):[text* name] </p> 
           <p>Last Name (required):[text* secondname] </p> 
           <p>Email (required):[email* email] </p>   
           <p>Phone:[text phone] </p> 
           <p>Adults:  [select visitors class:col-md-1 "1" "2" "3" "4"] </p> 
           <p>Details: [textarea details] </p> 
           <p>[checkbox* term_and_condition use_label_element "I Accept term and conditions"] </p>
           <p>[submit class:btn "Send"]</p> 

      If you are using the Booking Calendar Free version, so then its will require to customize CSS.

      Please send the link to the page with your booking form, so then I will check it for helping you.

      2) Please read the general instruction about usage of paid versions of Booking Calendar:

      You can create the different booking resources (your properties or services - unique calendars) at the Booking > Resources page and then you be able to insert booking forms for each of your booking resources into the posts or pages. Please read more how to insert and configure the booking shortcode into the post or page here

      Some helpful info you can find at HELP and FAQ sections
      Kind Regards.

        • Hello.

          Please make this small fix.
          Please open this file

          ( you can check how to edit files in WordPress menu in this article )

          then find this code:

          /* Booking form General structure */
          form.booking_form {
              text-align: left;

          and replace it to this code:

          /* Booking form General structure */
          form.booking_form {
              text-align: right;

          Kind Regards.

          • Hello to you.
            I did exactly what you described to me, I changed the alignment of the plug-in from left to right and I saved but there was no change, I did another save but still not changed.
            You can re-enter my site using the link I gave you and see that there was no change after I made the change in the plugin editor as you described to me.
            What do you think is the problem ? Do you have a suggestion on how to solve the text alignment and alignment problem ?
            thank you.

            • Hello.
              1) After clean refresh of your page (Ctrl + F5) I am see that booking form is align to the right.
              So please clear browser cache before testing these changes.

              2) If you still will have this issue, please recheck for any cache plugins, like "WP Super Cache" or "W3 Total Cache".
              If you are using someone, please deactivate it or add the exception to the page with booking form for do not cache this page(s).
              Kind Regards.

  3. I'm attempting to duplicate a booking so that I may alter the date and thus create a repeating series without creating a new one every time. However, when I click the duplicate button and then click "duplicate booking", nothing happens.

    • Hello.
      1) You have to see status of duplication of booking at the top of the page, after clicking on "Duplicate button".
      If you have selected booking resource, that have dates already booked for the dates, that you try to duplicate, so then system will not allow to make duplication of this booking. Duplication of booking possible only in new booking resource, that have dates (of this specific booking) as available.

      2) If you still have an issue, so please recheck your page for any JavaScript errors (usually for see what JavaScript error you have you need to press Ctrl + Shift + J for showing browser console) and try to fix them.

      You can also try to deactivate one by one all your active plugins at the WordPress > Plugins menu. Then retest it again.
      If its not help, please deactivate your active theme and active the default WordPress theme. And then retest it again. May be there exist some conflict with some active plugin or actual theme and just need to find the reason of that issue.

      Kind Regards.

  4. Hello,

    I'm trying to import events from google calendar into my booking calendar. The events have been imported into google from a .csv file. When importing the events, not all events will come over. e.g. On a single day there are three timed events, two of them get imported, one will not. The same events are set into Google calendar a week later, and they get imported without any problem.
    I've also noticed that setting the period to import events smaller, will import more events. Importing the events for a whole year will not import all, setting the period to a month will import more, setting it to a week will import even more.

    Can you help?
    Wordpress version 4.7.4
    Business Small SingleSite 7.1
    PHP version 5.6
    Cherry Framework
    Theme 45269

    • Hello.

      1) Firstly please note. Booking Calendar support only importing of events from public Google Calendars.
      Check more about configuration here:
      It does not support export of bookings into the Google Calendar.

      Paid versions of Booking Calendar also support export to CSV files. But as far as I know Google Calendar does not support importing of CSV files.

      2) Relative issue with import.
      Please note, depend from your parameters in popup dialog (during manual import) or parameters in settings during auto import), Booking Calendar is import specific number of events (for example N), which fit to specific start and end dates intervals from your settings.

      Then Booking Calendar is checking these N events, if they was imported before or not. During previous imports, each event saved as booking with specific unique Google Calendar Event ID. So later Booking Calendar is know if this event exist or not and need to import or not. Also its means that if you have changed event in Google Calendar, later after importing, so then Booking Calendar will not update the info in imported booking.

      So when events N imported and Booking Calendar find that M events already imported, so then only N-M events is importing during this specific import process.

      That's why depend from start and end times in settings (popup dialog), and number of already imported events/bookings that fit into this period, you can get different number of new imported events.

      Kind Regards.

  5. I'm considering purchasing the Business license, but I have a suggestion. I see you have a few payment gateway options but I would love to see another one, called UOL PagSeguro. This is widely used in Brazil and it would open up a big market for brazilian users. The other options are barely used here at all.

    • Hello.

      Unfortunately, integration of "UOL PagSeguro" payment system right no is not supporting in actual versions of Booking Calendar.

      The Business Small and higher versions of the Booking Calendar is support PayPal (Standard and PayPal Pro Hosted Solution (please note, PayPal PayPal Pro Hosted Solution its does not the same as PayPal Pro)), Authorize.Net, Sage Pay, iDEAL via Sisow and iPay88 payment gateways integration, other payment systems are not supporting yet. You can configure and activate it at the Booking > Settings > Payment page.

      If you want to make the integration of your payment system by yourself, so you will be able to check how was integrated exist payment system in plugin like PayPal or Sage Pay gateways. Please check more about this here:

      Please note, if you will modify the source code of the Booking Calendar, we will not guaranteed the correct work of plugin and do not support it.

      Kind Regards.

  6. HI,
    I am with the free version. I created a select field in the form with a choice of value: 1,2,3 or 4.
    By default, the value 1 is selected.
    Is it possible to have no default value in order to force the user to select one?


    ps: Sorry for my English

    • Hello.

      In this case you need to create one empty row. The configuration can look like this:

      Kind Regards.

      • thank you for the answer,
        And the empty field must be filled with a value to validate the form

        • Hello.

          Sorry, I was wrong. Just retested it with Booking Calendar Free version.
          Currently this version does not support saving empty fields like in my previous comment. Its will remove such field.
          You can try to use something like this:
          "Please select an option"

          But then if the visitor does not select the option, system will save just this text "Please select an option" for booking.

          Currently only in paid versions possible to save empty field for selectbox and set selectbox as required field, so visitor will be need to select some option.
          The configuration in paid versions can be like this:

           <p>Adults:  [select* visitors  "Please select an option@@" "1" "2" "3" "4"]</p> 

          Kind Regards.

  7. I have a problem with your plugin.
    I purchased for Business Small. My problem is:
    When I do a booking, and I approve the booking, the color in the calendar of the day that I booked, don't change. It must change to red, but It continues in green color.
    I need the Calendar changes the color of the booked days.

    Thank you and my apologies for my English.

    • Hello.
      If you do not see the booked dates in calendar at the front-end, please open the General Booking Settings page and in the "Advanced section", please be sure that you have not activated this option: "Allow unlimited bookings per same day(s):". This option must be unchecked. If its checked, please uncheck it and update the settings.

      If you still will have this issue, please recheck for the any cache plugins, like "WP Super Cache" or "W3 Total Cache". If you are using someone, please deactivate it or add the exception to the page with booking form for do not cache this page(s).

      P.S. In case, if you re using Booking Calendar Business Large or higher version, please note, the bookings for booking resources with specific capacity, is making in different way than the bookings for single booking resources.

      In the Booking Calendar Business Large version, is possible to make several reservations per specific FULL date(s) by visitors (not time slots). Please read more about it here
      At this version is possible to set capacity of the booking resource, so date(s) in calendar will be available until number of reservations is less then capacity of the booking resource.But in this version is possible to make reservation only for FULL date, not a time slots (time slots in this version only record data in the DB, but do not play any logic in reservation).
      Please read more info about the booking resources and how to configure them here
      Also we highly recommend to check this article about different configuration of capacity and availability

      Kind Regards.

      • But I need at most 2 bookings by day. One booking for the morning and the other for the evening-night.
        For this reason I need that my clients can see if the day is reserved at evening or at morning.

        Can you help me with this problem?

        • Hello.
          1) Such bookings possible if you will configure bookings for specific time during a day.
          In selectbox in booking form you can show as "Labels" selection of "Morning" or "Evening"
          For example:

          Please select: [select rangetime "Morning@@10:00 - 15:00" "Evening@@15:00 - 20:00"]

          Please note, after your visitor select specific day and then select Morning or Evening option, after booking, this date will be marked as partially booked with small clock icon at the bottom right side. After other client will make booking for the same date but in other Evening / Morning section, so then entire day will be unavailable.

          2) The ability to book for the specific times only possible in the Booking Calendar Business Small / Business Medium versions (and in higher versions for booking resources with capacity =1). Please note if you will make the booking for the specific timeslot, this timeslot become unavailable for the other visitors for that selected date in current specific calendar.

          You can configure the timeslots selections on the Booking > Settings > Form page. Please use the "shortcode generator" on the right side of that page for the correct generation of the shortcode.

          You can use one"timerange" (timeslots) or "start time" and"end time" selections or"starttime" and "duration"of time selections shortcodes or even start time and end time entering shortcodes. Please read more about the booking form fields configuration here

          You can test the bookings for the specific time-slots in action on the live demo of Business Small version (which is configured by default for the bookings of specific time-slots) here: Other live demo you will need to reconfigure.

          Kind Regards.

          • Yes I did it. I have the "Labs" with the Morning and Evening, I did it at first of install the plugin.
            But I don't know why don't change correctly. Now, If I book one day (morning), in the calendar appears all day reserved (in red).

            It must appear half green and half red...



            • Hello.

              No, after you submit booking for specific time-slot (in our case its timeslot "10:00 - 15:00" - Morning and other timeslot "15:00 - 20:00" - Evening), you will have day with small clock icon at the bottom right side that is mean that the day was partially booked. Please note, depend from the status of booking of this timeslots (morning/evening), is this booking pending or approved, the background color of this day also will be changed. For do not change background color of the day, you will be need to make some CSS customization. If you will send link to the page with your booking form, so then I will help you with this CSS customization.

              And unfortunately, its does not possible to show HALF booked day in calendar in this case. Sorry.
              Kind Regards.

  8. I have other problem.
    In the page that I put the calendar, appear the calendar and in the down of the calendar appears "loading calendar" and the same legend or caption with the colors.

    I would like remove or hide the text that appear "loading calendar".

    It is possible?

    Thank you.

    • Hello.
      Please be sure that at that page you have inserted shortcode for the same booking resource (booking form, or availability calendar shortcode) only once.
      If you have added several shortcodes for the same resource, so then possible such issue.
      Kind Regards.

        • Hello.
          How did you inserted it? Did you add shortcode ?
          Can you send screenshot of how did you insert it and link to that page to support @
          Thank you.

            • Hello.
              Ok, recheck please that you have not added previously Booking Calendar widget to the sidebar(s).
              Please open the WordPress > Appearance > Widgets menu and recheck it. If you have added, please remove that widget.
              Kind Regards.

              • No, I didn't add any widget.

                I can't understand why appear "Loading Calendar..." in the down of the true calendar.

                Can will be other reason?

                Thanks a lot.

                    • Hello.
                      Please open the Booking > Settings > Form page and Be sure that you have inserted [calendar] shortcode only once into the booking form.
                      Otherwise, please send screenshot of content of post or page, where you have inserted your Booking Calendar shortcodes (like previous screenshot, but that I was able to check Booking Calendar shortcode there).
                      Thank you.

                    • Hello.

                      Its really seems that you have inserted into the content of post or page 2 shortcodes like this:

                      [bookingcalendar type=2]
                      [booking type=2]

                      instead of simple one shortcode like this:

                      [booking type=2]

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