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  1. I use Booking Calendar Version 7.0 , WP 4.7.2 , when i Cancel, or Trash a booking [denyreason] does not return anything in the e-mail sent , even though i have already enetered The cancelation reason before hitting the key Reject or Trash or Delete , any idea what might causes that ?

    • Hello.
      Its known issue, its will be fixed in next update of Booking Calendar 7.0.1
      Thank you for notification about this.
      If you are using paid version of Booking Calendar, so then you can ask about this pre-release update here :
      Otherwise, you need to wait until update 7.0.1 will come.
      Thank you.

  2. Hello,

    Own can I implement up-selling when a booking is done? For example. A customer is booking a room but also wants in addition have some fruits and drinks ready in his room when arriving. Is that an other type of "resource"?

    • Hello.
      1) If you need to set additional cost for the booking, depend form selected option in booking form (like selections of fruits), so then its possible in the Booking Calendar Business Medium or higher versions. Please read more about this feature here:

      2) If you need to charge visitor, after he/she created booking. So you can edit the booking cost and send payment request to the visitor from the Booking Listing page.
      If you are want to request from the visitor to pay the some sum, you are need to make these steps:
      - Edit the cost of the booking, and enter the sum, which will show at the payment form. You are need to change the cost and then press the save button to save the new cost.
      - Press the send payment request button to send the email with link to the payment form for the specific booking.

      Kind Regards.

  3. Hello,
    I use multiuser single site version.
    In the search form, I want to use [additional_cost_hint] to display cost of the booking (resource cost + cost for 2 people + cost depending on season price filter).
    But it seems it doesn't work well because it display 0 instead of the real cost.

    Can you explain me what's wrong please?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hello.
      The [additional_cost_hint] shortcode in the search results form at the Booking > Settings > Search page will show additional cost, that you possibly configured at the Booking > Resources > Advanced cost page.
      So for example, if you was set cost for 2 visitors at the Booking > Resources > Advanced cost page as 200%, its have to show difference in cost between cost of 1 visitor for these dates and 2 visitors. So its total additional cost that you have configured at the Booking > Resources > Advanced cost page.
      Kind Regards.

      • Hello thank you for the answer.
        I did it... I configured additional costs before in the Booking > Resources > Advanced cost page.
        But it doesn't display the right cost, it only display 0.

        Another thing that I don't understand is that I use [cost_hint] both in the result form AND in the booking form.
        And the problem comes from the amount that is not the same in the search results than in the booking form.
        In the result form, I got: 92€ * 6 nights = 552€ with [cost_hint].... it should be 594€ (in july it's high season 99€/night)
        In the booking form I got the right cost = 594€ with [cost_hint]

        Why the [cost_hint] is not displayed correctly in the search results but is correctly display in the booking form.

        Thanks a lot


        • Hello.

          That cost can be different, because in booking form at the Booking > Resources > Advanced cost page you can use different additional cost for the different options (like tax, or cleaning, etc...). But in the search form, exist only "visitors selection" form. So in search form (search results) cost only depend from the selected dates and number of visitors selection. But all other additional cost that you can integrate in use in booking form does not impact to the cost of search results.

          Kind Regards.

  4. We inserted your calendar in real estate nr7, now for some reason we cannot see the calendar on the propertylistings page. Could you send us the instructions? We added the calendar to rental info

    • Hello.

      Probably you are having some JavaScript error at the page, and because of that your calendar is not loading.

      You need to fix this error.

      1) Firstly please recheck if this JavaScript error is generating by some other plugin or your actual theme.

      Please try to deactivate one by one all your active plugins at the WordPress > Plugins menu. Then retest it again.
      If its not help, please deactivate your active theme and active the default WordPress theme. And then retest it again. May be there exist some conflict with some active plugin or actual theme and just need to find the reason of that issue.

      2) Also you can check for the most common issues at this page at the troubleshooting section.

      Otherwise, please send the link to the page with your booking form, so then I will check it about any errors.

      Thank you.

  5. 1. Hi I have the personal version and have in settings checked "Show popover with booking details on Frontend Side but
    the popover is not active on the frontend side
    2. Is it possible in Personal Version from the Admin to Block of Dates for a Resource.
    e.g. Adventure Tour From Date: 1 March 2017 to 10 March 2017, then the customer can select that period for booking.
    Thank you for your assistance

    • Hello.

      1) Please note, this option "Show popover with booking details on Front end Side" activate showing booking details only in Timelines, like in this example:
      Additionally you need to be sure that at this page DOES NOT exist any JavaScript errors, otherwise, popover (when you clicked on booking pipeline) will not show.
      Be sure that you DO NOT set checked this option "Disable Bootstrap loading on Front-End" at the Booking > Settings General page in advanced section.

      Additionally you can recheck for any conflicts with some other plugin or theme. Please try to deactivate one by one all your active plugins at the WordPress > Plugins menu. Then retest it again.
      If its not help, please deactivate your active theme and active the default WordPress theme. And then retest it again. May be there exist some conflict with some active plugin or actual theme and just need to find the reason of that issue.

      2) If you want to BLOCK specific bookings on specific dates, so then such functionality possible in the Booking Calendar Business Medium and higher versions. In these versions you can block specific dates based on season filters. Please read more about this functionality here: In other versions of Booking Calendar ( like Booking Calendar Personal version ) you will be need to make a blank bookings for specific dates to make such dates as unavailable.

      Kind Regards.

  6. Hello,

    I started to use your plugin on my WordPress website.

    I insterted a booking form on my page, but when I want to type in the fields under the calendar (name, email, details etc.) the font is way to big and I can't see what I'm typing...

    Is there any way to change the size of the font?
    I'm using Safari on a Mac...
    When trying in firefox it's better, but still big font... Also on iPhone, font is too big...

  7. Hi,

    We are using the small business edition and I would like to export the bookings into the Google Calender automatically.

    • Hello.
      Booking calendar support only import of events from the Google Calendar (not 2 sides sync).

      Info about it exist in any settings pages at plugin website and at help configuration page of plugin website:

      The export functionality exist in our todo list for some future updates of booking calendar.
      Kind Regards.

  8. HI
    We are using Business Medium SingleSite 6.1
    The cost calculations have become totally erratic. They are usually wrong on the first date and time selection, but can then be correct if you click off the first date and select a different one. But this is not always the case.
    Would like to get this fixed before we upgrade to 7
    Kind regards

    • Hello.
      I do not sure that clearly understand about your issue.
      Please try these suggestions. Please open the Booking > Settings and in Cost section please UNCHECK this option: "Time impact to cost" - if you want that the time selection on the booking form DO NOT applied to the cost calculation.

      If you still have this issue, probably its because of old version of Booking Calendar. Please retest your configuration in live demo of new update 7.0 here

      You can request the new update of Booking Calendar on this page:
      Kind Regards.

  9. Hello, Need some help, I have some issues 🙂 started this playing with this plugin today. But I've have some issues. In my language Month names are differed and issues for people will be in case If some one will try to book it.
    Can you please explain how to change only month name.
    Link to the site:
    as you can see the header month is February 20 and in my language will be = Vasario 20.
    I've checked the language folder of plugin and there is no LT language. But in the JS script I can see the dates in LT
    can I enable it ? if yes, how to achieve it?

    • Hello.
      Booking Calendar is automatically load specific language for calendar, depend from your active locale at website.
      Currently its seems that your active locale is "en-US", that's why was loaded English language for calendar.
      If you will change locale of your website to specific other language, so then Booking Calendar will load this translation for calendar.
      Usually, if you do not use any other translation plugins, you can change (add) language at the WordPress > Settings > General page.
      Kind Regards.

      • you are totaly right, thank you. By the way, only from admin panel booking can be made ? as from user perspective i cant book anything becouse the numbers cannot be selected 🙂 in any case it looks great 🙂

    • Hello.
      Please note, that instruction relative to using some translation plugin, like WPML or qTranslate.
      So you can configure your booking form and email templates relative to to that instruction.
      Then if you will switch language of your website, Booking Calendar will automatically show booking form in specific selected language.
      Please recheck this.

      If you still have an issue, please send configuration of your booking form and link to the page(s) with one language and other language to the support @
      Kind Regards.

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