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  1. Hello again, I am trying to set the booking to calculate by number of night instead of day.

    Payment Settings > Set the cost > for 1 night

    Number of Days 8
    Number of Night 7

    Global Check in 10.00 AM
    Global Check Out 4.00 PM

    However the booking amount is calculated by day only instead of night.
    eg 270$ * 8 instead of 270$ * 7


    • Hello.
      You can leave cost "per 1 day" at the Booking > Settings > Payment page.
      Then you can configure at the Booking > Resources > Cost and rates page by clicking on "Valuation days" button configuration like this:

      For LAST day  = 0 USD per day

      where LAST its reserved word for definition last selected day. In this case, its will make calculation like cost per night. And you will have more clear cost configuration.

      Kind Regards.

      • Thanks a lot

        Is there a way to hard code this or add a new field in the booking plugin which could merge these three lines:

        Together 9 days = 90 "% for all days!" for "Any days"
        From 10 to 99 days = 90 "% from the cost of 1 day" for "Any days"
        For LAST day = 0 USD per day for "Any days"

        Like I said earlier, I have about a lot of ressources to add (3000) and it would be handy to have a shorter way.


        • Hello.

          By default its does not possible.
          Please try to make this fix. Its will add those "Valuation days" cost settings to the booking resources, which have no "Valuation days" cost settings configured at all.

          Please open this file ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/inc\_bm\wpbc-m-costs.php

          ( you can check how to edit files in WordPress menu in this article )

          then find this code:

              if ( count( $costs_depends ) > 0 )        
                  $costs_depends = maybe_unserialize( $costs_depends[0]->value );        
                  return false;

          and replace it to this code:

              if ( count( $costs_depends ) > 0 )        
                  $costs_depends = maybe_unserialize( $costs_depends[0]->value );        
              else {
              //    return false;
          		$costs_depends = maybe_unserialize( 'a:3:{i:0;a:7:{s:6:"active";s:2:"On";s:4:"type";s:4:"summ";s:4:"from";i:9;s:2:"to";i:14;s:4:"cost";d:90;s:13:"cost_apply_to";s:1:"%";s:13:"season_filter";i:0;}i:1;a:7:{s:6:"active";s:2:"On";s:4:"type";s:1:">";s:4:"from";i:10;s:2:"to";i:99;s:4:"cost";d:90;s:13:"cost_apply_to";s:1:"%";s:13:"season_filter";i:0;}i:2;a:7:{s:6:"active";s:2:"On";s:4:"type";s:1:"=";s:4:"from";s:4:"LAST";s:2:"to";i:14;s:4:"cost";d:0;s:13:"cost_apply_to";s:5:"fixed";s:13:"season_filter";i:0;}}');
          • Thanks for your reply but sadly the code above does not seems to work (I have made the changes accordingly).

            1. I have another problem as well, I am trying to create a new custom form, change the default form from settings panel and pasted the shortcode into any post; problem is that only the standard form is displayed on the post (the custom form is correctly displayed on reservation listing in the admin panel.

            2. I have WPML and wish to make translations of the form in various language, can you please guide me.

            3. Is there a way to integrate contact form 7 into the forms


            • Hello.

              1) Please note that fix is working only for booking resources, where you have NOT defined previously any "Valuation days" cost settings. These settings for specific booking resources must not exist in the Database, otherwise, Booking Calendar will use settings from Database (your settings from Booking > Resources > Cost and rates page). Its means that even if you was removed any "Valuation days" cost settings from settings, but it was exist previously, so then system will not make that trick calculation, because in database will exist value similar to this: "a:0:{}" but you need to not have the rows with "Valuation days" at all.
              Please open the database, and recheck "wp_booking_types_meta" table.
              There is have to exist rows with "costs_depends" meta key, the "meta_value" its serialized value of "Valuation days" for booking resources which you was defined at the Booking > Resources > Cost and rates page.
              So probably you have missed there somethisng.

              2) During inserting Booking Calendar shortcode into the post or page, you need to define in the Booking Calendar shortcode what exactly booking form you are using (custom or standard). Please read more how easily insert booking form or availability calendar into a pages or how manually configure Booking Calendar shortcodes in content of your pages:

              Additionally at the Booking > Resources page you need to set as default specific custom booking form to specific booking resources, for having correctly showing Booking Data at the Booking Listing page and in emails.

              3) About using WPML please chekc more here

              4) No, you can just use configuration that available at Booking > Settings > Form page. The syntax of using shortcodes, as you can see very similar to the Contact Form 7.
              Please use shortcode generator at the right side of the Booking > Settings > Form page for the fast and correct creation of booking form fields.

              Kind Regards.

              • ok will check the database table for the suggested changes, thanks a lot for your reply

                • Hi,

                  I have a custom post type named 'listings' with a booking shortcode to display a calendar and booking form. I added a booking search shortcode in a page but it seems the search functionality only make search from post/page and not custom post type.

                  How can I integrate the search functionality to search for the custom post type 'listings' instead of post/page?

                  • Hello.
                    Basically it's have to work with custom posts also, if you have published them and insert Booking Calendar shortcode for booking form into Content of such posits.

                    Here is step by step instruction for search availability.

                    1) You need to create the booking resources at the Booking > Resources page.

                    2) Then you need to insert into SEPARATE pages the booking form shortcodes for the "parent" or single booking resources (not child booking resources, if you having booking resources with specific capacity) into CONTENT of these pages (do not inside of some widgets or sidebars).
                    So its means that you need to have several separate published pages with booking forms for the different parent or single booking resources.

                    3) Now you can insert into some page the search form shortcode like this:

                    [bookingsearch noresultstitle='Nothing Found.' searchresultstitle='{searchresults} Results Found']

                    Its have to show the search results at the same page in Ajax request.


                    If you need to show search results at the different page, so then you need to have search form shortcode like this:

                    [bookingsearch searchresults='' noresultstitle='Nothing Found.' searchresultstitle='{searchresults} Results Found']

                    where '' must be correct URL to the page with your search results.

                    then you need to open this page: (your page of course)

                    and insert into the content of this page this shortcode:


                    4) Finally you need to open the Booking > Settings > Search page, check configuration of your search form and search results form and click on the "Reset Search Cache" button at the Search cache section. You have to see how many pages with booking forms are found.

                    If you do not see found items so then its means that something wrong with insertion Booking Calendar shortcodes (booking form) into the CONTENT of post or page.

                    Now you can test your search form functionality at the front-end side of your website. Its can look like in this live demo:

                    Check more info about showing search results here:

                    • I did a reset search cache and found only 1 booking form inside of posts or pages while 1 have 5 additional booking forms in Custom post types 'listings'.

                      Cache will expire: 2017-05-18 13:07:34 CEST
                      Found: 1 booking forms inside of posts or pages :
                      [Page ID=183751] [Ressource ID=13]

                      I am using Real Estate 7 theme where the developers have added an custom metabox at admin level to insert booking shortcode such as [booking type=12 nummonths=2]

                    • Hello.
                      You have to insert Booking Calendar shortcode into CONTENT of the post, and not in meta box.
                      Please recheck previous instruction.
                      Thank you.

                    • Ok thanks for the reply, but is there any way that I can made the search available for metabox instead of post content?

                    • Hello.
                      Currently in actual versions it's does not possible.
                      Kind Regards.

          • Hello,

            is it possible to have the same type of code for rates and deposit as well?

            Rates : a:3:{s:6:"filter";a:38:{i:12;s:3:"Off";i:13;s:2:"On";i:14;s:2:"On";i:15;s:2:"On";i:16;s:2:"On";i:17;s:3:"Off";i:18;s:3:"Off";i:19;s:3:"Off";i:20;s:3:"Off";i:21;s:3:"Off";i:22;s:3:"Off";i:23;s:3:"Off";i:24;s:3:"Off";i:25;s:3:"Off";i:26;s:3:"Off";i:27;s:3:"Off";i:28;s:3:"Off";i:29;s:3:"Off";i:30;s:3:"Off";i:31;s:3:"Off";i:32;s:3:"Off";i:33;s:3:"Off";i:34;s:3:"Off";i:35;s:3:"Off";i:36;s:3:"Off";i:37;s:3:"Off";i:38;s:3:"Off";i:39;s:3:"Off";i:40;s:3:"Off";i:41;s:3:"Off";i:42;s:3:"Off";i:43;s:3:"Off";i:44;s:3:"Off";i:45;s:3:"Off";i:46;s:3:"Off";i:47;s:3:"Off";i:48;s:3:"Off";i:49;s:3:"Off";}s:4:"rate";a:38:{i:12;d:0;i:13;d:100;i:14;d:115;i:15;d:135;i:16;d:200;i:17;d:0;i:18;d:0;i:19;d:0;i:20;d:0;i:21;d:0;i:22;d:0;i:23;d:0;i:24;d:0;i:25;d:0;i:26;d:0;i:27;d:0;i:28;d:0;i:29;d:0;i:30;d:0;i:31;d:0;i:32;d:0;i:33;d:0;i:34;d:0;i:35;d:0;i:36;d:0;i:37;d:0;i:38;d:0;i:39;d:0;i:40;d:0;i:41;d:0;i:42;d:0;i:43;d:0;i:44;d:0;i:45;d:0;i:46;d:0;i:47;d:0;i:48;d:0;i:49;d:0;}s:9:"rate_type";a:38:{i:12;s:1:"%";i:13;s:1:"%";i:14;s:1:"%";i:15;s:1:"%";i:16;s:1:"%";i:17;s:1:"%";i:18;s:1:"%";i:19;s:1:"%";i:20;s:1:"%";i:21;s:1:"%";i:22;s:1:"%";i:23;s:1:"%";i:24;s:1:"%";i:25;s:1:"%";i:26;s:1:"%";i:27;s:1:"%";i:28;s:1:"%";i:29;s:1:"%";i:30;s:1:"%";i:31;s:1:"%";i:32;s:1:"%";i:33;s:1:"%";i:34;s:1:"%";i:35;s:1:"%";i:36;s:1:"%";i:37;s:1:"%";i:38;s:1:"%";i:39;s:1:"%";i:40;s:1:"%";i:41;s:1:"%";i:42;s:1:"%";i:43;s:1:"%";i:44;s:1:"%";i:45;s:1:"%";i:46;s:1:"%";i:47;s:1:"%";i:48;s:1:"%";i:49;s:1:"%";}}

            Deposit: a:5:{s:6:"active";s:2:"On";s:6:"amount";d:30;s:4:"type";s:1:"%";s:16:"apply_after_days";i:30;s:13:"season_filter";i:0;}

            • Hello.
              Its do not simple copy/paste procedure with such serialized data. If you change some value, so then you need to change length of this value, etc...
              So best way to check what serialized data you are have, its to create/save some rates/deposit, and then recheck these values at the database via phpMyAdmin tool inside of wp_booking_types_meta table.
              Unfortunately we can not start, right now, some personal customization or custom development, because almost have no free time. Thank you for understanding.
              Kind Regards.

              • Basically, my rates and deposit is same for every resources i create,
                The serialised data I pasted above are the same data I had on the database.

                but is it possible to have those(rates and deposit) at least in the booking shortcode for future resources creation.

                As for the existing ones, I can always changed them via the phpmyadmin


                • Hello.

                  You can add your own PHP code under this code:

                                                      $sql_arr = apply_filters(   'wpbc_resources_table__update_sql_array'
                                                                                          , array(
                                                                                                  'sql'       => array(
                                                                                                                        'start'   => "UPDATE {$wpdb->prefix}bookingtypes SET "
                                                                                                                      , 'params' => array( 'title = %s' )                         
                                                                                                                      , 'end'    => " WHERE booking_type_id = %d"
                                                                                                  , 'values'  => array( $validated_value )
                                                                                          , $resource_id, $resource 
                                                      $sql_arr['values'][] = intval( $resource_id );              // last parameter  for " WHERE booking_type_id = %d "
                                                      $sql = $wpdb->prepare(    $sql_arr['sql']['start']                          // SQL
                                                                                  . implode( ', ' , $sql_arr['sql']['params'] ) 
                                                                                  . $sql_arr['sql']['end']            
                                                                              , $sql_arr[ 'values' ]                              // Array of validated parameters
                                                      if ( false === $wpdb->query( $sql )  ){ debuge_error( 'Error saving to DB' ,__FILE__ , __LINE__); }         // Save to DB

                  at the ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/inc\_ps\admin\page-resources.php
                  for adding new record into the new table relative your deposit or rates.
                  You can check more about saving rates inside of file: ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/inc\_bm\admin\page-cost-rate.php
                  in content of this function:

                  public function update_sql() { ... }

                  and about deposit inside of file: ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/inc\_bm\admin\page-cost-deposit.php
                  in content of this function:

                  public function update_sql() { ... }

                  Disclaimer. Unfortunately we can not start, right now, some personal customization or custom development, because almost have no free time. Thank you for understanding. Please note, if you will modify the source code of the Booking Calendar, we will not guaranteed the correct work of plugin and do not support it.

                  Kind Regards.

                    • Hello.
                      That's what I explained in previous comment. Under code in first part you need to have some your own hard coded code relative adding "rates" and "deposit" values, after user create new booking resource at the Booking > Resources page. Please recheck all those items.
                      Kind Regards.

  2. Hi. I have the small business version of this software which I read in it's description I could offer hourly slots to be booked. I can find nowhere a place for me to put in the hourly variables. Please help.

    • Hello.

      Yes, in the Booking Calendar Business Small version possible to make bookings for specific time-slots.
      You need to configure your time-slots selections at the Booking > Settings > Form page in a way like this:

           <p>Select Times:[select rangetime "06:00 - 06:30" "06:30 - 07:00" "07:00 - 07:30" "07:30 - 08:00" "08:00 - 08:30" "08:30 - 09:00" "09:00 - 09:30" "09:30 - 10:00" "10:00 - 10:30" "10:30 - 11:00" "11:00 - 11:30" "11:30 - 12:00" "12:00 - 12:30" "12:30 - 13:00" "13:00 - 13:30" "13:30 - 14:00" "14:00 - 14:30" "14:30 - 15:00" "15:00 - 15:30" "15:30 - 16:00" "16:00 - 16:30" "16:30 - 17:00" "17:00 - 17:30" "17:30 - 18:00" "18:00 - 18:30" "18:30 - 19:00" "19:00 - 19:30" "19:30 - 20:00" "20:00 - 20:30" "20:30 - 21:00" "21:00 - 21:30"]</p> 

      You can set there of course different time-slots.
      Please note if you will make the booking for the specific timeslot, this timeslot become unavailable for the other visitors for that selected date in current specific calendar.

      You can configure the timeslots selections on the Booking > Settings > Form page. Please use the "shortcode generator" on the right side of that page for the correct generation of the shortcode.

      You can use one"timerange" (timeslots) or "start time" and"end time" selections or"starttime" and "duration"of time selections shortcodes or even start time and end time entering shortcodes. Please read more about the booking form fields configuration here

      You can test the bookings for the specific time-slots in action on the live demo of Business Small version (which is configured by default for the bookings of specific time-slots) here: Other live demo you will need to reconfigure.

      Kind Regards.

  3. Can you change the email request so that it shows checkout on the day they leave not on the last night
    eg. Book 2 & 3 rd July responds as booking 2-3rd Not 2-4th?


    • Hello.

      Probably you need to use this shortcode at the email templates at Booking > Settings > Emails page:

      [check_out_plus1day] - inserting check-out date (last day of reservation), + 1 day

      Here is list of all dates shortcodes that you can use in the email templates:

      [dates] - inserting the dates of booking
      [check_in_date] - inserting check-in date (first day of reservation),
      [check_out_date] - inserting check-out date (last day of reservation),
      [check_out_plus1day] - inserting check-out date (last day of reservation), + 1 day
      [dates_count] - inserting the number of booking dates 

      Additionally if you are using the Booking Calendar Business Medium or higher versions, and if you are use one of these dates hints in the booking form (and in "Content of booking fields data" form) at the Booking > Settings > Form page, so then you can use these shortcodes also in the email templates:

      [check_in_date_hint] - Selected Check In date. Example:11/25/2013
      [check_out_date_hint] - Selected Check Out date. Example:11/27/2013
      [start_time_hint] - Selected Start Time. Example:10:00
      [end_time_hint] - Selected End Time. Example:12:00
      [selected_dates_hint] - All selected dates. Example:11/25/2013, 11/26/2013, 11/27/2013
      [selected_timedates_hint] - All selected dates with times. Example:11/25/2013 10:00, 11/26/2013, 11/27/2013 12:00
      [selected_short_dates_hint] - All selected dates in "short" format. Example:11/25/2013 - 11/27/2013
      [selected_short_timedates_hint] - All selected dates with times in "short" format.. Example:11/25/2013 10:00 - 11/27/2013 12:00
      [days_number_hint] - Number of selected days. Example:3
      [nights_number_hint] - Number of selected nights. Example:2

      Kind Regards.

  4. I have wp simple booking calendar. We are in May and are trying to go into June or any future months and the future months will not load.

    • Hello.
      Please open the Booking > Settings General page and in calendar section for option "Number of months" please set instead of "1 month" the "1 year" or more.
      You can test Booking Calendar live demos at this page to be sure in functionality and do not have misunderstanding.
      Kind Regards.

  5. Hello,
    I have some pending payments in my site, but i see them as "booked" in the booking calendar. That makes nonsense, right?
    I mean, I would like to not show them as "booked" until they are already paid. Is there a way to solve this? Anything i could do?


    • Hello.
      When some visitor submit the booking (click on "Send" button), system save this booking with status pending (and days in calendar will be showing as unavailable), and after that (after clicking on that Send button) is showing payment form. So basically the booking exist before visitor made the payment. And its possible situation that visitor can close payment page but booking will be exist.

      You can activate the "Automatically approve/cancel booking" at the Booking > Settings > Payment > PayPal page.
      But please note, this will not work, if the visitor leaves the payment page.

      For example, if you are using the PayPal standard integration and your visitors is made the payment for the booking, but do not click on the "return link" on PayPal site to your site, so Booking Calendar do not know that the payment is successful, and this booking can be auto canceled with that feature.

      So sometimes its possible that the successfully payed bookings will not have this status and that's why do not approved, because plugin do not know about status..

      Ideally you will be need to activate and correctly configure the PayPal IPN system, at the Booking > Settings > Payment page and in the PayPal account. So in this case the PayPal have to send the messages directly to your booking system

      Kind Regards.

  6. Hi i am looking to switch from our hotel booking system to word press site and this widget. Can i connect my OTA's agoda, hostel world ect direct to the calendar for instant booking?

    • Hello.

      Unfortunately, Booking Calendar does not support synchronize bookings with other websites, like airbnb,, homeaway, tripadvisor or vrbo.
      Also plugin does not support importing/exporting to ical/ics, yet. Sorry.

      These features exist in out TODO list for future updates and have high priority.
      But currently I can not say about the exact day of implementation. Hope its will be available ASAP.

      Actual versions of Booking Calendar support import of events from Google Calendar to Booking Calendar.
      Also manual export of booking (by clicking on link) to Google Calendar.

      Paid versions of plugin support of export bookings to the CSV files (which possible to open in MS Excel or some similar applications).

      You can test Booking Calendar live demos at this page to be sure in functionality and do not have misunderstanding.

      Kind Regards.

      • Hello,

        thanks for the answer. So there's not a way to make the pending payments as available until they are paid? I knew I can do the "Automatically approve/cancel booking" but it's not the same because you have to wait for some time.


  7. I have Sydney theme and just updated to the latest WordPress 4.7.5 version.

    Peculiar issue emerged: WP Booking Calendar widget works only if it is place at the bottom of the Sidebar. If I try to put it above any other widgets in the sidebar it still shows but the fields are frozen. Cannot insert data in text fields or use drop-down menus.

    Fix please!

    • Hello.
      Its seems like some CSS conflict.
      Please send the link to the page with booking form widget, when this issue will exist, so then I will check and try to help you.
      Kind Regards.

  8. Hello, you all have such a cool thing going on. I have a question and a few suggestions at least on the development end on my side. I have the business medium version, I am a personal trainer and use this for my clients as I wouldn't recomend it fully yet to other trainers because it doesn't have a check in option at least not one that I know of to confirm that a client has arived for their session, Also something that would make this much more Trainer friendly is if it kept track of inventory of dates booked, for instance you buy 30 sessions and are able to schedule up to 30 appointments etc or the option to integrate ecommerce to do so. I don't believe this is something that can be done yet however it's just a suggestion and would make it very ideal for my business along side hair stylists and other consulting companies. Another idea is better timeslot appointment view options, My clients can not view the time slots that are already booked when scheduling their sessions on their phone because there is no hover over on a phone. A calendar that showed specific available time slots instead of just available or partially booked days would open this up to more prospective companies. I know there are other ways to show the time slot bookings but you can not book from that view and in my opinion the timeline format isn't ideal, a better format for what I do would be a daily planner weekly view that shows time slots and the option to change to a monthly view that doesn't show time slots. It would also be nice if different times can be added on different days in bulk. Anyhow thank you for reading let me know if any of this will be added in the future.

    • Hello.
      Thank you so much for your suggestions. I have added these items to the TODO list for having such options in future updates of plugin.
      The question only when such updates will be available.... hope its will be soon.
      Thank you.
      Kind Regards.

  9. Hello

    I noticed a bug on the search form, on resources shortcode I have set booking as per season filter

    [booking type=1 nummonths=2 options='
    {select-day condition="season" for="Hors Saison" value="3-30"}, // book any 3+ days
    {select-day condition="season" for="Basse Saison" value="3-30"}, // book any 3+ days
    {select-day condition="season" for="Moyenne Saison" value="8,16,24,32"}, // booking days starts on a saturday for 8, 16, etc only
    {select-day condition="season" for="Haute Saison" value="8,16,24,32"}, // booking days starts on a saturday for 8, 16, etc only
    {start-day condition="season" for="Moyenne Saison" value="6"},
    {start-day condition="season" for="Haute Saison" value="6"},']

    but check in form, i am able to select ANY DAY even if the select-condition is set, can you please help me to fix the issue;


    • Hello.

      Please try to use shortcode in one line, without comments inside of options parameter.

      [booking type=1 nummonths=2 options='{select-day condition="season" for="Hors Saison" value="3-30"},{select-day condition="season" for="Basse Saison" value="3-30"},{select-day condition="season" for="Moyenne Saison" value="8,16,24,32"},{select-day condition="season" for="Haute Saison" value="8,16,24,32"},{start-day condition="season" for="Moyenne Saison" value="6"},{start-day condition="season" for="Haute Saison" value="6"}']

      Kind Regards.

      • Hello,

        The shortcode works fine for the booking form,

        The problem is when I am using the search form to search for checking and checkout; I input any set of days and instead of using the season filtered days from the booking shortcode, it take any days

        E.g for high season I should be able to book only from saturday to next saturday. in the booking page it works fine but from the search page, when i search for booking from tuesday to friday, it return me a list of booking resources and I am able to book the days even though normally I shouldnt been able to do so.


        • Hello.
          Ah.. I see. It's known issue. Currently search form does not work relative to conditional logic inside of the Booking Calendar shortcodes.
          It's will be improved in future updates of plugin.
          Thank you.

          • OK thanks. do you have a planned date for update/bug release?

            btw another issue which i am facing is I have some post meta box stored in mysql database under postmeta.

            I have a search box for different meta such as countries, price, amenities etc and really I want the check in/out functionality to print the custom post metas in search results.

            or use a filter function to filter out results from the search box by check in/out dates or vice versa.

            • Hello.
              1) Currently I can not say about the exact day of this update. Sorry.

              2) If you need to show some additional data from post-meta in search results, so you will be need to make your customization in the source code.

              Disclaimer. Unfortunately we can not start, right now, some personal customization or custom development, because almost have no free time. Thank you for understanding. Please note, if you will modify the source code of the Booking Calendar, we will not guaranteed the correct work of plugin and do not support it.

              a) You need to add your post meta data to the saved search cache.
              You can do this at the ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/inc\_bl\biz_l.php
              inside of function content

              function regenerate_booking_search_cache(){ ...

              Somewhere in this code:

                                            $value->post_title    = htmlspecialchars($value->post_title, ENT_QUOTES);
                                            $value->post_content  = '';   // htmlspecialchars($value->post_content, ENT_QUOTES);      //FixIn:
                                            $value->post_excerpt  = htmlspecialchars($value->post_excerpt, ENT_QUOTES);
               //debuge( array('Page/Post ID:'=> $post_id, 'booking resources ID:'=>$shortcode_attributes['type'] ) );
                                            if (! isset($available_booking_resources[$shortcode_attributes['type']])) {
                                                $available_booking_resources[$shortcode_attributes['type']] = $value;

              b) After this you need to show in search results, saved meta data, which relative to specific posts.
              You can do this in the file ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/inc/_bl/wpbc-search-availability.php

              inside of content of this function:

              public function show_results( $free_objects, $bk_date_start, $bk_date_finish ) {  ...

              Kind Regards.

  10. When mouse passes over calendar dates, the correct amount is shown for the night, but the total calculated is not the addition of the two nights

    • Hello.
      Can you send screenshots of your cost configuration from Booking > Resources > Cost and rates page and link to the page with booking form, also description of what exactly cost you suspect to get, but what is showing.

      Please send this info to support @
      Thank you.

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