Please, feel free to propose new ideas or new features, which you desire to see in future releases of Booking Calendar Plugin.

  1. I'd really like this integrated very simply with a PayPal payment option to accept a deposit or full payment for a course/booking. Would it be hard for me to add that option in the code as Im a PHP developer ?



  2. yeah. i could translate to portuguese-brazil, if you are interest. other suggestions:
    the admin can manage:
    - rooms (type of rooms (eg: standard, lux, master, others) / number of room, in reference of type (number 2 = lux, number 10 = master).
    - price for each type of rooms, with default 'price', and customization taxs (eg: normal price = tx: 1.0, high usage = tx: 2.5)
    - additional itens with price (item, descritption, price > eg: champagne (80 usd)
    - the prices / integrate with paypal
    - and, for the professional, i suggest that you can make a video explain how to configure all the options, step-by-step.
    sorry for my english. thanks.

    • Thank you for translation proposition. I will contact you.

      According other suggestions, thank you its interesting some features will at next releses.

    • All these feature are alerady supported in new version, and you can make tranlsation already 🙂

  3. Думаю что при размещении календаря для букинга необходимо сделать выпадающее меню с выбором апартаментов. Иначе не понятно что ты конкретно бронируешь. Thanks a lot for it

  4. I do some work for a small play house/theater. How about a seat reservation system/online booking system? Please ping me at my email if you reply. Tks.

  5. Please could you add a button in settings to opt in or out of sending customers email cinfirmations of booking approval or denial?
    Please mail me back with what you think

  6. Hi. This is a great plugin. Almost what I am looking for a hotel room booking website. Unfortunately, I could not find any feature that let me specify the number of rooms available for booking (so that customers can check for room availability) and seasonal rates such as low rate, normal rate, high rate, etc... I believe these are very crucial for a hotel booking website. May I know where can I find these feature or will it include in future version? Thanks.

  7. This is a great plugin, that I am very interested in for my WP site I created for Media rental (Projectors, Screens, laptops...etc). Mine is a Media rental for small business, I would therefore suggest if for the Visitors, you could also either add option for "Total Attendees", or "Group size": that allows entering total number of people etc... This is one of the questions I need my clients to fill in and would be very helpful. This is under "Event" or "Presentation" type of bookings. Thanks!

    • You can make customisation of form fields at the Booking Calendar Professional / Premium for additng this fields. (If I am understand you right.)

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