Please, feel free to propose new ideas or new features, which you desire to see in future releases of Booking Calendar Plugin.

  1. It would be great if an editor could easily block out periods of time himself, without admin privileges. This way, they can't change important settings but can manage their availability. I am using this for managing speaking engagement bookings for a non profit, with no budget, so I have tried to set it up so it is entirely autonomous. The problem is that the only way they can block out sections now, is to select multiple dates and fill out the forms, or I have to give them admin privileges and they block out a section starting from today, or they can block certain days of the week. What I need is for someone to be able to easily select a bunch of dates, and just mark them unavailable without being an admin (just an editor), and without having to fill out the form or approve it. Ideally this would be available on the free version.

  2. Mutiples ideas:

    Possibility to hide a field from the user in the reservation form so the admin can add more information and send them to the user when the reservation is accepted

    Have a pre-filled field in all reservation made in the resource on the edit note in the booking listing so we can have fixed information ( like name of the guard,date of payment etc ...)

    Or even further personalize like the reservation form with what we want ( text aera, dropdown etc...) and have the possibility to print them .

  3. Since system doesnt has an audit trail log, I strongly suggest that you have more shortcode to set for adding in the email that is send out such as:

    1) login user display name
    2) login user first name
    3) login user last name
    4) login user email address
    5) login user profile picture

    This will help to trace any criminal act based on their action on the booking such as create/edit/delete/cancel/etc....

    Besides that, I also strongly suggest that email in the setting should have and option to send out based on login user email.

    If possible do provide an option to leave the email sent "from" blank and to let system use their user email to send out instead of a set email that is share by many reservation. If that field is fill up with that email only use the set email else should have a blank option to use defauly login user email.

    I strongly suggest these because my employer now has already gone into a mess where they have to involve police to investigate an incident where bookings are all deleted and could not trace who did it.

  4. Think it would be really good if within the shortcodes there was one that meant that the booking resource can be created when the shortcode fires.

    For example below the ID tag would take the name of a field or could be labelled "create" in which case what happens is that when the import happens it checks first to see whether or not the "resourcename" field is present as a name in the booking resources and if not it creates it. If it does discover the booking resource it imports into that booking resource.

    [booking-manager-import url='[[somefield]]' from='today' until='year-end' resource_id=1 import_conditions='if_dates_free' max=500 silence=1 id='resourcename']

  5. I would love to have an option to print reports, or print all day listings, so I have a list of my rented rooms.

  6. I would like to have the possibility to add different kinds of form elements, such as range sliders etc

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