Initial configuration of MultiUser version

The Booking Calendar MultiUser version have 2 types of the users: super booking admin and usual user.

The "first" WordPress admin user by default is "super booking admin" user.

So, firstly after activation of the plugin you have to see the booking panel for that user.

Then you are need to open the "general booking settings" page (this page is available only for the super booking admin users), then expand the User settings section at the right side and set the correct permissions (user roles) for the pages of the booking admin panel. Its required for the new WordPress users possibility to open the admin booking admin panel.

Now, you can create new WordPress user (the role of this user have to be higher or equal to the roles, which you are set at the previous step).

Now, you are need to open the Booking > Settings > Users page (you are have to be logged in as booking super admin user) and make activation of the booking admin panel for the new WordPress user.

Finally, you can log in as new WordPress user, and you will see own booking admin panel for this user. You can create new booking resource(s), configure the settings and insert the booking form(s) of this user into posts or pages, which is created by this user.

Workflow of configuration for do not have access of "Regular users" to Settings page and having unique configuration of booking form / Emails / Payments, as needed from view of super booking admin user.
So in case if you need to configure booking form field for regular user, and after this configuration block access to the settings field, you need to make following steps:
1) Please log in as "super booking admin user". I can suggest that this user have WordPress "Administrator" user role.
2) Open the Booking > Settings General page and set access level to "Settings" page as "Contributor" (or administrator).
3) Create new WordPress User (via standard WordPress admin panel), and set user role for this user as "Contributor" (or other user role, which you was set at point #2)
4) Open the Booking > Settings > Users page and activate booking admin panel for this new user as for "Regular user".
5) Now log in to WordPress admin panel as this specific "Regular user". Configure booking form fields and emails, and all other settings from Booking > Settings menu.
6) Log out and log in as "Super booking admin user". Now change "user role" for this regular user from "Contributor" to "Subscriber".
Now you can inform login and password of "Regular user" to real person.

Now if this user will log in into the booking admin panel (WordPress admin panel), he/she will not have access to the Booking > Settings page, and will have booking form as you was configured previously.