Please, feel free to propose new ideas or new features, which you desire to see in future releases of Booking Calendar Plugin.

  1. Idea:

    Make it so that you can make available fixed (by the admin) times for individual days of a single resource.

    E.g, Resource has 8:30AM - 2:00PM on 17th June. Same Resource has 2:00PM - 6:00PM available on 19th June. Customer has no choice of times, these are fixed times set by the admin and there for the information of the customer only.

    If there is any way to achieve this effect in the current version please let me know. If not it is my idea for an update.
    Thank you!

  2. Idea:

    I'm not sure if this can be done already. If it is please let me know how to do it!
    Basically, I'm looking for a "join reservation" feature. For example, one user registered for a resource at a particular time slot with only 5 visitors. However, the resource can take up to 8 visitors at a time, so that leaves space for 3 more visitors. If another user looks to reserve at the same time, they can simply click on the calendar and join that reservation if that user is reserving 3 or less visitors.

    Thank you!

    • Hello.

      Its does not possible to join exist bookings as in your decription, but its possible to create new booking for rest of available spaces.

      If you need to make the specific number of bookings per days, then you need to check the Booking Calendar Business Large version, where is possible to make several reservations per specific FULL date(s) by visitors (not time slots). Please read more about it here

      You can test it in the live demo here
      Watch video about this feature here

      At this version possible to set capacity of the booking resource, so date(s) in calendar will be available until number of reservations is less then capacity of the booking resource. But its possible to make booking only for FULL date, not a time slots (time slots in this version only saved as data into database, but do not apply to availability logic).
      Highly recommend, to check this article about configuration of capacity and availability for booking resources:

      Kind Regards.

      • Thank you for the prompt reply. I did purchase the business large version hoping this feature would be available since it's very important to combine and join existing reservations for my application. Will you consider adding this feature?

        • Hello.
          Please check my previous comment about exist functionality. I will add this item to todo list. But I do not know when it’s will be implemented. Sorry.
          Kind Regards.

  3. There should be a new feature to add a new email.

    right now there are only eight types of emails that can be sent.

  4. Hi

    Does this plugin support goals in Google Analytics or via Tag Manager Conversion Tracking?


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