Valuation days cost (discounts for long term stay or weekly costs) – video overview

You can configure different cost for different number of selected days in calendar. For example, cost of second selected week, can be lower then cost of first week, etc...

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Available in Booking Calendar Business Medium or higher versions.

Important! This "Valuation days" can apply for any days. Or in case if you need apply it to specific season then it can depend only from the belonging "check in day" (first selected day) to specific season.
Its means that, if you select 2 weeks, the "Valuation days" can apply costs only depending from the check in day belonging to specific season, even if some other days belonging to other season. In other words, if you will have the days selection with season intersections, then you can have an issue.
Basically the "Valuation days" is useful, in case, if you need to set some discount or higher cost depend from the number of selected days. For example if visitor select 7 or more days so then booking will have 10% discount, etc...