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  1. Locale settings in email. Why isn't emails ( "Approved", "Declined" ect. ) follow the original locale what customer had the "New for visitor" received?

    It seems to follow the locale that administrator is using when approving or declining the booking... This is not the functionality that i want! Also the localization of the email topic doesn't work..

    • Hello.
      1) During approving or declining of the bookings, plugin is sending email in the language that you are have active in admin panel currently.
      We are having in our todo list the feature to send emails in different language, depend from the user selections. Its will be available in some future updates.
      2) The subject of all emails are localized. You can check how to configure the Subject or some other text in several language at this article:

      Your booking has been approved[lang=fi]Varauksesi on approvedf

      Of course if the active locale in your website is "fi"
      Otherwise, if the active locale is "fi_Fl" then you need to set:

      Your booking has been approved[lang=fi_Fl]Varauksesi on approvedf

      Kind Regards.

      • 1) When is this feature ("We are having in our todo list the feature to send emails in different language, depend from the user selections. Its will be available in some future updates.") going to be implemented? This is mandatory for my use case... Is there any workarounds or quick fixes to the code ?

        2) I cannot get the topic localization to work.

        Finnish is my default language so i'm not presenting it "as second".

        My topic is:
        Varauksenne on hyväksytty.[lang="en_US"]Your reservation is accepted.

        I use the same approach (finnish first then english beginning with [lang="en_US"]) on content and this works fine.

        • Hey about 2).. I just got it and fixed .. Removed the quotes around ”en_US”

        • Hello.
          I will check, if its possible in fast way and with some easy customization to have the selections of the "locale" for the each booking at the Booking Listing page. So you can select the locale, and then click on approve or decline button for sending email in specific language.
          Kind Regards.

        • Hello.
          Please try to make this customization.
          Please backup your files, before making this customization, for be able to rollback changes.
          Please make this customization carefully.

          1) Please open this file ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/lib/wpdev-bk-lib.php
          then find this code:

          <?php make_bk_action('wpdev_bk_listing_show_cost_btn', $booking_id, $bk_cost );  ?>

          and replace it to this code:

                            <?php //FixIn: 5.4.5 ?>
                            <div class="cost-fields-group">
                              <select id="locale_for_booking<?php echo $booking_id; ?>" name="locale_for_booking<?php echo $booking_id; ?>" style="width:120px;">
                                  <option value=""><?php _e('Default Locale' ,'booking'); ?></option>
                                  <option value="fi"><?php _e('Finnish' ,'booking'); ?></option>
                                  <option value="en_US"><?php _e('English' ,'booking'); ?></option>
                            <?php make_bk_action('wpdev_bk_listing_show_cost_btn', $booking_id, $bk_cost );  ?>

          2) Then please open this file ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/js/admin.js

          then find this code:

          function approve_unapprove_booking(booking_id, is_approve_or_pending, user_id, wpdev_active_locale, is_send_emeils ) {

          and replace it to this code:

          function approve_unapprove_booking(booking_id, is_approve_or_pending, user_id, wpdev_active_locale, is_send_emeils ) {
              // FixIn: 5.4.5
              var selected_locale = jQuery('#locale_for_booking' + booking_id).val();
              if ( selected_locale != '' ) {
                  wpdev_active_locale = selected_locale;

          Kind Regards.

          • I also added the same js-code to functions:
            function delete_booking(booking_id, user_id, wpdev_active_locale, is_send_emeils )
            function mark_read_booking(booking_id, is_read_or_unread, user_id, wpdev_active_locale )

            It seems to work BUT.. How do I get the same thing to work with "Send payment request" ?

            • Hello.
              Relative to the payment request, please make this fix:

              Please open this file ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/inc/js/biz_s.js

              then find this code:

              function sendPaymentRequestByEmail(payment_request_id , request_reason, wpdev_active_locale) {

              and replace it to this code:

              function sendPaymentRequestByEmail(payment_request_id , request_reason, wpdev_active_locale) {
                  // FixIn: 5.4.5
                  var selected_locale = jQuery('#locale_for_booking' + payment_request_id).val();
                  if ( selected_locale != '' ) {
                      wpdev_active_locale = selected_locale;

              PS Please note, here in third line we are using payment_request_id instead of booking_id parameter.
              Kind Regards.

  2. On the Bookings Listing page, what's the difference between "Payment Completed" and "Payment Paid OK", displayed in the green box to the left of the booking data? (version 5.4.3, using PayPal Standard for payments)

    • Hello.
      Basically, its the same statuses.
      Just different payment system have the different "Payment status" response. Or you can select in the Booking Listing some payment status manually that different from your payment system status. But in general its the same.
      Kind Regards.

  3. Greetings,

    We have the BL version and want to use the search functionnality.
    It seems like pages are not indexed if the reservation form is added directly in the layout with do_shortcode method.
    Is that true ? Is there a way to have this working ?


    • Hello.
      1) As far as I am understanding from that instruction its relative to the upgrade SSL certificates on the servers. Booking Calendar does not belong to the certificates. The installing and configuring SSL certificates for your server, probably was made by your administrator or support of hosting company.
      Here is copy from that PayPal article ( ) :

      The clearest way to determine whether your system already supports the upcoming requirements is to have a web developer or system administrator run a test of your integration using the PayPal Sandbox. The development sandbox has already implemented all changes, so a successful test with the sandbox will indicate your system is ready. A failure in testing with the sandbox indicates you should review all the following information and upgrade your system’s environment.

      2) You can request the new update of Booking Calendar on this page:
      Here you can check how to make update:
      Kind Regards.

  4. Hi.

    I want to block out appointments from one date to another date. Please let me know if i can do this. Thankyou

  5. Hi,

    Great plugin, got it all setup and working with PayPal sandbox, all the options I need are where you'd expect to find them for full configuration, except I can't see if there is the option to set a minimum/maximum booking for each resource per season?

    It is being used for booking accommodation and needs to be restricted to booking in multiple blocks of 7 days during high seasons, ie. only allowing 7, 14, 21 days to be booked at a time. And then to allow days of 3 (for weekends) and 4 for (weekdays) to be booked during low seasons.

    This is a client request and not something I think is particularly logical, so I'm not sure it's going to be a possibility...


    I am using the Medium Business version.

    • Hello.
      Its possible with Booking Calendar Business Medium and higher versions.

      Firstly you need to activate the range days selection mode.
      Please read more about it here:

      And then at the booking shortcode, during inserting it into the post or page, you can configure the "options" parameter for the different number of days selections for the different weekdays or seasons.
      Please read more about how to configure it here:

      Kind Regards.

      • Thank you. I shall take a look at that and come back if I have any more questions.

        Thanks again!

        • Okay, so I think I'm nearly there.

          This is doing what I want it to, except in "Low Season" I need it to select 3 dates from the Friday as well:

          [booking type=1 nummonths=2 options='{select-day condition="season" for="High Season" value="7,14,21,28"}, {select-day condition="season" for="Low Season" value="4"}']

          So, High Season it should be 7 days starting from the Monday and in Low Season it should be 4 days if Monday is selected or 3 days if Friday is selected. I currently have Monday checked in the Settings under "Start day of range:".

          Thanks for your help so far.

          • Hello.
            Please select the Monday and Friday, as days selection at the General Booking Settings page.
            Then you need to create 2 additional filters, "Low Season Mon" - low season with only Fridays, and "Low Season Fri" - low season with only Mondays days.
            then you can try to use shortcode like this:
            [booking type=1 nummonths=2 options='{select-day condition="season" for="High Season" value="7,14,21,28"},{select-day condition="season" for="Low Season Mon" value="4"},{select-day condition="season" for="Low Season Fri" value="3"},{start-day condition="season" for="High Season" value="1"},{start-day condition="season" for="Low season" value="1,5"}']
            Kind Regards.

            • Okay, so that has almost worked, but it now means that blocks of 7 days can be booked from a Monday or Friday, during High Season. Have I missed something somewhere?

              I think it's something to do with your suggestion to "select the Monday and Friday, as days selection at the General Booking Settings page."

              • This is what I have at the moment, with Monday and Friday selected in the Settings:

                [booking type=1 nummonths=2 options='
                {select-day condition="season" for="High Season" value="7,14,21,28"},
                {start-day condition="season" for="High Season" value="1"},
                {select-day condition="season" for="Low (Week)" value="4"},
                {start-day condition="season" for="Low (Week)" value="1"},
                {select-day condition="season" for="Low (Weekend)" value="3"},
                {start-day condition="season" for="Low (Weekend)" value="5"}

              • Hello.

                Sorry I do not clearly understand, where exactly you are have the issue. Do you have issue with selections of the 7 days during High season ? What exactly issue ?
                Kind Regards.

                • In "High Season" it is allowing me to choose a block of 7 dates, from either a Monday OR a Friday. It needs to be just Monday in "High Season", only Friday is allowed during "Low" seasons.

                  • Hello.
                    I was retested this configuration:

                    [booking type=1 nummonths=2 options='{select-day condition="season" for="High Season" value="7,14,21,28"},{start-day condition="season" for="High Season" value="1"},{select-day condition="season" for="Low (Week)" value="4"},{start-day condition="season" for="Low (Week)" value="1"},{select-day condition="season" for="Low (Weekend)" value="3"},{start-day condition="season" for="Low (Weekend)" value="5"}']

                    And during High season its allow me to start selection only from Monday. And do not allow to start selection from Friday.
                    I had at the General Booking Settings page activated range days selection mode, set start days as "Mon" and "Fri".

                    Please try to copy paste this shortcode code into the TXT file. Then manually replace each " and ' symbols.
                    In this website, its replaced those symbols to the non standard quotes symbol, and because of that there possible some issues. Just try to type all that code manually. Please recheck it carefully.
                    Kind Regards.

                    • Okay, thank you. I had already replaced the " and ' characters, I shall try and again and see if that works.

                      Could I ask a secondary question? Is it possible to show different colours on the booking calendar for each season? I can't seem to see any classes that would allow this, I wasn't sure if there was an option somewhere.

                      Thanks again.

                    • Hello.
                      Unfortunately, currently its does not possible. Sorry.
                      Kind Regards.

  6. Hi, I have the Business Large package. I want to allow for only registered users the second or paying booking page. Maybe it could be password protected page. The first page, the calendar with data collecting would be allow everybody. How can I make it?
    Thanks, Feczo77

    • Hello.
      I can suggest that you can insert the booking forms into the usual pages.
      The cost of booking resources you can set to 0, so payment forms will not show after visitor make the booking.

      Then you can set the cost for the specific booking (at the Booking Listing page) and send payment request to the visitor. The link for making payment will be directed to the password protected page, so only the visitors who know this password can make the payment.
      Please read more about configurations of the payment request links in emails here:
      Kind Regards.

      • Thank you. Is this mean, I have to write manualy the price to every booking? Could I modified the default payment page or maybe redirect to a custom payment page? I wanted to avoid the manually pricing.

        • Hello.
          The payment page is showing in Ajax request, so its does not possible to make some type of redirection there. Sorry.
          If you still want to make some customization, you can make it in the ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/inc/payments/paypal.php file.
          Kind Regards.

  7. Hi there,

    We are using the Business Medium version of the plugin, with a custom 'wedding-bookings' form here: On a different page of the site we use the 'Standard' booking form to take general accommodation bookings.

    When the admin is viewing the Booking Listings screen, they would like the Booking Data they see to be from the wedding-bookings form, not the standard booking form. e.g. they want to see field data such as 'Wedding Date', 'Reception Location' and 'Location Requests', not the standard form data of 'First Name', 'Last Name', 'Address', 'City', 'Postcode' etc.

    Is this possible? When editing the 'wedding-bookings' form, I have edited the 'Content of booking fields data for email templates ([content] shortcode) and booking listing page'. This suggested it would display these fields in the booking listing page, but this has not worked.


    • Hello.
      Please open the Booking > Resources page, and for the each booking resources set specific custom booking form (like 'wedding-bookings') as "Default" booking form.
      than retest it again.
      Kind Regards.

  8. Hello. We're running Business medium on our site but we've encountered a problem. In the admin panel, in the little popup window where you approve or deny bookings, the "Address" field doesn't show on one of our resources. Can you control what's visible there?

    Thanks in advance
    Thomas Neidenmark

    • Hello.
      Please open the Booking > Settings > Fields page, and recheck at the "Content of booking fields data" form (its at the bottom of the page), that you are have shortcode for the address. Its have to be similar to this:

      <strong>Address</strong>:<span class="fieldvalue">[address]</span><br/> 

      If in the booking form you are having this shortcode:

       <p>Address (required):  [text* address] </p>  

      If you are having several custom booking forms, so please recheck it for the each custom booking form.
      Kind Regards.

      • That did the trick! I also realized I could remove the fields we weren't using, which is great.
        Thanks a bunch!


  9. Hi,

    I'm having problems trying to configure child/parent resources for the Business Large version. I've got Resources setup as 17 Rooms and a parent of Hotel. I've attempted altering the max visitors and form Select Visitors field is set within separate forms for Rooms and Hotel.

    When I make a booking with a single Room form it's successful. The calendar for that room shows the booking. If I attempt to do a booking with the Hotel form to book out all Rooms at once it does not work. The individual Room form or the Hotel form do not show that date as Booked and unavailable.

    This is with WP 4.3.1 and Booking Calendar Business Large Single Site 5.4.2. Plugins include Contact Form 7, Duplicate Post, Revolution Slider, WPBakery Viual Composer and Yoast SEO.

    I can give you a username and password to login and FTP access if necessary. Please provide an email address to contact.

    Many thanks,

    • Hello.

      1) Firstly please check this article about different configuration of capacity and availability

      Also you can read info about the booking resources and how to configure them here

      2) In your case, you need to configure one "parent" booking resource, and 17 child booking resources (rooms). SO the capacity of the parent booking resources will be 18, because parent booking resource also counting for the total capacity. So you need to configure booking resources at the Booking > Resources page in a way like this:

      - Hotel     (capacity = 18)
       - Room 1
       - Room 2
       - Room 17

      Then you need to open the General Booking Settings page and at the advanced section activate this option "Set capacity based on number of visitors"
      and then select second sub-option: "Display tooltip on calendar(s) to show availability based on total (fixed) number of visitors for the resource, which can be at free booking resource items." - "Note: Be sure to match the maximum number of visitors for all booking resources with the number of visitors specified on the booking form.".

      Now, you can insert booking shortcode for booking form, relative to the "Hotel" booking resource, into some page.
      If someone will make the booking in this page so date(s) in calendar will be available until number of reservations is less then capacity of the booking resource.
      For example such configuration exist in this live demo:

      Into other pages you can insert the booking forms for the "child booking resources".
      So in this pages your visitors can make the booking specific "rooms" separately.

      Kind Regards.

      • Thanks for your fast reply.

        I'd done everything you suggested but had the first option under 'Set capacity based on number of visitors' select rather than the second. Changing this suddenly made it work properly and book all rooms through a single form.

        One more question:

        With the Admin Booking > Add Booking screen there are two instances of 'Hotel' selectable from the drop down Booking Resource option at the top of the page. I can see the URL is different once selecting one of them, it has an additional '&parent_res=1' on the end. Is this important? What is the difference between the two?

        Many thanks,

        • Hello.
          First option, its selection of the "parent booking resource". Each day will have some capacity.
          The second option its selection of booking resource as "child booking resource". Its because first element also counting for the total capacity.
          Kind Regards.