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  1. Hello,

    Just wondering if there's a way to add a surcharge (additional cost) for specific payment methods such as PayPal?
    ie. payments made with PayPal will incur a 2.6% surcharge?


    • Hello.
      Unfortunately, by default its does not possible.
      But in the Booking Calendar Business Medium or higher versions possible to have selectbox or checkbox in the booking form, where visitor can select option that he/she will pay with PayPal. And then you can define Thank you. additional cost for this option at the Booking > Resources > Advanced cost page. Check more about this feature here:
      Watch it in this video guide

      But please note, the selection of that option in the booking form, will not apply to the payment forms that will be showing after submit of booking form. If you have activated several payment gateways, like PayPal and Stripe, so both these payment forms will be showing after submitting the booking, and the cost will include this 2.6% in both payment forms, if visitor selected that option in the booking form.
      Kind Regards.

  2. Hello,
    Somehow when submitting a reservation the booking tool starts loading forever (without an error or so), bút emails / reservation are being made. It just takes about 5 minutes until they are added in the callender / emails are received. Any idea what is causing this bug? All emails that are send end up in the spam box too, but i assume that this is a different problem. also see the form if you want to check for yourself. Could you help me out?

    • Hello.
      1) First of all, its seems that you ae using the "WP-Super-Cache" plugin. Please recheck for any cache plugins, like "WP Super Cache", "WP Fastest Cache" or "W3 Total Cache". If you are using someone, please deactivate it or add the exception to the page with booking form for do not cache this page(s).

      2) Please recheck your error.log in your server configuration, about any relative errors. If you can not find error.log file, please contact support of your hosting company about helping in finding this file.

      3) Otherwise please recheck about the speed of connection with server.
      Kind Regards.

      • Thanks for your reply and test! Unfortunately, deactivating the Super Cache didnt help and there were not error log or problems with the connection. Your tool is working very well apart from this weird bug. Any other ideas maybe? Thanks 🙂

        • Hello.
          Please try to contact support of your hosting relative checking about the error log.
          Otherwise, please try to deactivate one by one all your active plugins at the WordPress > Plugins menu and make testing after each plugin deactivation.
          If its not help, please deactivate all your plugins and active the default WordPress theme. And then retest it again.

          • Super fast response, great! Unfortunately it seems like its not linked to a specific plugin since deactivating them didnt help. On a copy of the same website as a 'ghost' site the tool is working fine. So really cant put my finger on it. And so cant the hosting company. Oh well, maybe we'll just keep it this way for now

          • Thanks for the fast reaction! Appreciate your help. Didn't work, unfortunately: seems like plugins are not the reason for the bug. On a running copy of the same website, there's no problem. Weirdly enough. So I'm afraid it remains a mystery...

  3. Hi, can you tell me how to migrate the Booking Calendar over to a different website. My licence is for Large business single site version and we have decided to create a host website specifically to host the Calendar so I want to move the plugin. I will reconfigure it once its moved.

    • Hello.

      Please contact support @ with old and new DNS of your website, and your order number for future details.
      Thank you.

  4. I've been using booking calendar for a few months now, and it's a very painful experience when you want to change anything relating to a booking. Say you want to add one day to someone's booking. Everything else changes and you have to fill in all the required fields again (including e.g. checking terms and conditions boxes). You also have to reallocate the room, and it often doesn't let you as it says there's a clash (i.e. the existing booking) - so you have to then change the room, and then change it back. Can you make it easier to edit bookings?

    • Hello.
      I will add these items to the TODO list for having it in future updates of plugin. So you can define in the settings some redefined values or exception from the rules for fields during this process.
      Thank you for notification about this.

  5. P.S. It's also annoying that the "emails sending" check boxes are always ticked by default. This means that guests get emails whenever we are faffing around trying to edit their bookings, and then often panic if say we've had to delete their booking and start again due to the difficulty of said editing. Is there a way to have this box unchecked by default?

  6. Hi there,

    I have some questions before purchasing the business version of the plugin:

    - Is it possible to change the design of both the form and and the calendar (textsize, colors etc) and the size of the calendar?
    - Is it possible to make discounts for booking more than 1 day? So that you e.g. will have 10% discount if you book for 2 days?
    - Is it possible to change all the booking-details (number of items, price, dates etc) in the backend?
    - Is it possible to add extra fields to check off, e.g. if you want transport/cleaning etc - and add some different prices to those extra bookings?

    Thanks for your answer - I'll purchase the business version right after your answer.

    Regards Kasper

  7. I have Booking Calendar Business Medium. I need to apply a 10% discount to the total cost of the original booking when a person reserves 7 or more days. The options currently available do not allow for this. If a person reserves 8 days, this is what happens:
    FOR 7 day only applies the 90% to the 8th day. Days 1 - 6 are at full price. Day 8 is at full price
    FROM 7 TO 29 days only applies the 90% to Day 7 through Day 29. Days 1 - 6 are at full price.
    TOGETHER 7 days only applies the 90% to the one week, but day 8 is at full price again.

    I need an "GREATER THAN" 7 days with the % applied to the TOTAL or % applied to all days.

    Otherwise, I cannot use the Request Payments emails because they are all wrong and every screen calculates the wrong cost.

    Is this possible to have a % discount apply to each day once the number of days meets or exceeds the criteria?

    • Hello.
      You need to configure the “Valuation days” in a way like this:

      Together 7 days = 90% for all days
      From 8 to 99 days = 90% for the cost per 1 day.

      If you still will have some issue, please send screenshot of “Valuation days” of cost configuration and please send the link to your page with booking form, where you are having the issue. Please send it to support @
      Kind Regards.

  8. There is no "90% for the cost per 1 day."
    It is 90% from the cost of 1 day.

    it will take only 1 day and apply 90%, not per day.

    • Hello.
      You need to configure 2 cost options:
      Together 7 days
      From 8 to 99 days.

      If I was understood you correctly in your first comment.
      Please send screenshots and link to support email, then we can recheck it more detail.
      Thank you.

  9. Full amount not deposit amount shows for payment in Stripe.

    After I send the payment request, client clicks the link to pay, I have 2 problems

    1) this page where I added the shortcode for [bookingedit] shows the number of days as being less than what shows on the booking form. How do I get to the information in [bookingedit]?

    2) when you click the Pay via Stripe button, the only option is to pay the full amount of the reservation and not the 50% deposit. How do I fix that?

    • Hello.
      1) Please be sure that in the booking form and at the "Content of booking fields data" form at the Booking > Settings > Form page you was used this shortcode:


      instead of this:


      Also please recheck that this option was UNCHECKED at the Booking > Settings General page in Calendar section "Set check out date as available".

      2) Relative payment deposit.
      Please be sure that you have activated (set checked) deposit option for specific booking resource at the Booking > Resources > Cost and rates page.

      Watch it in this video guide

      Here is little instruction about deposit configuration and MANUAL sending payment request for payment balance (rest from the sum).

      Please read firstly this article about the correct configuration of the "payment link" :

      - Then open the Booking > Settings > Emails page and configure and set active the "Payment request" email.

      - You can open the Booking > Resources > Cost and rates page and by clicking the"Deposit amount" button configure the deposit amount value.

      - This cost will be show in the payment form, after visitor is made the reservation. So probably its cost will be smaller than full amount. And your visitors can make the payment of that amount.

      At the admin panel at the booking listing page for the specific booking you will see in the cost field the FULL cost, but inside of the "notes section" (you can activate it by pressing the note button at the right side of the each section), you will see the description similar to this:

      Total cost: $135.00 / deposit: $54.00, balance: $81.00 / - 11.11.2019

      If you are want to request from the visitor to pay the rest of the sum, you are need to make these steps:

      a) Edit the cost of the booking, and enter the sum, which will show at the payment form.
      You are need to change the cost and then press the save button to save the new cost.
      b) Press the send payment request button to send the email with link to the payment form for the specific booking.

      Kind Regards.

  10. Hi,
    we are using the [bookingcustomerlisting]-option allowing customers to see (and possibly change) their bookings. However we've noticed that the hash provided in the customer emails seems to have a time stamp, so that after a while customers get "wrong checksum or hash expired"-errors when trying to review their bookings.
    Is there a way to have a bookmark for each customer from where they can see their booking and which does not expire?

    • Hello.
      1) If the booking was approved and you have activated the option “change booking hash after booking approve” at the Booking > Settings General page in Advanced section, so previous links for editing bookings will not work for approved bookings. Please uncheck that option at the Booking > Settings > Form page.

      2) Otherwise, please recheck for any cache plugins, like “WP Super Cache”, “WP Fastest Cache” or “W3 Total Cache”. If you are using someone, please deactivate it or add the exception to the page with booking form for do not cache this page(s).

      Thank you.

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