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  1. Hi,

    I configured everything and posted the timeline on one of my pages and everything seems right. However, there's no form displayed under the timeline (as opposed to using a regular calendar) and I am unable to actually make any reservation - the fields with time slots are not clickable. I only set Saturday and Sunday as unavailable, but I am unable to click on any day. What am I doing wrong?


    • Hello.
      The purpose of "Timeline" is only for showing available and booked dates. Its read only version from the Calendar Overview page in admin panel.

      Its does not possible to submit the new booking in Timeline, as its showing in any live demos

      Its possible to select dates only in inline month view calendar, then fill the booking form and submit the booking.
      Kind Regards.

  2. Dear WP Booking Calendar team,

    I'm using Business Medium for a client and I'm encountering a problem. I want to set unavailable timeslots (for instance we have a meeting at August 26th at 12:00). I can set the day to unavailable using the Objects section, but I cannot set an unavailable timeslot. Can you help me out?

    Kind regards,

    • Hello.
      For setting this timeslot as unavailable for that day you need to make blank booking at the Booking > Add booking page. Please use auto fill button at the toolbar for making fast blank booking in 3 mouse clicks.
      Kind Regards.

  3. Hi guys,
    I want to sell 12 hour timeslots, from 1am to 1pm and 1pm to 1am, available every day. Users should be able to book 1 or time consecutive timeslots (so max 24hrs).
    Is that possible with your software?


    • Hello.
      It’s possible in the Booking Calendar Business Small or higher versions if you will use start time and duration of time fields for booking.

      The ability to book for the specific times possible in the Booking Calendar Business Small / Business Medium versions (and in higher versions for booking resources with capacity =1).

      In lower versions of Booking Calendar (including free version), possible to make bookings for specific times only for specific restricted time-slots.

      Please note if you will make the booking for the specific timeslot, this timeslot become unavailable for the other visitors for that selected date in current specific calendar.

      Please watch more in this video:

      You can configure the timeslots selections on the Booking > Settings > Form page. Please use the “shortcode generator” on the right side of that page for the correct generation of the shortcode. ~ You can use one”timerange” (timeslots) or “start time” and”end time” selections or”starttime” and “duration”of time selections shortcodes or even start time and end time entering shortcodes. Please read more about the booking form fields configuration here

      You can test the bookings for the specific time-slots in action on the live demo of Business Small version (which is configured by default for the bookings of specific time-slots) here: Other live demo you will need to reconfigure.

      Kind Regards.

  4. Hi,
    I need your help to understand how to or wich plan i need.

    my pricing is like so for DESK 1
    Public A
    1h 20€
    1/2 day 50€
    1 day 90€
    Public B
    1h 10€
    1/2 day 25€
    1 day 45€

    how do i set it up ?
    i have Business Small SingleSite 8.2


    • Hello.
      Probably you have selection of timeslots (1 hours, 12 hours and full day booking ) in the field at the Booking > Settings > Form page. And you have defined the cost per 1 hour as 20 EUR for one booking resource and 10 EUR for other booking resource at the Booking > Resources page.

      But because the cost for 12 and 24 hours is different then multiply of hours to 1 hour cost, its will not work as you need in the Booking Calendar Business Small version.

      Such functionality possible in the Booking Calendar Business Medium or higher versions, where you can define additional cost at the Booking > Resources > Advanced cost page for other selected options in your booking form, like 1/2 day and 1 day booking (your timeslots). Check more about this feature here:
      Watch it in this video guide

      You can make upgrade to the higher version of Booking Calendar from your exist version of plugin by clicking on the "Upgrade" menu item at the top right side of General Booking Settings page in your admin panel.
      Kind Regards.

      • Hi Thanks for the qick reply.
        When i clic on upgrade it doesn’t work...
        how do i do ?
        Do i loos what i allready paid ?

        • Hello.
          It’s seems that the server was in maintence mode. Sorry for that.
          Please send email with your previous order number to support @ then we will send direct link for upgrade.
          Thank you.

          • ok i'm getting there.
            just on bug... or something i don't get

            i want with the special cost field
            when someone select 1 option they have 50% discount on the global price...
            i tried but the figures are wrong,

            I have :
            per 1h : 20€
            if 4h selected : -30€
            if 8h selected : -70€

            if person with card : -50% on all he overall price...
            How can i do so ?
            Thanks for your help.

            • Hello.
              You need to define for the option at the Booking > Resources > Advanced cost page (I can suggest that this is checkbox in your booking form):

              "person_with_card" = 50 "% of total  booking cost"

              And then at the Booking > Settings > Payment > General page in "Payment settings" section set this checkbox "Advanced Cost" as checked, if you want that specific additional cost, which configured as percentage for some option, apply to other additional fixed costs and not only to original booking cost.

  5. Is there a way that I can have fields appearing and disappearing based on a radio button selection?

    • Hello.
      Unfortunately, in the core of plugin this functionality is not exist. Sorry.
      You need to have own JavaScript for this.
      Unfortunately we can not start, right now, some personal customization or custom development, because almost have no free time.
      Check more about new features here
      Thank you for understanding.

  6. Hello, I have business medium and I'm trying to find a way to have some custom forms do payment and others don't. I'd like to have totals for all the forms but one form takes payment, the other just shows the total and does not show payment options. The funds will be collected when they arrive.

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