General instruction about usage of paid versions of Booking Calendar

1) You need to create the booking resources for the each of your properties or services on the Booking > Resources page.
You can read more info about the booking resources and how to configure them on this page.

2) Then you be able to insert the booking form for the specific resource (your property or service, which need to be booked) into the any posts or pages. You can check how to insert and configure booking shortcode into the posts or pages here. Also check how manually to configure Booking Calendar shortcodes here.

3) Finally you can reconfigure settings, form fields and email templates, if you need the different options, on the Booking > Settings pages.

Checking and modifications of bookings

You can check, modify and change the status or other properties of the booking(s) at the Booking Listing admin menu page. Please open this page, at the top of the page you will see the Filters and Actions toolbar, and the table of booking listing. 
Depends from the version there will be available different additional tools and features. 

Filter tab
Using they filter tab you can specify, what exactly booking(s) you are need to show. 

"Apply" button - press this button after configuration of parameters in the filter tab, the parameters of filter will apply to the search results and new booking listing will show.
"Booking resources" selection -  (deault value: "All resources"), you can select to show the bookings only from specific booking resource or from all booking resource. (available in paid versions only). 
"Booking Status" selection - {Pending/Approved/All (default) }, select to show bookings only of specific status.  
"Booking dates" selection - {Actual dates (default) /Today/Previous dates/All dates / Next dates (select the number of dates) / Prior dates (select the number of dates) / Check in - Check out }, select to show bookings, which was done for the specific date(s) or date ranges. 
"Only new" - set pressed or unpressed "Read" status of the bookings, to show only new or all bookings. 
"Creation dates" selection - {Today/All dates (default) / Prior dates (select the number of dates) / Check in - Check out }, select to show bookings, which was created at the specific specific date(s) or date ranges. 
"Filter by keyword" text field - show the bookings, what have snide of the booking form the specific keywords.   (available in paid versions only). 
"Payment" selection - {All (default)/ Paid OK/ Unknown status/ Not Completed/Failed / Custom (text field)}, select to show bookings only with specific payment status.   (available in Business and higher versions only). 
Min. Cost - Max. Cost fields - set showing the bookings for the specific cost interval. (available in Business and higher versions only). 
"Sort" - {ID/Resource/Cost } - set order of the bookings in the booking listing table. 
"Save as Default" button - Save the actual applied filter settings as a default.  (available in paid versions only).  
"Booking ID" text search field - Search from at the top right side for the fast searching of the specific booking by ID. 

Actions tab.
You can apply these actions for the specific selected bookings (the checkbox at the left side of each such booking have to be checked) a the booking listing. 

Approve / Unapprove buttons - change the status of the specific selected bookings to "Approved" or "Pending".
Delete  button - completely delete the specific selected bookings. 
Read / Unread  buttons - set the specific selected bookings as read/unread. If you are set the specific bookings as read, the icon "New" at the left side near each bookings will hide. You can make also this operations on the specific single bookings by clicking on the icon "New" at the left side of booking. 
Print button - show the print layout of the current visible page of booking listing.  (available in paid versions only). 
Export button  - export the bookings of the current visible page of booking listing to the CSV format.  (available in paid versions only). 
Export All button - export the bookings from all pages of booking listing to the CSV format.  (available in paid versions only). 

 Emails sending (checkbox) - set checked or unchecked this checkbox, if you are want that the email is sending or not sending for the specific actions, like: Approve/Unapprove, etc... This interface element is located under  the Actions tab at the right side of page. 

Booking Listing table
The booking listing table have a several Columns:  ID, Labels, Booking Data, Booking Dates,  Actions. 

ID collumn. 
In the "ID" column in the fields of each booking you can see the ID of the specific booking, the date and time of creation of this booking. Also at this collumn is exist the checkbox for selections of specific booking(s) for the fuser actions using the tools from the Actions tab. 
In additional at the left side you can find the "New" icon for the upcoming bookings. This icon is clickable, so you can disable the status of new (unread) for the specific single booking. 

Lables collumn. 
At this column you can see the status labels of the specific booking, like pending/approved or payment statuses  (available in Business and higher versions only). 

Data collumn. 
At this field you can see the all data about the specific booking from your billing form: 
First Name:Victoria   Last Name:Smith   Address:   City:   Post code:   Country:   Phone:(044)458-77-88   Number of visitors: 2   Children: no   Details:   Please, reserve an appartment with fresh flowers.

Booking dates column. 
In this collumn you can see the bookings dates. Please note, at the head of the collumn you can find the icon for the activating extended dates showing: 
for example: June 21, 2012,  June 22, 2012,  June 23, 2012
And normal dates view:
for example: June 21, 2012 - June 23, 2012

Actions collumn. 
Cost settings - view or edit the cost of the specific booking (available in Business and higher versions only). 
Send payment request - button for sending payment request to the visitor by email (available in Business and higher versions only). 
Edit booking - edit the specific booking data at the admin panel (available in paid versions only). 
Edit/create note to the booking - add or edit the note for the specific booking (available in paid versions only). 
Approve/Unapprove - Instant changing the status of the single booking. 
Delete - Completely erase specific booking. 
Change resource - change the booking resource for the specific booking  (available in paid versions only). 
Change payment status - change the pay,ent status for the specific booking (available in Business and higher versions only). 

Creation new booking(s), using admin panel

You can add a new booking to the system using the admin panel at the Booking > Add Booking menu page. 
You can select the date(s) in a calendar fill the booking form fields and press the submit button for the creation of new booking. 

Booking Calendar Personal and higher versions
At the paid versions You can select the "booking resource" at the top of the page, so you can select at what exactly resource you are want to make the bookings. 

Booking Calendar Business Medium/Large versions
At the Business Medium/Large versions in additional you can select the specific custom form at the top of the page, so you be able to make the bookings for the specific booking resource, using the specific custom booking form. 

Terms:  add booking, new booking

Configure of Booking Calendar Free version.

After activation of plugin, you are almost ready to use it.

Inserting the booking form into post or page (widget or any other place of your site)
Just open the edit post or edit page menu page or add new page or post and inside of the edit content toolbar click on Booking Calendar button (button with calendar icon). Inside of the configuration popup dialog configure the options, like number of visible month of calendar, inserting the booking form with calendar or just availability calendar (paid versions in additional will have possibility to select the specific booking resource, for having different booking availability calendars; in some versions also possible to select the custom booking form, or inserting the search form) and insert the booking shortcode into the content of post or page. Publish or update the post or page, open it at client side of site and you will be able to see and make bookings in the booking form.
You can also show the booking form or availability calendar using the booking calendar widget at your sidebar. So please open the WordPress widget menu page and configure the booking calendar widget.
It's possible to integrate the booking calendar form into the any other place of your site, using the special PHP code, please read more detail about this at the FAQ.

Checking new bookings.
After your visitors are made the booking at your site, you will receive the email about the new booking to the email, which you are set at the General booking settings page. You can check the booking at the "Booking listing" page of your WordPress admin panel. Each booking consist information about the dates of reservation data from booking form fields, ID of booking, date of booking creation, booking status, like approved or pending booking.
At the top of this page you can use the booking filter tab to show the bookings, which are fit to parameters of the booking filter.

Changing status of bookings (approve/decline/set pending/set as read).
You can approve, delete, set pending status, or mark as read for the single booking using the buttons at the right side of each booking at the "Booking Listing" page (mark the single booking as read, you can make by clicking on the "new" label at the left side of booking.
The same actions you can make at the multiple bookings, if you are select the multiple bookings, by setting checked the checkboxes at left side near each booking and using the specific button at the top of the page at "Actions tab".

Adding new booking.
You can add a new booking at the client side of site, as a regular visitor of your site, where you are inserted the booking form.
You can also add new booking at the admin panel at the "Add new booking" menu page. At this page you will see the same booking form as at client side.

Settings configuration of booking calendar.
You can configure the different settings of availability calendar, booking form or plugin options at the general booking settings page.

Main section of General Settings page.

"Admin email" - default admin email for notifications about new bookings and other actions in a booking system.
"Show hints" - show / hide help hints, at the admin panel.
Expanded advanced settings of JavaScript loading
"Dissable Bootstrap loading at Client side" - if your theme or some other plugin is load the BootStrap JavaScripts, you can dissable loading of this bootstrap script by this plugin. Please do not activate this feature, if no any other plugin or theme is not loaded these scripts, otherwise can be some issues (issue - warning message about not selected days in calendar during reservation process, even if the dates are selected).
"Dissable Bootstrap loading at Admin side" - if your theme or some other plugin is load the BootStrap JavaScripts, you can dissable loading of this script by this plugin. Please do not activate this feature, if no any other plugin or theme is not loaded these scripts, otherwise can be some issues.
Expanded settings of powered by notice
"Powered by notice" - turn On/Off powered by "Booking Calendar" notice under the calendar in booking form.
"Copyright notice" - turn On/Off copyright notice at footer of site view.

Calendar section of General Settings page.

"Calendar skin" - select the skin of booking calendar
"Number of months" - select your maximum number of scroll months at booking calendar. It's number of months, which you can scroll in calendar using the scroll month arrow in a header of calendar.
"Start Day of week" - select your start day of the week in calendar.
"Multiple days selection" - Activate or disable possibility to select single or multiple days in calendar. If you will leave this option unchecked so you will be able to select only one date in calendar.
"Unavailable days from today" - select number of unavailable days in calendar starting from today date. It's useful if you can not accept bookings for today or today and tomorrow days, etc...
"Unavailable days" - set the specific week days (Sunday / Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday) as unavailable days in calendars. This option is overwrite all other settings.

Form section of General Settings page.

"CAPTCHA" - activate CAPTCHA inside of booking form.
Auto fill fields" - activate auto fill fields of booking form for logged in users.
"Show legend" - hide or show legend of dates under booking calendar.
"Show "thank you" message after booking is done" - activating showing of the message for the specific time, after visitor is made the reservation.
"New booking title" - mesaage what is showed after booking has done by visitor.
You can use this shortcode inside of that message: [lang=LOCALE] - start new translation section, where LOCALE - locale of translation
Example #1: [lang=fr_FR] - start French tranlation section.
Example #2: "Thank you for your booking.[lang=fr_FR]Je vous remercie de votre reservation." - English and French translation of some message.

"Showing title time" - time count in miliseconds for showing "new booking title"
"Redirect visitor to a new "thank you" page" - instead of showing message for specific time, the visitor will be redirected to a new page, after he will made the reservation, if this option is activated.
"URL of "thank you" page" - URL of "thank you" page.

Booking listing section of General Settings page.

"Bookings number per page" - select number of bookings per page in booking listing
"Bookings default order" - select your default order of bookings in the booking listing
"Default toolbar tab" - select your default opened tab in toolbar at booking listing page
"Date Format" - set your dates format, like "June 10, 2012" or "2012/06/10" or "06/10/2012" or "10/06/2012" or custom format (please check more info at documentation on date formatting). This date format is apply to the dates in emails and booking listing table.
"Dates view" - select default type of dates view at the booking tables. You can select sowing of all dates, or showing only check in and check out dates for the each reservation at the booking listing page and inside of email templates.

User access level section of General Settings page.

"Bookings Calendar menu pages" - select the minimum user access role to access for the specific page of admin booking panel.

Uninstal / deactivation section of General Settings page.

"Delete booking data" - activate this option if you want to completly delete booking data during deactivation of plugin.

Booking Calendar Interface Overview.

Booking Calendar it's WordPress plugin, which make possible to make bookings of any properties or services at your site by visitors. Your visitors can select a date(s) in a calendar, fill the booking form and make a booking. The booking data will be storied in DB of your site and you can check and manage it (approve/decline/delete/... etc. ) at booking admin panel at your site, the email notifications about those actions can be sent to the administrator and to visitor emails.
You can insert the booking form with availability calendar into any post or page of your site or configure and activate the booking widget for your site sideboard.

The booking admin panel is consist from several pages:
"Booking Listing" - at this page you can view and filter any bookings, which was done by visitors. Also at this page you can make specific actions for the bookings (please check at the feature list and live demos, what actions are available in specific versions of Booking Calendar).
"Add new booking" - at this page, you can add new booking manually from admin panel.
"Resources" (paid versions only) - at this page you can manage the booking resources. Booking resources can be any properties (like a rooms or cars...etc.) or services, which is make possible to have individual availability calendar for the each resource.
The free version of Booking Calendar have only one default booking resource, that's why this admin page do not exist in free version. Depend from the version of Booking Calendar in sub pages of the Resource menu you can set the cost of booking resources, rates, availability, which is depend from the season filters, or even set cost dependence from the number of selected dates or cost dependence from selection of options in selectboxes or checkboxes from your booking form. You can also set the coupons for discounts.
Please check at the feature list and live demos, what features are available in specific versions.
"Settings" at this page you can configure the different settings for the availability calendar or booking form. The paid versions have several sub menu pages for the configuration of form fields of the booking form, configuration of email templates for the different action notifications, configure and activation the online payment form integrations, search form configuration and users management. Please check at the feature list and live demos, what features are available in specific versions.
Inside of the "Widget" WordPress menu page you can activate and configure the booking calendar widget(s). In the paid versions are possible to activate several booking calendar widgets, each for the different booking resource.
Inside of the edit "Post" or "Page" WordPress admin page, at the edit content toolbar you can find the "Booking Calendar" button for the insertion booking form or just availability calendar into post or page.

Initial configuration of MultiUser version

The Booking Calendar MultiUser version have 2 types of the users: super booking admin and usual user.

The "first" WordPress admin user by default is "super booking admin" user.

So, firstly after activation of the plugin you have to see the booking panel for that user.

Then you are need to open the "general booking settings" page (this page is available only for the super booking admin users), then expand the User settings section at the right side and set the correct permissions (user roles) for the pages of the booking admin panel. Its required for the new WordPress users possibility to open the admin booking admin panel.

Now, you can create new WordPress user (the role of this user have to be higher or equal to the roles, which you are set at the previous step).

Now, you are need to open the Booking > Settings > Users page (you are have to be logged in as booking super admin user) and make activation of the booking admin panel for the new WordPress user.

Finally, you can log in as new WordPress user, and you will see own booking admin panel for this user. You can create new booking resource(s), configure the settings and insert the booking form(s) of this user into posts or pages, which is created by this user.

Workflow of configuration for do not have access of "Regular users" to Settings page and having unique configuration of booking form / Emails / Payments, as needed from view of super booking admin user.
So in case if you need to configure booking form field for regular user, and after this configuration block access to the settings field, you need to make following steps:
1) Please log in as "super booking admin user". I can suggest that this user have WordPress "Administrator" user role.
2) Open the Booking > Settings General page and set access level to "Settings" page as "Contributor" (or administrator).
3) Create new WordPress User (via standard WordPress admin panel), and set user role for this user as "Contributor" (or other user role, which you was set at point #2)
4) Open the Booking > Settings > Users page and activate booking admin panel for this new user as for "Regular user".
5) Now log in to WordPress admin panel as this specific "Regular user". Configure booking form fields and emails, and all other settings from Booking > Settings menu.
6) Log out and log in as "Super booking admin user". Now change "user role" for this regular user from "Contributor" to "Subscriber".
Now you can inform login and password of "Regular user" to real person.

Now if this user will log in into the booking admin panel (WordPress admin panel), he/she will not have access to the Booking > Settings page, and will have booking form as you was configured previously.