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  1. Hello, is there a way to export the rates of the apartments to 3rd party sites expedia- ?
    I'm using the Medium Business version.

    • Hello.
      Unfortunately, its does not possible in actual versions of Booking Calendar. Sorry.
      The exported ics feeds support only dates, and not the rates.
      Kind Regards.

  2. Hello just bought you small business version and I can't get how to add several possibilities of booking.

    For example

    1 person is 30 euros for mid day
    2 people are 60 euros for mid day
    1 person is 50 for all day long
    2 people are 100 all day long

    So how can I manage that in ressource I can't get it :/

    • Hello.
      the ability to set the different cost for the different selected options in the booking form (like selection of number of visitors), possible in the Booking Calendar Business Medium or higher versions. Check more about this feature here:
      Watch it in this video guide

      You can test Booking Calendar live demos at this page to be sure in functionality and do not have misunderstanding.

      But I do not sure how do you select mid day and all day booking.

      Kind Regards.

      • Thank you for your answer, can you check for me for the mid day. I just bought the small business version so I need to update to the medium right?

        Because if it cannot take into account mid day and calculate the real cost... It isn't what I am looking for :/. But i am pretty sure there is a possibility for that. Can I have a chat or a call with someone?

        In my offer there is possibility to rent mid day / all day or 2 days + depending on the number of people the price change of course. It is possible to coordinate all those things :)) Thanks

        • Hello.
          1) If you need to define the different number of days selection depending from the weekday, where selection have started, so then its possible in the Booking Calendar Business Medium or higher versions. Please check more here

          2) the ability to define the different cost depending from the number of visitors selection, then its also possible in the Booking Calendar Business Medium or higher versions. Check more about this feature here:
          Watch it in this video guide

          You can test Booking Calendar live demos at this page to be sure in functionality and do not have misunderstanding.

          You can make upgrade to the higher version of Booking Calendar from your exist version of plugin by clicking on the "Upgrade" menu item at the top right side of General Booking Settings page in your admin panel.

          If you will have any other questions, please fill free to contact by email support @

          Kind regards.

          • Thank you again, but I feel terrible, because, as you said all my requirements would be fixed with the medium version. What it seem to be wonderful. But to update I have to pay the same price as I bought at first. Or do I haven't look at the right place..

            Thanks again

  3. hello - We are trying to set up a calendar where we can have 3 birthday parties in a day. Time slots available are 12-2pm, 1-3pm, 2-4pm, 6:30-8:30pm, and 7-9pm. I figured in Business Medium version how to set up the different time slots for different days. But my problem is that when I demo and book 2-4 party it also makes the 1-3 party unavailable or if I chose the 7-9 party it makes the 6:30-8:30 party unavailable. How can I set it up to allow overlapping time slots to be booked? We only have 1 place parties are held but have 3 tables that can be set up for parties (we stager the start time so we can accommodate 3 parties in a 4 hour period.) We are using Booking calendar 8.4.6

  4. Hi - Is there any tutorials of videos on Booking Calendars search widget? We purchased the Small Business option, but still need the ability to have a field where a customer "searches/selects" a date in a calendar and it can result in an "available/not-available" result. We want to build this into our venue calculator as a starting point. For example, they would submit their date and if it is available with all three calendars in our calendar resources the user can then continue on with estimating their costs. But, if the date is not available, the input box would yield a "not-available" or the like.

    I'm hesitant to purchase the more expensive option that seems like it would fulfill this need, but I can't find any tutorials/videos.

    Thanks for your help.

  5. Hi,

    We are using the Business Large.

    Is it possible to set a different 'range days' and different possible check in days for different seasons.

    For example we now use a range of 3 days (2nights) and all check in days are possible.

    In July and August we would like to change this in : Check in only friday and monday.
    For range : week (7nights) - weekend ( 3 nights) - or midweek (4nights)

    September-october-... : back to 2 nights on every possible day.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Hi,
    Im thinking to install this solution for me.
    I have some questions.
    1. Is it possible to establish monthly payments?
    2. Is it possible, in payment terms, to put automatically a comission for the 150% of the month depending of the stay? For example, a person who wants to stay 3 months x 100€/month, automatically be charged 100€ + 10€ of commissión.(because he is going to be less than 3 months). If he wants to stay between 3 and 9 months should be 20% of commission (f.ex) it possible?

    3. Is in spanish?

    Thanks a lot,

  7. In the medium business version can you have overlapping times? The way I have it now using (different time slots for different weekdays) when I choose 6:30-8:30pm it also blocks out the 7-9pm slot.

    • Hello.
      If you are having timeslots like this:
      "18:30 - 20:30"
      "19:00 - 21:00"

      And you have booked the timeslot "18:30 - 20:30",
      so then this timeslots "18:30 - 20:30" and "19:00 - 21:00" will be unavailable,
      because in the second timeslot time from 19:00 to 20:30 already booked - its intersected with other booking timeslot.
      So such timeslots will become unavailable.
      Kind Regards.

  8. Hi,

    On the admin page (admin.php?page=wpbc), the payment status 'Complete' isn't correctly translated.

    In the dropdown menu, the translation is correct (according to the translation file), but in the payment badge (.label-payment-status), the text is always written in English. It is ok for the other status, there is a problem only with the 'Complete' status.

    Can you please check this?

    Best regards,

    • Hello.
      Please make this fix.
      Please open this file ../wp-content/plugins/{Booking Calendar Folder}/inc/_bs/lib_s.php

      ( you can check how to edit files in WordPress menu in this article )

      then find this code:

      function wpdev_bk_listing_show_payment_label(  $is_paid, $pay_print_status , $real_payment_status_label){

      and replace it to this code:

              function wpdev_bk_listing_show_payment_label(  $is_paid, $pay_print_status , $real_payment_status_label){
              	if ( $pay_print_status == 'Completed' ) {            //FixIn:
              		$pay_print_status = __( 'Completed', 'booking' );

      Kind Regards.

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