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    • Hello.
      Sorry, I do not sure that clearly understand your question.
      Where and you need to send this data and link ?
      Do you mean to have this info in the emails ?
      And package title, is it name of your booking resource ? If yes, then in paid versions of Booking Calendar in email templates at the Booking > Settings > Emails page you can use this shortcode for showing title of booking resource:



      For the link from where was submitting booking you can use this shortcode


      in your email templates at the Booking > Settings > Emails page.

      PS All this relative to Booking Calendar update 7.0
      Kind Regards.

  1. Hello,
    When I try to define an url for the search results, it opens the home page and not the page with the shortcode [bookingsearchresults].
    What's wrong?
    I use multi user single licence
    Kind regards

    • Hello.
      You need to define the link to the page with search results in the paramter of shortcode, that define search availability form. For example:

      [bookingsearch searchresults='' noresultstitle='Nothing Found' searchresultstitle='Search results:']

      Please read more about this here:

      PS Please be sure that you are using standard single quote symbols in this shortcode, and do not use some non standard opening / closing quote symbols. Try to replace it in your shortcode by manually typing them from keyboard.
      Kind Regards.

      • Thanks for the answer but it doesn't work anyway.

        The code in mysearch page:

        [bookingsearch searchresults='' noresultstitle='Nothing Found' searchresultstitle='Search results:']

        The code in my result page:


        And it stills open the homepage when I make a search.

        • Hello.
          1) Please recheck for any cache plugins, like "WP Super Cache" or "W3 Total Cache". If you are using someone, please deactivate it or add the exception to the page with booking form for do not cache this page(s).

          2) Otherwise, can you send link to the page with search form and screenshot of edit content of this page, where I can see search form shortcode ?
          Please send it to support @

          Kind Regards.

          • Hello,

            How can I set the deposit value without decimals?
            I use multi users version

            Thank you

            • Hello.
              You can just do not enter decimal digits in cost value and save it.
              System will show decimals only in admin panel.

              For do not show decimal in cost for the visitors, please open the Booking > Settings > Payment page (prior to update 7.0 its Booking > Settings General page in cost section), and configure how many decimal digits you want to show in cost.
              Kind Regards.

  2. tried [request_url] does not appear in emails..

    in admin panel in bookings list there are: ID | Labels | Booking Data | Booking Dates etc. how to see in labels the package name/title?

    • Hello.
      1) Please update your version to the latest update 7.0
      You can request the new update of Booking Calendar on this page:

      2) at the Booking Listing page in "Labels" section (in paid versions) is listed names of booking resources. I think its your labels.
      Or do you mean about labels something else ?
      If labels its some option from selectbox in your booking form, so then you need to configure it at the "Content of booking fields data" form (its at the bottom of Booking > Settings > Fields page).
      So if you are have in booking form shortcode for selection of labels like this:

      Select  [select my_label "Lable 1" "Label 2" "Label 3"] 

      then in "Content of booking fields data" form you need to have this:

      Label: [my_label] 

      Please use shortcode generator at the right side of the Booking > Settings > Fields page for the fast and correct creation of booking form fields.
      Please read more about the booking form fields configuration here

      Kind Regards.

  3. Hello,
    i have change the PHP Version to Version 7.0.
    If i have any errors on my homepage, i change back the PHP Version to 5.6

    Now i see this error message on my homepage

    static property wpdev_booking::$popover_front_end_js_is_writed as non static in /homepages/13/d21628332/htdocs/clickandbuilds/HybridfuerDFC/wp-content/plugins/booking/core/lib/wpdev-booking-class.php on line 15

    Can you help
    Sorry, but my english is not very good, i hope you understand my problem

  4. I have recently purchased the large version.

    I have set up three seasons and different rates for each season. I have also set up validation days to ensure minimum length of stay is applied. I have also adhered to the hierarchy.

    If a booking is placed in the last two days of low season and the first two days of Le Mans Season, the 4 day minimum is being calculated. Which isn't the desired behaviour? How can I get around this?

    • Hello.
      If you are using Valuation days togather with season filters configuration, so this costs apply only depend from check in day (first selected day).
      It's means that if you select 4 days and 2 days in one season and other 2 days in other season and you have Valuation days configuration like
      "togather 4 days = 100 usd for all days if check in day in "first season"
      Then this cost will apply for all 4 selected days, even 2 other days in other season.

      So Valuation days cost settings can apply to any days, or can depend from season of CHECK IN day only.

      Otherwise you can not use Valuation days and you need Rates.

      But rates can be set as cost for specific single day for any seasons. Rates does not depend from number of selected days (can not set discount if you select 4 days for example). Each day can have own cost.

      Here is how cost settings is working in actual versions.

      Kind regards.

  5. Hello,
    How can I get the invoice of a booking and send it to the customer?
    I use multi user single site version.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards

    • Hello.
      Booking Calendar does not support some type of invoices.

      But you can configure in such way the "payment request email" (basically its have to be the same),
      and then you can send payment request about specific booking from Booking Listing page.

      Please read firstly this article about the correct configuration of the "payment link" :

      Then open the Booking > Settings > Emails page and configure and set active the "Payment request" email.

      If you are want to request from the visitor to pay some sum, you are need to make these steps:
      1) Edit the cost of the booking, and enter the sum, which will show at the payment form.
      You are need to change the cost and then press the save button to save the new cost.
      2) Press the send payment request button to send the email with link to the payment form for the specific booking.

      Kind Regards.

  6. Hello,
    Is there any way to send an email to a specific user (admin) when a resource is booked?
    Thank you.
    Kind regards

    • Hello.
      Yes, of course.
      You can activate and configure email, that are sending after the booking at the Booking > Settings > Emails page.
      You can test Booking Calendar live demos at this page to be sure in functionality and do not have misunderstanding.
      Kind Regards.

  7. I do monthly bookings. Is there a way to select more than just one date at a time - like a range of dates - from/to sort of thing?

  8. Hello,
    The Paypal system isn't active anyway it appears in the url to edit the booking.
    Why does it appear in this case?

    Could you explain me how to desactivate it in all cases?

    Thank you

    Kind regards

    • Hello.
      If you are using edit booking URL, and instead of edit booking you are see the payment form, so then
      probably for the edit booking url in email template you are using the payment form shortcode.
      Please open the Booking > Settings > Emails page and recheck it.

      [visitorbookingediturl] - inserting link to the page where visitor can edit the reservation, (possible to use the "url" parameter for setting different URL of this page. Example: [visitorbookingediturl url=""] )

      [visitorbookingpayurl] - inserting link to payment page where visitor can pay for the reservation (possible to use the "url" parameter for setting different URL of this page. Example: [visitorbookingpayurl url=""] )

      Kind Regards.

      • Thank you but I do use the edit booking shortcode [visitorbookingediturl] and not the payment page [visitorbookingpayurl]

        I have to put this code: [visitorbookingediturl] ?
        or this one : [visitorbookingediturl url=""]

        Kind regards

        • Hello.
          After clicking on that link do you see (immediately "payment form") or do you see booking form with fields and selected date to edit, and only after clicking on Save changes you see payment form?

          If last it's, then it's behavior how it's have to be in actual versions. I will add this item to todo list for having ability to not show payment form after editing of exist booking, for future updates.
          Kind regards.

          • In the email I received as visitor and it's ok:
            - if I click on edit the booking link => I open the booking form with fields, selected date to edit and the button "change your booking"

            - if I click on cancel the booking link => I open the booking form with fields, selected date to edit and the button "cancel your booking"

            But in the email I received as visitor, if I click on the link to pay, I open the "payment form" without any fields, only details of the booking and on the bottom: the Paypal button and My Gateway button.

            Is there a possibility to have not the paypal payment at this step?

            Kind regards

            • Hello.
              Ok I understand, thank you for details description.
              During payment request is showing that payment system that you activated at the Booking > Settings > Payment page. Other type of behavior, (show after booking process PayPal payment form, and during payment request some other payment form (like payment form), is not possible.)

              You can activate several payment forms to show all of them in payment request form and after the booking process.
              Kind Regards.

              • Thank you for the answer.
                You tell that I shouldn't activate the paypal payment "after the booking process".
                Ok but where in the source code or in backend could I desactivate paypal payment?
                It's already desactivate in the backend for the booking process but I don't understand where I could set it to not appears "after the booking process".

                Kind regards

                • Hello.
                  You can deactivate it at the Booking > Settings > Payment page.

                  What version update of Booking Calendar do you use ? If you are using not the latest update 7.0 of Booking Calendar, then please update it.
                  You can request the new update of Booking Calendar on this page:
                  Kind Regards.

  9. Hello,
    How coud I set the deposit payment rounded (without decimals)?
    Actually, the setting in with two decimals.

    Thanks a lot.

    Kind regards

    • Hello.
      You will be need to make a fix in plugin.

      Please open this file ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/inc\_bs\biz_s.php

      then find this code:


      and replace it to this code:


      Its exist several times in the code, so you need to make it several times.

      Please note, if you will modify the source code of the Booking Calendar, we will not guaranteed the correct work of plugin and do not support it.
      Unfortunately we can not start, right now, some personal customization or custom development, because almost have no free time. Thank you for understanding.

      Kind Regards.

      • Hello,
        Thank you but it doesn't work in the v7.
        I've replaced the code:
        $summ = round($summ,0);
        by this one:
        $summ = round($summ,2);
        and this one line 802:
        $fin_cost = round( $fin_cost ,2 );
        by this one:
        $fin_cost = round( $fin_cost ,0 );

        but it still display costs with two decimals

        Kind regards

        • Hello.

          This code


          exist 6 times in the biz_s.php file.
          You need to replace all 6 times.
          Kind Regards.

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