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  1. I have 2 rental units, Would it be possible to rent units individually or for a discounted rate when rented together. This would require that when someone books both units together 1) they get a special price 2) the individual calendars are marked as booked. Is this possible?

  2. Hello,

    I have a huge issue and I'm unable to understant how it could have happened.
    As you can see on the following link, I do not have the "Booking" menu in the administration sidebar anymore.
    I went on my client's website 2 weeks ago to change the cost of a ressource and it worked just fine. My client asked me to change a special offer so I logged in and was unable to find the link to the ressources.

    Here is a screenshot of the whole sidebar, the first one which is cut is "Dashboard" :

    The plugin is still working and activated. I am really confused about this situation.

    Kind regards,
    Thomas L

    • More informations :
      I just checked with my client, he does not see the "Booking" item (which is "Réservation" in French) in the left menu too.
      I checked that my account is still administrator, both the plugin and WordPress are updated to the latests versions.

      I did not install any plugin since my last visit.

      Kind regards,
      Thomas L

      • Edit :
        I solved it by turning off all plugins, there was a conflict with the Leaflet Map plugin, you may want to investigate this issue.

        • Hello.
          Sorry for delay with reply to you. And good to know that issue is resolved.
          I will check about the that plugin.
          Kind Regards.

  3. Setting up an exception

    Dear booking calendar support,
    We are using business small version. I am looking for a possibility to setup an exception for a calendar. E.g. Normally calendar is available for Mon, Tue, Fri, but I also want to make unavailable say Monday the 31st of January and Tue the 1st of January.
    Or may be an opposite, add Wed, the 2nd of Janury
    Is there any way to do it?

    • Hello.
      It's possible in the Business Medium and higher versions of Booking Calendar. In these versions you can define those dates as season filters at the Booking > Resources > Filters page and then set these dates as available or unavailable for the specific booking resource at the Booking > Resources > Availbaility page.
      Please read more about this feature here:
      Kind regards.

  4. Good Day,
    Nice plugin - just need a question answered to make sure it meets my requirements before I purchase for my client:
    My client needs this for helicopter rides he sells at events. The rides run every 15 or 20 minutes, and each ride has 4 seats available for example. Now, a person should be able to book any number of seats up to that limit for that time slot. Any remaining seats should be available for someone else to book as well.
    eg: First person books 2 seats for 14:30, second visitor to site is allowed to book 3rd seat for 14:30 for himself and a third visitor allowed to book 4th seat for 14:30 - and then no one else can book for 14:30.
    Is this possible with your plugin and do I need a specific version (small / medium / large) to meet these requirements?

    Kind Regards

    • Hello.
      Unfortunately, if you are need to make the several specific number of bookings per the same timeslot at same date, its does not possible in any versions of Booking Calendar. Please read my suggestion below about the possible configuration.

      1) At the Booking Calendar Business Small and Business Medium versions are possible to make the bookings for the specific time slot.
      Please note, if some visitor will reserve the specific time slot at selected date at specific booking resource (calendar), this timeslot become unavailable for the other visitors at this selected date in this booking resource. And the timeslots are the same for the any days in calendar. If you need to have the different timeslots for the different days then please check here (in Business Medium and higher versions):

      2) At the Booking Calendar Business Large version is possible to set the capacity of the booking resource, it’s mean that your visitors can make the several reservations per the same FULL date (not time slot), in other words, the date(s) in calendar will be available until lumber of reservations per these full dates is less than capacity of the booking resource. Please check more here:
      Please note, if you will use the timeslot selection for the booking resource with capacity higher than one, so then this timeslot will be simply record as a data into DB according this booking, but will not impact to the time availability.

      Please read more info about the booking resources and how to configure them here


      Suggestion! I can suggest that you can create the booking resource with specific capacity (in Business Large version) for the each of your times and then have the independent own calendar for the each of your time slot for the reservation.

      Its mean that your visitors firstly, need to select the times in the select-box, and after that visitor will see the calendar with specific capacity per days, can select the date and fill the booking form.
      The selections of the time-slots can be look like selections at this example:

      You can test Booking Calendar live demos at this page to be sure in functionality and do not have misunderstanding.
      Kind Regards.

  5. How can I set a minimum of 2 nights per booking?
    Version 9.Business.Large.Developer.5.4.2

    • Hello.
      You need to open the general booking settings page and in calendar section activate the "range days selection mode using 2 mouse clicks". Then in sub settings you can set minimum 2 days seletions.
      Kind regards.

      • Thank you.

        I have 2 more questions:

        The site is here:


        The booking search on the home page uses the shortcode:
        [bookingsearch searchresults='/guest-rooms/' noresultstitle='Nothing Found' searchresultstitle='Search results:']

        On the search results page is the shortcode: [bookingsearchresults].

        When there is nothing available, the message "Nothing Found" does not display on the search results page. It is just a blank page.


        Only one of the resources allows 3 guests (The Country Boatshed), the others only allow 2 guests. But when searching for 3 guests other resources display too.

        • Hello.
          1) Please use the absolute URL instead of the relative. SO its have to look similar to this shortcode:

          [bookingsearch searchresults='' noresultstitle='Nothing Found.' searchresultstitle='Search results:']

          And of course in the content of this page:
          you have to have this shortcode: [bookingsearchresults]

          If you will not see the search results, then please recheck this troubleshooting instruction:

          2) You need to configure correctly booking resources: capacity and number of maximum visitors.
          Please read more info about the booking resources and how to configure them here

          Here is description about the capacity and availability:

          The availability (number of seats/maximum amount of people ) can be calculated only based on the "visitors" shortcode. Its can not calculate availability based on the adults or children shortcodes.

          You need to activate "Set capacity based on number of visitors" option at the general booking settings page at advanced section.
          After that you will see the maximum number of visitors at the Resources page.

          Please read more here:

          Let say you are having booking resources like this:

          test (parent resource, capacity = 3) max visitors = 2
          - test 1
          - test 2

          A) If you are do not activate the "Set capacity based on number of visitors" so then, during reservation process you will book only ONE available booking resource, do not depend from the any number of visitors selections in the "visitors" select box. So it's mean if you are select 1 or 2 or 5 visitors in the select box at the booking form, you will reserve only one booking resource (firstly its will be parent resource "test", during the next new (second) reservation it's will be child resource "test 1" and during third reservation you will reserve "test 2" booking resource.
          If the "Set capacity based on number of visitors" is not checked, the availability for the specific date will be 3 (based on capacity only) and during reservation process the selection number of visitors will not impact to the Availability and just will be saved as a any other field.

          B) If you will set checked the "Set capacity based on number of visitors" option and activate first radio button in sub settings:

          Show at tooltip on calendar availability based on free booking resource items.
          Check maximum support of visitors at one booking resource with selected number of visitors from booking form:

          Then the Availability in the mouse over tooltip will be based on the capacity of the booking resource. So it's mean that for the free dates the availability will be show as 3, as in our previous example.

          But during reservation process, you can not select more than 2 visitors in the select box. Because each booking resource, is support only 2 visitors per resource.

          In other words, during reservation process you can reserve only 1 booking resource during one reservation, but the system is also check that the number of visitors, which you are selected in the booking form have to be not more then maximum number of visitors, which you are set at the Booking > Resource page. The availability in mouse over tooltip will be based on the capacity and in out example will be show as 3

          C) And now last variant if you are selected the bottom radios button option:

          "Show at tooltip on calendar availability based on sum number of visitors, which can be at free booking resource items.
          Check maximum support of visitors at all booking resources with selected number of visitors from booking form"

          So it's mean that availability over the specific date will be based on the capacity and number of maximum visitors per resource. In our example it's will be show as 6 ( 3*2=6).
          During reservation process the system can book several booking resources, it's will calculate the visitors, which you are select in the booking form for the each booking resource (parent or child) and number of visitors per this resource.

          So for example if you are select 3 visitors in the booking form. It's will reserve 2 booking resources. Because first resource is support 2 visitors and second is support also 2 but we are have only 1 (3-2=1), in other words one bed will be free in the second resource.

          So hope it's clear now.

          Kind Regards.

          • Number 2 is solved, thank you.

            Number 1 is still a problem. I am seeing search results on the page, but when there are no bookings available, I do not get the message, just no content.

            Booking form shortcode (on home page)
            [bookingsearch searchresults='' noresultstitle='Nothing Found' searchresultstitle='Search results:']

            Search results page shortcode:

            On search results page, if no bookings are available, I should see 'Nothing Found', but message does not display.

            You can test with this search:

            • Hello.
              I can suggest that this page:
              Its category from your WordPress where is listing all possible pages relative to this category.

              Please try to create one new page. For example:
              and insert into this post, this shortcode: [bookingsearchresults]

              Then edit search form shortcode, from this:
              [bookingsearch searchresults=’’ noresultstitle=’Nothing Found’ searchresultstitle=’Search results']
              to this:
              [bookingsearch searchresults='' noresultstitle='Nothing Found' searchresultstitle='Search results']

              then test it.

              Kind Regards.

              • I have done this and got exactly the same result. Which is no text instead of "Nothing Found".

                • Hello.
                  You do not see the "Nothing Found" message, because in your CSS file
                  you are having this CSS code to not show all info that in CENTER HTML fags:

                  center {
                      display: none;

                  And Booking Calendar is show Nothing found message in a way like this:

                  <center><h2>Nothing Found</h2></center>

                  That's why its not showing at the page.

                  Please open your CSS file
                  and change that CSS code this this:

                  center {
                      display: block;

                  Kind Regards.

                  • Ok thank you.

                    The reason I hid the tag is because the words "Search Results" display, and I wanted to hide them. It doesn't seem to matter what I put in the shortcode [searchresultstitle='something here'] it always says "Search Results".

                    • Hello.
                      You need to transfer into the parameter of "Search results" something. If there empty string then its will always show words: "Search results".
                      For example, if you want to not show it, try to set this parameter in the search shortcode to &nbsp; (white space).
                      Kind Regards.

                    • Yes I tried this, it displays “Search results” no matter what I enter into the parameter.

                    • Hello.

                      Ok, then please make the fix in the code of plugin.

                      Please open this file ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/inc/biz_l.php

                      then find this code:

                      if (empty($bk_search_results_title)) $bk_search_results_title = __('Search results','wpdev-booking');

                      and replace it to this code:

                      if (empty($bk_search_results_title)) $bk_search_results_title = ''; //__('Search results','wpdev-booking');
                    • Thank you, that worked.

                      I have another query: Guests must book a minimum of 2 nights, which I have enabled by selecting a date range in settings.

                      But admin wants to be able to book 1 night sometimes, is this possible?

  6. I have the Business large 5.1.1 version installed, and it presents a problem during the booking.

    For the logged in admin it works fine, but for a user not logged in, the ajax doesn't load the prices for the selected dates. I tried to debug it, but I can't find where the problem is originated, I only know that instead of a script, this is generated by the ajax request:

    You do not have permission to direct access to this file wpdev-booking !!!

    I added 'wpdev-booking' in the file, to pinpoint where the problem originates... what can I do? Is there a way to fix this or a parameter somewhere to set?

  7. Hi

    I have the large business version of this plugin and i have a question.

    If you set a capacity of a room does it count adult and childrent to total capacity? i might have a room of 4 and have a drop down of 4 possible adults and 3 possible children but a user might select 4 adults and 3 children way over the capacity.

    Also can i set a limitation on the number of dogs a room is allowed and soem cases no dogs allowed. i could see how to add a drop down to collect number of dogs coming but not how to filter that in booking or search.



    • Hello.
      1) Unfortunately, its possible to count total number of visitors only based on the the visitors shortcode (not the adults or children). So in your case, children selection have to be part of the visitors selection.
      2) If you want to make search by using the additional parameters, like number of dogs, etc, then please check this instruction:
      Kind Regards.

  8. Hi

    We have just purchased the Small Business version so the most up to date and are using WP V4.2.2. When embedding the booking form on to a page none of the drop down lists function (number of adults/children, Countries) and the format of the adults and children blocks are not aligned as they should be. The Send button is also appearing white instead of black so is virtually invisible against the background. You can view the problem here

    Any help to correct these problems welcome.


    • Hello.
      I will recheck it during next 12 hours and then reply to you.
      Kind regards.

    • Hello.
      1) Please open the Booking > Settings > Fields page , then find this code:

      <p>Adults:  [select visitors class:span1 "1" "2" "3" "4"] Children: [select children class:span1 "0" "1" "2" "3"]</p> 

      and replace it to this code:

      <p>Adults:[select visitors "1" "2" "3" "4"]</p>
      <p>Children:[select children "0" "1" "2" "3"]</p> 

      2) Relative to the "Send button". Please make this fix.
      Please open this file ../wp-content/plugins/

      and add to the this code:

      .wpdevbk input.btn {
          color:#111 !important; 

      Or if you want that this button will look like all other buttons at your website, then instead of prvious code, please add this code:

      .wpdevbk input.btn, .wpdevbk input.btn:hover {
          background: #3d4f5f none repeat scroll 0 0;
          border: medium none;
          border-radius: 3px !important;
          color: #fff !important;
          font-size: 11px;
          font-weight: normal !important;
          line-height: 0.8em;
          padding: 1em 1.4em !important;
          position: relative;
          text-align: center;
          text-transform: uppercase;
          transition: color 1s ease-in 0s;
      • Thank you for the quick response. The amendment to the Adults/children code works I am happy to say but unfortunately both suggestions for the color of the send button failed to have any affect on the appearance on the site. I even tried to change the background color so that the white "send' would then stand out but that also did not work.

        Any other suggestions welcome.


        • Hello.
          Please clear browser cache after each modification.
          And be sure that you do not use any cache plugin or cache software.
          Kind Regards.

          • Hi

            Thanks. Not sure if it was a delay on clearing the cache but is now working as it should and displaying the "send" clearly.

            Many thanks for your help.

  9. Hi,

    Is it possible to autofill fields according to the logged in user, so information such as name, age, etc doesnt need to filled in everytime? Please let me know. Thankyou

    • Hello.
      Yes, its possible.
      Please activate the "Auto-fill fields:" option at the General Booking Settings page in Form section.
      Kind Regards.

      • Ok.

        I did that but that doesnt fill in the name, and address etc. Only the email field. How can i have it auto-fill other fields?

        • Hello.
          Its only fill, Name, Second Name and Email.
          Please be sure that these fields was filled in the user profile at the WordPress admin panel.
          Kind Regards.

        • Also. I have fields that are additional from the WP-Members plugin. How can those fields be auto-filled as well?

          • Unfortunately, such feature is not supporting in the actual versions, yet.
            Kind Regards.

            • I can do editiing of code if needed. But this feature is needed. Please help in some way.

              • Or if you can even just point me in the right direction and give me an idea of what i need to do then i can do that. Please help.

              • Hello.
                Firstly, please contact to the support of the WP-memeber plugin about code how to get the specific fields about the current logged in user.

                Then in the Booking Calendar you can add your code for auto-fill fields in the same way as it was done for the "Name", "Second Name", "Email" fields.
                You can find this code at the ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/lib/wpdev-booking-class.php file,
                inside of the content of this function:

                function get__client_side_booking_content($my_boook_type = 1 , $my_booking_form = 'standard', $my_selected_dates_without_calendar = '', $cal_count = 1, $bk_otions = array() ) {


                                    $return_form .= '<script type="text/javascript">
                                                jQuery(document).ready( function(){
                                                    var bk_af_submit_form = document.getElementById( "booking_form'.$my_boook_type.'" );
                                                    var bk_af_count = bk_af_submit_form.elements.length;
                                                    var bk_af_element;
                                                    var bk_af_reg;
                                                    for (var bk_af_i=0; bk_af_i<bk_af_count; bk_af_i++)   {
                                                        bk_af_element = bk_af_submit_form.elements[bk_af_i];
                                                        if (
                                                            (bk_af_element.type == "text") &&
                                                            (bk_af_element.type !=="button") &&
                                                            (bk_af_element.type !=="hidden") &&
                                                            ( !== ("date_booking'.$my_boook_type.'" ) )
                                                           ) {
                                                                // Second Name
                                                                bk_af_reg = /^([A-Za-z0-9_\-\.])*(last|second){1}([_\-\.])?name([A-Za-z0-9_\-\.])*$/;
                                                                if(bk_af_reg.test( != false)
                                                                    if (bk_af_element.value == "" )
                                                                        bk_af_element.value  = "'.str_replace("'",'',$curr_user->last_name).'";
                                                                // First Name
                                                                bk_af_reg = /^name([0-9_\-\.])*$/;
                                                                if(bk_af_reg.test( != false)
                                                                    if (bk_af_element.value == "" )
                                                                        bk_af_element.value  = "'.str_replace("'",'',$curr_user->first_name).'";
                                                                bk_af_reg = /^([A-Za-z0-9_\-\.])*(first|my){1}([_\-\.])?name([A-Za-z0-9_\-\.])*$/;
                                                                if(bk_af_reg.test( != false)
                                                                    if (bk_af_element.value == "" )
                                                                        bk_af_element.value  = "'.str_replace("'",'',$curr_user->first_name).'";
                                                                // Email
                                                                bk_af_reg = /^(e)?([_\-\.])?mail([0-9_\-\.])*$/;
                                                                if(bk_af_reg.test( != false)
                                                                    if (bk_af_element.value == "" )
                                                                        bk_af_element.value  = "'.str_replace("'",'',$curr_user->user_email).'";
                                                                // URL
                                                                bk_af_reg = /^([A-Za-z0-9_\-\.])*(URL|site|web|WEB){1}([A-Za-z0-9_\-\.])*$/;
                                                                if(bk_af_reg.test( != false)
                                                                    if (bk_af_element.value == "" )
                                                                        bk_af_element.value  = "'.str_replace("'",'',$curr_user->user_url).'";
  10. Is it possible to make form lables match up with form fields. Currently the lables are just text not associated so impossible for screen readers to read the from field.


    • Hello.
      Its possible to configure, but for the each booking resource separately, because each input elements in different forms for the different booking resources will get the different ID elements.
      For example, if you have booking form for the booking resource with ID = 4, you can use this configuration.

      <p><label for="field_name_id4">First Name (required):</label>[text* name id:field_name_id ""]</p>

      In the label element we are using for="field_name_id4", because we are having booking form, which will be inserted for the booking resources with ID=4.
      And in the field element shortcode, we can add this attribute id:field_name_id. The ID=4 will be added to the ID of that element automatically.

      So its tricky and will not work for every situations. We will improve it in the future updates.
      Kind Regards.