Please, feel free to propose new ideas or new features, which you desire to see in future releases of Booking Calendar Plugin.

  1. Hi there,
    For a year now I am using the WPbooking plugin, small business.
    After now I can say I am very glad with it!
    Once installed and tweaked, it works perfect, on it's own.
    So thank you.
    I have an idea. People are calling or coming, asking for booking options.
    For making a booking you need a computer, log-in, etc. This takes time and effort.
    It would be wonderful just having an app (ios?) on the phone only to see the calendar and perhaps make/change a booking.
    I would pay for that!
    You think it's an option ?

      • You do know that when you click on the link you provided it just sends you to a page that tells you to click on a link that brings you back to this page?

        • Hello.
          At what exactly page do you have this issue? Can you send screenshot to support @
          Thank you.

  2. It would be very cool if there was an option that will send reminder by mail to customers ie a few days before the reservation.

    • Hello,
      I would like to speak about our experience.
      Since may 2019 we are using the Business Large version that really boost our reservations.
      However we are losing 10% of the reservations because there is no mail reminder, and our customers just forget to come....!
      I read 'Ideas' : you promised since 2015 to implement it : time has come !
      Happy new year !

      • Hello.
        Yes, its take long time for implementing this functionality.
        Currently we are in process of developing new plugin for having such functionality of email reminders. Its still under development.
        But currently its our top priority from all other tasks in todo list, hope first release will come soon.
        Kind Regards.

        • Hi,

          I concur with the suggestion. It would be very useful. In my use case it would be great with a reminder a few hours or even just 15-30 minutes before booking starts. If you can make room for choosing reminder as days, hours, minutes before booking starts, it would be great.

          I tried to export the .ics into Google Calendar which supports e-mail reminders X time before an event. However, in the free version Google Calendar only updates new events from external ics feeds once a day which is not frequent enough for me (if new events are added late or last-minute, Google Calendar don't update the ics feed in time, thus not sending a reminder).

          Best regards

  3. Hello

    I have some ideas to put into the plugin.

    Firstly, I think that the Super Admin should see the parameters of the others users without the connection into the other user's account.

    Secondly, the possibility to set time to set unavailable days.

    Thirdly, to have an independant print model.

    Finally, possibility to separate pages for modification and cancellation of bookings.

  4. I suggest making the Month font size larger on both the admin and front end timeline calendars because right now they are so small you can barely see them. Additionally there should be an availability key that is shown with the timeline on the front-end just like there is a key for the single calendars. Is this something you are working on for the next update?

    • Hello.
      By default its does not possible todo in the Timeline. Timeline can get 100% width of the page, depend from the section of website, where its inserted.
      If you wan to make your own customization, so then you can do this in this file:
      ../wp-content/plugins/{Booking Calendar Folder}/core/timeline/v2/css/timeline_skin_v2.css?ver=8.6
      or here
      ../wp-content/plugins/{Booking Calendar Folder}/core/timeline/v2/css/timeline_v2.css?ver=8.6
      Its all about new "Flex Timeline" in update 8.6, like in this example

      You can crate and add your legend item under timeline directly in your page, where you have inserted the timeline shortcode.
      Currently its does not support in the settings of plugin.
      Kind Regards.

  5. Feature request
    re: Customer checkout with balance owning
    If there is a balance owning on the booking, create another invoice into Stripe for future auto-payment.

    The payment date will be set using the Set Deposit / Condition settings...
    show deposit payment form, only if difference between "today" and "check in" days more than x Days

  6. Introduce feature flags for fine-tuning which options are available for the back office users: e.g. we don't use the payment option, however we need to have the multiple room feature. I took the payment label out within the source code - but would be easier to have that in the settings configured.

  7. Hi,
    I'm nearly satified of your calendar solution.
    There is 2 or 3 features missing in my opininon, I have the Personnal single site version.

    It would be great that my clients could check in seconds which dates they have booked. i.e. by having them mentionning their mail adress or by a tooltip appearing on MouseOver on the dates in the public calendar. The feature would be enabled or disabled in the adminstration board.

    I came across some issues with clients when cancelling bookings. Misunderstandings made me cancel date without customer clear consentement. It would be nice to include a confirmation link in the mail that could clearly attest the client wanted to cancel the booking or a link that could directly cancel the removal in case they didn't mean to...

    • I finally found how to deal with my 2nd issue ([visitorbookingediturl]) but they cannot restore the booking themeselves and I'm not notified if they want to. The booking is still in the trash ant there's no way to notice that the want to restore it! I think that an automated mail should be sent when a client modify a booking...

    • Hello.
      Currently we do not have it in a plans. We will add this feature to the TODO list for having it in future updates of plugin. But I can not say, when it’s can be implemented. Thank you for understanding.
      Kind Regards.

  8. Hello
    Feature request for selecting "Season Filters: dropdown

    Its would be really good to slightly change the Season Filters dropdown in the following areas below so that we can select multiple season. Not just one, but select multiple but not all of them.

    Set early/late bookings "show deposit payment form, only if "check in" day inside of this" season filters dropdown
    Set Deposit: "apply discount, only if "check in" day inside of this" season filters dropdown


    • Hello.
      Basically you can create new season filter at the Booking > Resources > Filters page, which will include all those dates from the several season filters, and then use this new season filter at the "Set early/late bookings" costs.
      Kind Regards.

  9. Hello,
    Add coupons discount apply in seasons. Is very important this option to apply discount only in seassons, my business is for renting motorhomes and i need this functions.

    Thank you.

    • Hello.
      This feature exist in our TODO list, and it will be available in some future updates of plugin.
      But I can not say, when this feature will be implemented. Sorry.
      Thank you for understanding.
      Kind Regards.

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