Shortcode – Booking Form (without calendar)

Note! Please be careful in configuration of Booking Calendar shortcode with quote symbols. Do not use non standard opening or closing quot symbols. Only standard like: ' The best way to type them from keyboard, and not copy/paste.

Booking Form (without calendar)

This shortcode is useful, if you need to receive several (specific number of bookings) for specific date. It's can be event, where exist restricted number of bookings for this date. You can use this shortcode for booking resource (with specific capacity). Check more about this feature here. Watch it in this video guide.

[bookingform type=1 form_type='standard' selected_dates='24.12.2020']

Available in Business Large / MultiUser versions

date of booking. Format for parameter: DD.MM.YYYY. This is obligatory parameter.
ID of the booking resource. You can check the ID of the each booking resources at the Booking > Resources page. If this parameter is skipped, default value = 1. Available in Paid versions
name of the custom booking form. You can create the custom booking forms at the Booking > Settings > Form page. If this parameter is skipped, default value is 'standard'.
Adding booking form into page with new Gutenberg editor
(Available since update 8.4)