Version update 4.1

We are happy to inform that new update 4.1 almost ready. Right now, we are in process of testing it.
And you are able to check and test it already now.

Live Demos of pre-release version 4.1 (only for testing, its not available for purchase, yet!)

Other live demos of Booking Calendar Free Personal Business Small Business Medium Business Large MultiUser
Admin panel links: Open Open Open Open Open Open
Client side links: Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit

Warning! Demos are reset every 3 hours.

You can check the new features of this version at the change log page here.
Please note, we can add into this release some fix of functionality or spelling. We can not add to this release some other new features (if you do not found some feature, please inform us, and we will add it to our todo list for future updates).

We are really need your help in fixing English spelling issue or rewriting some descriptions in interface. So if you will help us there, we will really appreciate for that. Also we are need help in update all other exist translations, because of this update, some terms in the translations have to be update or rewrite. You can download all translations files here. And you can check how to make fix of translation or add new translations here at the FAQ.

If your support period is already expired (the previous purchase was older than one year ago, please read more here), it's great time to get the FREE update and support for the next year, if you will make full new translations or make full update of one of exist translations or make full rechecking of English translations of interface for any spelling issues.

Thank you.