Please, feel free to propose new ideas or new features, which you desire to see in future releases of Booking Calendar Plugin.

  1. WP Calendar Better Analytics

    Please make it easier to integrate web analytics into the WP Calendar system. We put WP Calendar at the center of our business because taking reservations it the 2nd medium for capturing qualified leads behind phone calls.
    Using the shortcodes makes it difficult to add events to the forms (if using Google Analytics).

    I would expect and have been anticipating WP Booking Calendar to have a very robust Analytics or tracking system. This helps the users of the plugin to grow business and understand the booking patterns.

    Features already included in WordPress JetPack or Google Analytics would not need to be created but probably integrated.
    -Form Abandonment
    -Number of Abandoned forms
    -% of Abandonded forms
    Form Completion
    -Number of Form Completions (successful submission)
    -% of form completed
    Number of form errors
    -Form Field error rates
    Most used form submission page
    Most used form (List by form name)
    Text field trend (Most used text* city, text* state, text* First Name, text* Last Name, etc)

    We really need this process of adding analytics and tracking to either be easier or for you to provide instructions for users of your plugin to integrate these features ourselves. Just give us a way to do it or create a blog post of the places we can integrate with the Shortcodes and add additional shortcodes.
    See "form engagement tracking with google tag manager":

  2. WP Booking Calendar CRM integration

    We really need CRM integration in some way. If WP Booking Calendar is an integral part of our business, then as a Business owner I need each form submission to create a Lead in my CRM system. This can be done via Zapier or IFTTT.

    Either WP Booking Calendar can send a Lead to the CRM or WP Booking Calendar can integrate with "Gravity Forms" plugin which can integrate with many CRM systems and Zapier.

    Where WP Booking Calendar captures very valuable information like the potention revenue of the lead, this information can be used to qualify and rank the lead based on the amount of potential revenue generated. The amount of Marketing Automation that can be achieved with WP Booking calendar is vast.

    WP Booking Calendar can go a step further with Automated follow-up. Instead of just doing an Auto-Cancel, add an option to send a follow-up email before the Auto-Cancel. This give use the opportunity to politely and automatically follow-up with the pending request before cancel.

    Also, please give us an integration for a Mailing list such as Aweber, Mailchimp, constant contact, etc. This way we can add a checkbox to add the lead to a list upon completing the booking request. Additionally, if WP Booking Calendar integrates GeoLocation then we can geo-segment the email list to target specific locations, to grow our businesses.


    • Hello.
      thank you about all your suggestions.
      We will add these items to the todo list for implementation in a future updates.
      Kind Regards.

  3. Hi guys

    I dont know if this is the right pkace to post this so please excuse me

    options for a css editing where we can alter some stuff like the send button on the form
    open some kind of forum where we can discuss and find answers

    the size is not good if i take 4 months calender it go's to wide for the template and i get 4 months next to each other and it should be 2 with 2 underneath

    anyway great job this plugin is awsome

  4. Hi,

    It would be helpful for us to send a REMINDER EMAIL to our patients one or two days before the appointment



  5. Hi


    It would be very helpful to us that the system could automatically send a reminder email to our patients one or two days before the appointment


  6. Hi there, a couple of features I think would be ideal, that I did not see on the list of features would be a way to connect the booking calender to a Google Calender so the admin has access to the dates at all time, and the other would be if a client booked multiple days it would be great to be if I was able to decline one date and accept the other if that is what I need.

  7. Hello,
    I have Business Large edition. It would be great for the emails to the customer to have an .ics calendar link or button so the reservation could get added to their Outlook,Gmail etc calendar.
    I noticed this was previously requested and on the todo list; any progress?

    Thank you

    • Hello.
      This feature is still in developing process.
      Hope its will be available ASAP, already.
      Kind Regards.

  8. The basic version of Booking looks like the perfect plugin for our needs, if 1 feature can be added: setting capacity for a resource. We would like to accept up to 12 bookings per day (one timeslot) for volunteer instruction meetings with go/nogo decisions as soon as we have 6 or more participants.

  9. Booking confirmation:
    Would it be possible to add a Confirmation link to the "booking accepted" email, giving 'the booker' the option to confirm his booking with a given timeframe (our need is to have the booking confirmed from the user 48 hours prior to the booked period)

  10. Limitations on booking pr. user
    Would it be possible to add so that a single user can only book that much ?
    (our need is to make sure that one user can not book more than 4 hours a day - 3 days a week)

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