Shortcode – Showing booking resource details

Note! Please be careful in configuration of Booking Calendar shortcode with quote symbols. Do not use non standard opening or closing quot symbols. Only standard like: ' The best way to type them from keyboard, and not copy/paste.

Showing booking resource details

Showing details about specific booking resource, like Title, Cost, Capacity or ID of booking resource.

Available in paid versions

[bookingresource type=1 show='title']

ID of the booking resource. You can check the ID of the each booking resources at the Booking > Resources page. If this parameter is skipped, default value = 1. Available in Paid versions
define showing details type. If this parameter is skipped, default value is 'title'.
Possible values:
title - show title of booking resources
cost - show default cost of booking resource (from Booking > Resources page . Its can be cost per day, per night, per hour or fixed cost depend from your settings at Booking > Settings > Payment page. Available only in Business Small/Medium/Large, MultiUser versions

capacity - show capacity of booking resource - number of "child" resources. Available only in Business Large, MultiUser versions.

Adding booking form into page with new Gutenberg editor
(Available since update 8.4)