Booking Calendar Interface Overview.

Booking Calendar it's WordPress plugin, which make possible to make bookings of any properties or services at your site by visitors. Your visitors can select a date(s) in a calendar, fill the booking form and make a booking. The booking data will be storied in DB of your site and you can check and manage it (approve/decline/delete/... etc. ) at booking admin panel at your site, the email notifications about those actions can be sent to the administrator and to visitor emails.
You can insert the booking form with availability calendar into any post or page of your site or configure and activate the booking widget for your site sideboard.

The booking admin panel is consist from several pages:
"Booking Listing" - at this page you can view and filter any bookings, which was done by visitors. Also at this page you can make specific actions for the bookings (please check at the feature list and live demos, what actions are available in specific versions of Booking Calendar).
"Add new booking" - at this page, you can add new booking manually from admin panel.
"Resources" (paid versions only) - at this page you can manage the booking resources. Booking resources can be any properties (like a rooms or cars...etc.) or services, which is make possible to have individual availability calendar for the each resource.
The free version of Booking Calendar have only one default booking resource, that's why this admin page do not exist in free version. Depend from the version of Booking Calendar in sub pages of the Resource menu you can set the cost of booking resources, rates, availability, which is depend from the season filters, or even set cost dependence from the number of selected dates or cost dependence from selection of options in selectboxes or checkboxes from your booking form. You can also set the coupons for discounts.
Please check at the feature list and live demos, what features are available in specific versions.
"Settings" at this page you can configure the different settings for the availability calendar or booking form. The paid versions have several sub menu pages for the configuration of form fields of the booking form, configuration of email templates for the different action notifications, configure and activation the online payment form integrations, search form configuration and users management. Please check at the feature list and live demos, what features are available in specific versions.
Inside of the "Widget" WordPress menu page you can activate and configure the booking calendar widget(s). In the paid versions are possible to activate several booking calendar widgets, each for the different booking resource.
Inside of the edit "Post" or "Page" WordPress admin page, at the edit content toolbar you can find the "Booking Calendar" button for the insertion booking form or just availability calendar into post or page.