How to make translation of plugin?

  1. Before making translation of wordpress plugin, you need to have Poedit program. You can download it from here. Its completly free.

    You can download the original translations files from here.

  2. Start Poedit program.
  3. Select File -> New catalog from POT file from menu and select POT file for translation usually its inside of languages folder.
  4. Type description of your translation.
  5. Enter The name of PO file.
    Name of file consist from 2 parts:
    1st part its the filename of the plugin (in our situation its "booking"),
    2nd part its the Locale (for Spanish translation: "es_ES").
    So we will have name "booking-es_ES.po".
  6. Save file to the "languages" folder of plugin.
  7. Make translation.
  8. If you find in translation "%s" symbol you should leave it at the same place as at original translation line.
  9. Please be sure that you do not set specific translation line as "Fuzzy". You can check it at the "Edit menu" - "Translation is fuzzy" (Ctrl + U)
  10. Save file after translation.
  11. If you make translation, you can send this translation files (*.po, *.mo) to and we will add them to the next release of plugin. Thank you.