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  1. Hello there,

    I exported all bookings submitted and I need to use only name, email adress and phone number.

    How can I clear all the clutters and exclamantions in the columns attached the email address and names
    such as " : ; ... etc.

    Would there be any help on this ?

    Many Thanks in Advance

    Kind regsards

    • Hello.
      You can open this csv file in MS Excel and then easily delete specific columns.
      Kind Regards.

      • Thank you for your message.

        However it did not.

        It does notdisplay the submission coumn by cloumn instead every submittion has its information lined up in a raw
        Any help to ractify this ?

        Thank you

        • Hello.
          Please change column separator from ; to ,
          You can do this at the Booking > Settings General page.
          Then make Export again.
          Kind Regards.

          • Hi there,

            Unfortunately despite all my effort and watching the video on you tube, I could not figure out how to fix it.

            It seems there is a exporting error with the downloaded csv.

            Is there any chance you could povide more detailed direction ?

            I can also send you the csv if you like to have a look at it ?

            Thank you

            • Hello.

              Additionally, during importing CSV file in MS Excel you can also select specific separator for your columns, in this case, you do not need to define specific separator in Booking Calendar. You can try this.

              Otherwise, please send this csv file to support @ to test it.
              Kind Regards.

              • Well Thank you for the reply.

                I am sending it to you right after this message.

                However allthe separtor options you menioned either do not exist or I could not find it.

                After you have viewed, that the file I will be sending, I would much apprecaite a direction for future reference.

                Many Thanks


  2. Hello,
    I purchased Business Small edition and have two questions :
    1. Is it possible to show the available timeslots in the mouseover popup instead of booked timeslots?
    2. I can't select multiple timeslots in booking, even with ctrl or shift, is there a possibility to do this, like I can select multiple days?
    Best Regards,

    • Hello.
      1) Unfortunately, actual versions does not show available timeslots in mouse over tooltips. The reason why is showing booked time-slots in mouse over tooltip, its because, instead of fixed timeslots list selection in booking form possible to use text time fields for entering start and end time. Or to have selection of start time and duration of time. Because of that is showing booked time-slots in the mouse over tooltips.

      2) No, its does not possible to select several timeslots for booking during one booking process. But instead of timeslots list you can user start time and duration of times fields in booking form, so you can book any number of hours or other time period during booking process.

      Kind Regards.

  3. Our Wodpress Dashboard says we have 654 "unverified bookings." How do I see those so I can delete them? Our active resources do not show anywhere near that number of bookings.

    • Hello.
      Its just bookings, that you was not marked as "read" or "approved".
      Please open the Booking Listing page, then switch to the "actions" toolbar and click on "Read All" button.
      Kind Regards.

  4. Hi,
    I'd like to set the cost for a group of days, for example £250 for between 3 and 5 days, not per day, but for the group of days, I also want this to change per season, so it may be 250 in season 1, and 200 in season 2.
    Please help.

    • Hello.
      If you need to define the different cost for the number of selected days (for example, like discounted cost if visitor select 3 days), so then its possible in the Booking Calendar Business Medium or higher versions. You can configure "Valuation days" cost settings at the Booking > Resources > Cost and rates page.
      Please read more about this here:
      In addition, you can even set applying this cost only, if the "Check In" day in specific season filter.

      You can test Booking Calendar live demos at this page to be sure in functionality and do not have misunderstanding.
      Kind Regards.

    • Hello.

      By default its does not possible. But you can make small customization in Booking Calendar Business Medium or higher versions for showing both payment forms - deposit payment form and payment form for total cost.

      If you want to make this customization , then follow this instruction.

      Please open this file ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/lib/wpbc-constants.php

      then find this code:


      and replace it to this code:


      Its will activate showing both deposit and total cost payment forms, after visitor submit booking.

      Important! Please note, in this case at admin panel for booking will be saved deposit cost and notes about deposit, do not depend from the visitor choice of this payment, even if the visitor will make payment of full amount. So you need to check each such payment manually in your payment gateway account.
      Kind Regards.

  5. I am having a problem receiving email in office 365.

    On New (admin)
    The "to" email address is ""
    The "from" email address is ""

    All tabs have the same email "from" - ""
    The email address in wordpress general settings is

    I am using Godaddy Office 365 email. I am not able to receive any emails in the office 365 mailbox. I have sent an email to "" from two different email accounts and received them. I have also booked a reservation from the control panel and it still did not work.

    • Hello.
      Please note, Booking Calendar is use standard WordPress wp_mail function for sending emails. This function can be overridden by other plugins.
      Please check this troubleshooting instruction
      The most probably you need to check the point #5 from this instruction and install WP Mail SMTP plugin which is 'sending emails via php' option and it can resolve that issue.
      Kind Regards.

      • thanks so much for your reply! I did what you instructed and received a test email generated by the WP Mail SMTP WordPress plugin. So that part works. See image

        Next I went to the New (Admin) tab and made sure that both the "To" and "From" the same email as the domain. The domain is so both email address were See image

        I clicked "Send Test Email" but I did not receive anything. I also made sure that all the other tabs had the same email address. Please advise

        • Hello.
          Please try to create new booking at the front-end side and check about the new email.
          If the email will not be there, so then please recheck your mail.log and error.log at the server configuration about any relative errors.
          Otherwise, please recheck the settings of that new SMTP plugin, may be there is something incorrectly configured, because right now all emails have to booking resources sending by this new plugin, otherwise, please contact support of this plugin about correct configuration of settings of this plugin.
          Kind Regards.

  6. I would like to know:
    Why when I try to select adults of children, I click on the field and the numbers 1,2,3, and 4 appear for the adults and 1,2, and 3 for the children. When I make a selection, nothing happens the field is still blank.
    (see image)

    How can this be fixed?

    Also, there will be different size cabins available for rental. Some cabins will allow for different amounts of adults and children. How can I change the number of adults and children. Can it be done for individual cabins?

    • Hello.

      You need to have in the "Content of booking fields data" form (its bottom form) at the Booking > Settings > Form page, the shortcode like this:

      Adults: [visitors] 
      Children: [children]

      Please read more about the booking form fields configuration here
      Please use shortcode generator at the right side of the Booking > Settings > Form page for the fast and correct creation of booking form fields.
      Kind Regards.

  7. This comes up as default on the emails, why is that and what is it referring to?

    • Hello.
      this shortcode in the email templates at the Booking > Settings > Emails page, is showing Name of booking resource, that was booked.
      Please note the description about these shortcodes you can find at the Help section at the Booking > Settings > Emails page. Also almost each settings page have small section with help descriptions (its for future checking).

      Please read the general instruction about usage of paid versions of Booking Calendar:
      You can create the different booking resources ( ), unique calendars - your properties or services at the Booking > Resources page. And then you be able to insert booking shortcode (booking form or availability calendar) for for specific booking resource (your properties or service) into the post or page.

      Kind Regards.

  8. [calendar]

    First Name (required):[text* name]
    Last Name (required):[text* secondname]
    Email (required):[email* email]
    Phone:[text phone]
    **************** THERE IS SOMETHING MISSING HERE ******************************
    Adults: [select visitors class:col-md-1 "10" "11" "12" "13"] Children: [select children class:col-md-1 "0" "1" "2" "3"]

    Details: [textarea details 75x5 class:col-md-6]
    [checkbox* term_and_condition use_label_element "I Accept term and conditions"]
    [submit class:btn "Send"]

    **************************** AND HERE ***********************************

    First Name: [name]
    Last Name: [secondname]
    Email: [email]
    Phone: [phone]
    Details: [details]

    • Hello.
      The Business Small and higher versions of the Booking Calendar is support PayPal (Standard and PayPal Pro Hosted Solution (please note, PayPal PayPal Pro Hosted Solution its does not the same as PayPal Pro)), Authorize.Net, Sage Pay, iDEAL via Sisow and iPay88 payment gateways integration, other payment systems are not supporting yet. You can configure and activate it at the Booking > Settings > Payment page.

      Kind Regards.

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