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  1. Hi. It appears we're having trouble with our calendars. Apparently, when you try to book, you fill in the fields and hit send but it's never actually sent. You just see the spinning loading wheel and nothing else. We currently have 2 calendars in use, and the problem seems to be on both of them. Any idea on what might be wrong?

    Thomas Neidenmark

    • Hello.
      Can you send the link to the page with booking form to test it ?
      Kind regards.

  2. Hi,

    I don't know if this is covered in a feature or not, but I would like to charge an extra fee/percentage of my normal rates if a reservation is not made, say, at least 7 days in advance.

    For example, my regular rate is $499 for a resource booked 7 days in advance, but if someone wants to book it for tomorrow, I'd like to charge $599.

    Is there any way to do this?



    • Hello.
      Unfortunately, if you need to set the special cost that depend from the days, that depend from the "Today" date, its does not possible. Sorry.

      You can set the special cost for the specific fixed days during specific season. Or you can set special cost that depend from the number of selected dates.
      But its does not possible to set the special cost of booking, that depend from the "Today" date and "Check in" date of the booking. Sorry.
      Kind Regards.

    • Hello.

      Thank you for interest to the Booking Calendar.

      You are having several JavaScript errors at that page. For example:

      Error: TypeError: a.browser is undefined
      Source File:
      Line: 7

      Because of that calendar is not showing at the page.

      This issue, exist because the jQuery library was reloaded second time by some plugin or your theme. And was not load in WordPress standard way:

      <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
      <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
      <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

      You need to open the header.php or functions.php file from your actual theme, find the line, where its load the jquery library second time:

      <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

      and remove it or comment it. Because jQuery already was loaded.

      If you do not find this line in your actual theme, probably its inside of some other plugin, like "gallery-video" or "revslider". You need to find it in those files and deactivate it.

      To find where exactly reason of this issue you can try to deactivate one by one all your active plugins at the WordPress > Plugins menu. Then retest it again.
      If its not help, please deactivate your active theme and active the default WordPress theme. And then retest it again. May be there exist some conflict with some active plugin or actual theme and just need to find the reason of that issue.

      Kind Regards.

  3. Hello again,

    I have found a problem where we have two season filters which clash. One is a dates filter, the other is a conditional days filter. It seems that the conditional days filter is taking precedence over the dates filter. In our situation we need it the other way around.

    Is there a way to tell the system which is the more important filter?

    As always, thanks for your support.


    • Hello.
      Basically both filters have to apply to the dates, if you activated those filters for availability.
      Unfortunately, its does not possible to set priority for the season filters for setting availability. If you activate some filters, then these filters will apply to availability.
      Kind Regards.

      • Hi,

        We're not using these for availability though.

        The situation is where we need to create a minimum booking period. On weekends, all year, the booking period is 2 nights. But in some holidays, it is 3 nights.

        When the holidays and the weekends filters clash, the weekends filter is taking precedence, so the calendar is not showing a mandatory 3 night minimum during the holidays.

        I could make the weekends filter such that it is a dates filter, rather than a conditional days filter, and thereby except all holidays from this. But it seems like a cumbersome way to achieve it. I thought maybe there was some way to set which filter took precedence?

        Thanks again,

        • Hello.
          I was make several tests.
          And for exmaple for this configuration:

          [booking type=3 form_type='standard' nummonths=3 options='{select-day condition="season" for="Weekend" value="3"},{select-day condition="season" for="High Season" value="4"}']

          For the high season, in my case, its always restrict to the 3 nights (4 days) selection. Can you retest it ?
          Kind Regards.

  4. Hi. Not sure whats going on. What features DON'T you get with the free version - its not clear.

    Also, it doesnt seem to work. My site just sits there saying 'booking calender loading' ! Is this cos I havnt paid.

    How much does it cost.


    • Hello.
      1) You can check what features available in the Booking Calendar Free version at the feature page here (its left column).
      2) If you see this message "booking calendar loading" and do not see the calendar at the page, its means that some JavaScript error exist at the page. You need to fix this error for be able to see the calendar.
      You can check the most common similar issues at the FAQ page: at the troubleshooting section

      If you can not find this error, please send the link to the page with booking form, where you are having this issue, I will check and try to help you.
      Kind Regards.

  5. Hi,
    I tried putting in the code you suggested to display the tax amoun under my_tax hint but all this only displays the status of mu_tax i.e.on or off and not value, must have missed something, also, is it possible to add/link the IDEAL method of payment to the package?

    • Hello.
      1)You need to insert in your booking form (at the Booking > Settings > Fields page) configuration like this:

      <div style="display:none;">[checkbox* my_tax default:on ""]</div>Tax: [my_tax_hint]

      2) Then at the Booking > Resources > Advanced cost page at the advanced cost management section for the option my_tax, set some additional cost.

      For example, for the tax 6% you need to set value 106% there.

      3) After this in the email template (at the Booking > Settings > Emails page) you can use this shortcode [my_tax_hint] for showing that additional cost.

      Unfortunately, Booking Calendar does not support integrations with iDeal payment gateway, yet. Sorry.

      Kind regards.

  6. How to sync the booking from WPBooking to google calendar? I test and it can import from google calendar to WPBooking only.

  7. Hi.
    I want to modify the color in the calender for partially booked to something else. How can i do this? Please reply.

    • Hello.
      You can customize the colors of days in your calendar in your calendar skin. Please read more about this in this tutorial:
      Relative to the "Partially booked dates" (dates that was booked for specific timeslots, pleas note, its does not about the using changeover days (check in/out)), you need to find this section in that CSS file and make your customization:

      .block_hints .block_time, .datepick-inline .timespartly {
      • Ok. I can not find the skin css file for my skin in Plugins -> Editor. Please explain how i can find the file and edit it./

        • Hello.
          1) Firstly please open the General Booking Settings page and in "Calendar section" check the "Name" of calendar skin that you selected.
          2) Then open the Plugins > Editor menu page. Select the Booking Calendar plugin.
          At the right side, find this file /css/calendar.css
          When page will reload at the right side you will see all files that relative to the CSS folder, and some other inlude folders.
          In this list you will see calendar skins.

          If you could not find here your calendar skin, probably you was selected some premium calendar skin, and you need to select other file.
          For doing this, please open the Plugins > Editor menu page, again. Select the Booking Calendar plugin.
          At the right side, find this file booking/inc/personal.php
          then find this file booking/inc/skins/index.php and click on it. After page reload you will see at the right list all premium calendar skins.

          Kind Regards.

          • OK. I found the file. How can i modify the color in the legend?

            • Hello.

              This CSS code section:

              .block_hints .block_time, .datepick-inline .timespartly {

              relative to the legend and to the calendar days.

              Basically this code:

              .block_hints .block_time

              relative to the legend item.
              Kind Regards.

  8. Hi,

    I'm developing WP-site in my localhost and I have problem with WP booking calendar plugin when transfering site to new location. I'm taking sql dump from localhost and replacing with things following way:
    localhost/mysite ->
    localhost\\/mysite ->
    projects/repos/mysite/wordpress -> home/user/www/protos/proto1
    projects\\/repos\\/mysite\\/wordpress -> home\\/user\\/www\\/protos\\/proto1

    Following with bashscript&sed:
    sed -i 's/localhost\/mysite/' dbdump.sql
    sed -i 's/localhost\\\\\/mysite/' dbdump.sql
    sed -i 's/projects\/repos\/mysite\/wordpress/home\/user\/www\/protos\/proto1/g' dbdump.sql
    sed -i 's/projects\\\\\/repos\\\\\/mysite\\\\\/wordpress/home\\\\\/user\\\\\/www\\\\\/protos\\\\\/proto1/g' dbdump.sql

    1st problem:
    After the move I have to put licence number again.. Is there some host based hash checking ?

    2nd BIG problem:
    After the move my custom form made in localhost gets disappeared and only "Standard" form exists!

    What am I missing ?

    Thanks in forward

    • Ups.. The forum automatically made wwwmyprotosite1com hyperlink, but I hope you get the point 🙂

      • Hello.
        1) You need to transfer the Booking Calendar files from the ../wp-content/plugins/booking/ folder ("booking" folder can have the different name depend from your version and update) of old website to new website.

        According transfer of the Booking Calendar Data. Please backup and restore to the new site the DB tables that is starting from the "wp_booking" term, for example using the phpMyAdmin tool.

        Also you will be need to backup and restore some records from the wp_options table, where option_name fields are starting from the "booking_" term.

        It's possible to make the transfer plugin from old to new website only once. And you must to delete plugin at old website, after transfer and tests.

        2) All links (if you was had absolute links) in the previous DB, you will be need to overwrite to the new URLs manually.
        Kind Regards.

        • I was already doing the things that you suggested...

          But I figured out that the problem was, that I had href-link to another page inside the custom form. For some reason this caused the custom for to break down in transfer.. But I really don't have clue what caused this (???).

          • Hello.
            Its seems like some your server restrictions.
            Try to remove this link from the booking form, then make transfer and after this manually add the link(s) to your booking form in the admin panel.
            Kind Regards.

  9. Hi

    Is there a way to stop the booking and confirming being a two stage process for an availability calendar?

    Also, how do I remove the compulsory e-mail address an administrator needs to put in to make a booking?


    • Hello.
      1) In the Booking Calendar Business Small and higher versions possible to have "auto-approval" of any new bookings. You can activate this feature at the General Booking Settings page in "Auto cancellation / auto approval of bookings" section.

      In other versions, you can just do not approve any bookings. The pending bookings for specific dates, also set these dates as unavailable. And at the General Booking Settings page in Form section, you can deactivate "Approved item:" to show in calendar legend under the calendar. And rewrite the title for the item: "Pending item". For example you can write there item as "Booked". So for the visitor of your website, its will look like booked or available dates in calendar.

      2) Unfortunately, its does not possible to remove the email field from the booking form. Its required field, because its used for the different actions, like identification of booking or sending emails about new booking etc.
      Kind Regards.