Booking Form Fields customization

You can find it at the Booking > Settings > Form page (available in paid versions only).

Please use shortcode generator at the right side of the Booking > Settings > Form page for the fast and correct creation of booking form fields.

Booking Form Fields setting

Inside of this form, you can use the text, HTML tags and special short codes for the form fields.

General shortcode rule for fields insertion

[shortcode_type* field_name "value"]

shortcode_type - its a reserved term, for the definition type of booking field (like a text field or select box, etc). Please check the full list of these terms bellow.
* - this symbol means that this field is Required (can be skipped in shortcode)
field_name - field name, must be unique (can not be skipped), you can use any letter or "_"symbol.
"value" - default value of field (can be skipped)

In addition you can define the "ID" and CSS "CLASS" of HTML element, in such way:

[shortcode_type* field_name id:id-of-element class:class-name "value"]

where "id-of-element" - its ID of element, "class-name" - its CSS CLASS of element.

Shortcodes of form fields

[calendar] - calendar. Insert the booking availability calendar into the booking form.
[email] - email field, Example:

[email* my_email]
. This field is required and have to be inside of the each booking form customization.

[captcha] - CAPTCHA. Insert the captcha into the booking form. Please note, you are need to activate using of the captcha at the general booking form, also.
[text] - text field. Example:

[text firt_name "John"]

[select] - select field, Example:
[select my_slct "1" "2" "3"]

If you want to use the different option titles from the option values,
you can use the select box options in this format: Option-Title@@Option-Value
[select my_day_parts "Morning@@08:00 - 12:00" "Evening@@13:00 - 17:00" "Full day@@08:00 - 17:00"]

[checkbox] - checkbox field,
Example #1:

[checkbox my_radio ""]

Example #2:
[checkbox my_radio default:on ""]
- checked by default
Example #3:
[checkbox my_radio "TV" "Player"]
- several values
[textarea] - textarea field, Example:
[textarea my_details ""]

[country] - countries list field,
Example #1:
- default usage
Example #2:
[country "US"]
- country selected by default as "United States of America"
[submit] - submit button, Example:
[submit "Send"]

Time shortcodes (Business Small/Medium versions)
Entering the time using the text fields (you can enter the time only in 24 hour time format)
[starttime] - start time field. Example:

[endtime] - end time field. Example:
[time] - additional time field (as an additional property). Do not apply to the dividing day into sections. Example:
[time my_tm]

Selection of time from predefined time slot list.
[select rangetime] - start and end time field in one drop-down list If you have predefined times (start and end time), use this code:

[select rangetime "10:00 - 12:00" "12:00 - 14:00" "14:00 - 16:00" "16:00 - 18:00" "18:00 - 20:00" ]

[select durationtime] - duration time field. If you set already start time, you can set duration of time using this shortcode:
[select durationtime "00:30" "01:00" "01:30" "02:00" "02:30" "03:00" ]
. You do not require endtime.

[select starttime "12:00" "14:00"] - if you have already predefined check in time slots.
[select endtime "16:00" "20:00"] - if you have already predefined check out time slots.

(Business Medium/Large, MultiUser versions)

[cost_corrections] - enter direct cost at admin panel at page: "Add booking".


Showing the cost in real time at booking form. (Business Medium/Large, MultiUser versions).
[cost_hint] - show cost hint for full booking in real time, depends from selection of days and form elements. Example:

The full cost for payment: [cost_hint]

[original_cost_hint] - show cost hint of original booking cost without additional costs for full booking in real time, depends only from days selection. Example:
The original cost for payment: [original_cost_hint]

[additional_cost_hint] - show cost hint of additional booking cost, which depends from selection of form elements. Example:
The additional cost for payment: [additional_cost_hint]

(Business Large, MultiUser versions)
[coupon] - coupon field, Example:

[coupon* my_coupon]

[lang=LOCALE] - start new translation section, where LOCALE - locale of translation

Use any other HTML tags (carefully).

Some other shortcodes available in new updates of Booking Calendar, as well.
Please use shortcode generator at the right side of the Booking > Settings > Form page for checking other available shortcodes.

"Content of booking fields data" form

Configuration of booking data showing in the booking listing page at "Booking Data" column and in the email templates, if used this shortcode - [content].

Use these shortcodes for customization:

[field_name] - inserting value of the specific booking form field from the above form for the specific booking.

Use any other HTML tags (carefully).