What support do you provide and what rules of getting support ?

Please watch video guides, check FAQ and check already answered solutions at the plugin forum, before sending new question.

If you still have a questions about configuration of plugin you can contact by this email or through support forum.

Please note, you will get response during 24 hours, usually we are response during 2-3 hours during working hours (10:00 - 18:00 UTC+2). If you do not see response, please check your SPAM folder, or recheck that you was contacted us from the valid email.

Please note, we can help with specific questions about configuration or troubleshooting.
But we do not provide full configuration at customer website and do not provide any customization of source code, etc.... We do not provide teaching of using WordPress or configuration of WordPress websites or configuration of your servers, as well.
Please provide detailed info about specific issue. Do not write like "it’s does not work". We can not help with such "general" questions, please be more specific. Write about what exactly issue do you have or what exactly configuration you need a help.

We are expected that your support questions will be kind, helpful, and respectful. Violation of this point can be reason of stop support to such person.

Do not send "bumb" emails. Sending "bumping" emails can be reason of delay of responding to such emails. Please wait the answer to specific one email, then ask other questions.

We can not help with questions that relative to work or configuration of other services or systems. Please ask for a help support of specific service or system. This support is only about functionality and configuration of "Booking Calendar" plugin.

Please be sure to check the terms and conditions of usage plugin and support that we are providing.

You can get support and ability to request free updates during 6 months after purchase. After this period, if you will need to get updates for next 6 months or getting support it’s will cost 50% from the original Booking Calendar version cost (original cost - its cost of Booking Calendar version without other discounts).