What’s new in update 6.2

What's New in Booking Calendar

Move bookings to trash instead of complete deleting.

From now you can move your bookings to trash instead of complete deleting. Its will make booking dates as available in calendar and you will not lose this booking info, if you will need it later. Also you can restore specific booking from trash or complete delete it.

New features in Premium versions of Booking Calendar

Extend booking dates/times interval to extra hours or days.

You can define extra minutes / hours or even dates before and/or after bookings to set as unavailable time in calendar. Its useful for adding cleaning time, or any other service time, which required before or after the booking.
(Business Medium/Large, MultiUser)

Under the Hood

  • Improvement Ability to use [booking_id], [resource_title] shortcodes in the Content of booking fields data form at Booking > Settings > Fields page, for ability to show booking ID and booking resources in payment summary. (Business Small/Medium/Large, MultiUser)
  • Improvement Resolved issue of not showing available day(s), if all start times have booked for this specific day(s). (Example of shortcode in booking form: [select starttime "11:00" "13:00" "15:00"]). (Business Small/Medium/Large, MultiUser)
  • Improvement Ability to book dates in additional calendar(s), without selection date(s) in main calendar, if used several calendars of different booking resources and only 1 booking form. Restriction in this case the "payment summary" after booking is not showing. (Business Medium/Large, MultiUser)
  • Improvement Added search users form at the Settings Users page. (MultiUser)

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