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  1. when I try to sync google calendar the following message "The feed was not found (404). Please make sure your feed URL is correct."
    and I wonder if there is a way to export all events automatically without having to approve.

    • Hello.
      1) Please be sure that you have correctly specified the URL to specific .ics feed.
      Realtive import:
      Watch this video guide about how to start import of .ics feeds (events/bookings) into Booking Calendar:
      Watch this video guide about how to start export of .ics feeds from Booking Calendar into other services:

      2) Export of bookings from the Booking Calendar into the .ics is working in real time, if you have configured it correctly at the Booking > Settings > Sync > "Export - .ics" page.

      But how other service import this exported .ics feed depend from this other service.

      Booking Calendar is generate .ics feed with bookings in real time. But how often some service (like airbnb, or ) access this .ics feed to import the bookings from Booking Calendar into own system, does not depend from Booking Calendar. So in other words, Booking Calendar does not force to generate import process by third party service, when some booking is created. You need to check with support of this service (like airbnb or, about how often they can access the .ics feed tor making import.

      Please note, the import process is working in that case, when some visitor is open your website page with booking import shortcode. So you can configure CRON at your server, for periodically access this page with booking import shortcode to start import process. Or you can insert the import shortcode before booking form shortcode, so firstly system will start import process and only then show booking form, when someone visit your page.
      In case if you are having some issue of not ability to import new events, then check this troubleshooting instruction:
      You can define CRON at your server for periodically access pages with import .ics feeds shortcodes and start import process during specific time-intervals, then check this:

      Kind Regards.

  2. Hi!

    We want to change the time for a appointment in the future.
    Is there a way we can change the time to 1,5hour instead of 2hour for a appointments already for lets say 1 august 2019, and if some make a appointment for after 1 august 2019, it will be automatically 1,5 instead of 2?

  3. When I registered the user and gave him "Editor' role , And then I try register I get the message. This happened after the installation of the theme Houzez
    I buy Multiuser Version

    • Hello.
      What message do you see ?
      1) Please login with super booking admin user that is having administrator user role. Then open the Booking > Settings General page and in Booking menu section please set the minimum user roles to access the no admin menu pages as “Editor” (or lower user role).

      2) In Booking Calendar MultiUser version possible that each registered WordPress user (your owner) have own individual independent booking admin panel, and can see and manage only own booking resources and some other settings (other owners will not see the bookings from this owner, they can see only own bookings). Please check more here (at bottom of the page)
      Also each owner (user) will receive the emails about the bookings of the own service(s) or property (booking resource(s)) and can approve or decline them. Please note, that the each owner WordPress user) will have different individual calendar(s) with booking forms in the separate pages. Please retest it in the live demo. You can read more about the initial configuration of the Booking Calendar MultiUser version:
      Watch it in this video guide

      Please test the live demo of Booking Calendar Multiuser version here:

      Admin Panel of Multiuser version (here you can test several admin panels functionality):

      Kind Regards.

  4. I'd like to edit a pending or approved booking to add or subtract days. At this point, the only way I see to do that is to delete the current booking and input it again, which seems like a waste of time. Can a booking be edited after it is input, and how would I do that?

    • Hello.
      the ability to edit the exist bookings, possible in the paid versions of Booking Calendar only.
      You can click on "booking edit" button in the Booking Listing page in paid versions of Booking Calendar, and then edit booking details, or re-select the booking dates.
      You can test Booking Calendar live demos at this page to be sure in functionality and do not have misunderstanding.
      Please read the Booking Calendar version overview here:
      Kind Regards.

  5. Restore Booking Resources.
    Hi there. I deleted by mistake all my Booking Resources. Is there a way to get them back? Anything to do for restore? Please!!! Thanks. Christiane

    • Hello.
      If you are having the backup of your database, then you can restore it and it’s will restore the booking resources. Please contact the support of your hosting about this issue. Otherwise you Will be need to create the booking resources again. You can check this faq instruction about how to find the lost bookings:
      Kind Regards.

      • Thanks for reply. What I don´t understand, the resources are still in the database, but not shown in backend. I have backups of the tables, but I´m not sure, if it´s a good idea to overwrite it.

        • Hello.
          If you are used the Booking Calendar Business Large version or higher version, so then its possible that you was deleted the parent booking resources, and the child booking resources is not showing anymore.

          You can make backup of your actual database. Then restore to the previous backup version of your Database. Test it.
          If everything is fine so you can leave it. Otherwise you will be have also this current backup of database, and you can restore it, as well.
          Kind Regards.

          • I tried that and it´s better than nothing. Got back the saisons so far. What I don´t get back is the types_meta. I deleted the table in database and overwrote. But nothing changed. The items are filled with the informations. How could I manage to get that back?

            • Hello.
              You just need to be sure that you have correct and full previous backup of your database.
              All previous info about the bookings and booking resources is stored only in the Database. So you need just to restore correct version of backup of your database, you no need todo some additional steps in this case.

              May be that backup was not full, so please try to restore some other previous backup.
              Kind Regards.

    • Hello.
      You need to use shortcode like this:

      [booking type=2 form_type='standard' nummonths=1
      options='{select-day condition="weekday" for="5" value="2-30"}']

      Kind Regards.

      • Thanks, This works : if I want to rent Friday, I have to rent Saturday too. But if I want Saturday, I must rent Friday too. I don't want people to be able to rent Saturday alone. Can we do this with the plugin?

        • Hello.
          You can deactivate the ability to start selection from Saturday at the Booking > Settings General page in Calendar section. So you can start selection only from Friday, and minimum for 2 days.
          Kind Regards.

            • Hello.
              You can use any season. Basically in that shortcode is name of season filter from the Booking > Resources > Filters page.

              Kind Regards.

  6. Hello,

    I'm using Booking Calendar 8.4.

    I've selected "PayPal Hosted Solution", with my proper MerchantID (payments function normally).

    I'm trying to test the PayPal Sandbox environment.

    When I select PayPal Sandbox, I receive the following gateway error:

    Error Processing Payment


    • Hello.
      Booking Calendar the Booking Calendar is support PayPal Standard and PayPal Pro Hosted Solution.
      Please note, PayPal PayPal Pro Hosted Solution its does not the same as PayPal Pro, and doesn't available in all countries.
      So please recheck with PayPal support that you are using the "PayPal Pro Hosted Solution" and not the "PayPal Pro".

      Please be sure that you have correctly configured your PayPal settings at the Booking > Settings > Payment page.
      Kind Regards.

      • Hello,

        Thank you for the email.

        I've been able to properly configure, and test the PayPal SandBox environment.

        I had to change to "PayPal Standard"

  7. Need help with the configuration of my search form (Business Large).
    1. I need 2 different horizontal forms (rental and cars). Could manage "cars", but don´t know how to create a new form for rentals.
    2. Need the same for vertical forms in sidebars. Same as No.1
    3. I need check_in and check_out fields in my search forms for rentals. Don´t understand how to put them in, there are shortcodes in Email forms but not in search forms.
    4. I tried your solution with placeholder [search_check_in placeholder:Abholung], but the shortcode is not shown, just text of shortcode. How can I manage that?
    Thanks for help, Christiane

  8. Hi. Im making a website with wordpress with Xtra Child theme (it has these styling kits for easy styling without coding) and I needed a good booking calendar which is free. I uploaded the booking calendar plugin and tried it. It's just the thing I needed for my website, but then I noticed that when I added the calendar to my website, my styling kits stopped working... I inspected the styling kits buttons and it seems that they don't have any scripts attached to them anymore. Always when I delete the booking calendar the buttons start working. I have every plugin up to date and I think i have tried everything.

    It would be a real shame if I needed to use some other booking calendar because you have the best one.

    • Hello.
      Some conflict can be, if the theme is using Bootstrap library and version of Bootstrap is different then version in Booking Calendar.
      Booking Calendar is use bootstrap library 3.3.5.
      In this case, possible issues with not showing mouse over tooltips at the front-ens side in Booking Calendar.
      Its tooltips for showing booking data, times and cost, when mouse over specific day.

      1) You can open the Booking > Settings General page and in Advanced section expand this link "+ Show advanced settings of JavaScript loading" then make checked this option: "Disable Bootstrap loading on Front-End"
      Its will prevent of loading Bootstrap library at front-end side of your website. But its can generate issue with mouse over tooltips in the Booking Calendar.

      2) Other solution. You can define to load the CSS and JavaScript files of Booking Calendar ONLY at specific pages.
      – you need to open the Booking > Settings General page and in Advanced section click “+ Show advanced settings of JavaScript loading” link to expand this section.
      – then you need to set as checked this option “Load JS and CSS files only on specific pages”
      – and then you can specify relative URLs to the pages where you need to load the files of Booking Calendar (one url per line), like this:

      Kind Regards.

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