Shortcode – Timeline

Note! Please be careful in configuration of Booking Calendar shortcode with quote symbols. Do not use non standard opening or closing quot symbols. Only standard like: ' The best way to type them from keyboard, and not copy/paste.


Single (booking resource) view

Month View mode (30):

[bookingtimeline type='1' header_title='All Bookings' scroll_day=4 scroll_start_date='2016-11-17']

3 Months View mode (90):

[bookingtimeline type='1' view_days_num=90 header_title='All Bookings' scroll_day=5 scroll_start_date='2016-11-17']

Year View mode (365):

[bookingtimeline type='1' view_days_num=365 header_title='All Bookings' scroll_month=3 scroll_start_date='2016-11-17']

Matrix view (several booking resources)

Available in Paid versions

Day View mode (1):

[bookingtimeline type='1,5,6,7' view_days_num=1 header_title='All Bookings' scroll_day=4 scroll_start_date='2016-11-17']

Week View mode (7):

[bookingtimeline type='1,5,6,7' view_days_num=7 header_title='All Bookings' scroll_day=4 scroll_start_date='2016-11-17']

Month View mode (30):

[bookingtimeline type='1,5,6,7' header_title='All Bookings' scroll_month=2 scroll_start_date='2016-11-17']

2 Months View mode (60):

[bookingtimeline type='1,5,6,7' view_days_num=60 header_title='Bookings' scroll_month=2 scroll_start_date='2016-11-17']

Optional parameters
number of days to scroll
number of months to scroll
specific date, where to start show timeline
header text in timeline
Ability to define links for booking resource titles in Matrix timeline. Usage:
[bookingtimeline type='3,4' options='{resource_link 3="/resource-apartment3-id3/"},{resource_link 4="/resource-3-id4/"}' header_title='All Bookings']
Available since update 7.0.1
Ability to limit times for showing cells in TimeLine for 1 day view mode. Usage: limit_hours='9,22' where 9 - its 09:00, start hour and 22 - its 22:00, end hour.
Example 1:
[bookingtimeline type='1' limit_hours='9,22']
Example 2:
[bookingtimeline type='1,5' view_days_num=1 limit_hours='10,21']
Available since update 7.0.1
Adding booking form into page with new Gutenberg editor
(Available since update 8.4)