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  1. Hello,

    I have the Business version and I would like to know if it's possible to edit the total amont in admin panel booking after registration.
    If I edit the cost it doesn't change the total in information collum and I can't send email with the new price.
    Thanks in advance

  2. Hello together, I have a question. How is it possible to have a same day booking?
    I use the free plugin and its not possible or is it? So if the Guest checkout at 10am another check-in is possible on same day after 2pm?

    Thanks Sylvester

    • Hello.
      Currently Booking Calendar does not support uploading of images int the email templates at the Booking > Settings > Emails page.

      But you can use standard HTML tag IMG for inserting images in the emails (by using Text content editor mode, and not the visual).

      check more here:
      Kind Regards.

  3. Hello!
    Calendar version - business medium.
    Forms are configured to reserve time intervals.

    Tell my please.
    Is it possible to preset the current date in the calendar?


    • Hello.
      Do you asked if it’s possible to auto select today date ?
      If yes, so unfortunately in actual versions, it’s does not supported in automatic mode. Only manually by visitor.
      Kind Regards.

  4. Hi,

    I have the Booking Calendar Business Large version and use it for boatrentel. There are different kind of boats. For some kind of boats there are multiple boats. For example I have 16 sailboats type a.
    I can not use the option for 1 parent boat and 15 ‘sub boats’. (When I use that option the calander says it’s fully booked when there are still boats left). So I made them all differtent objects. The problem is that the objects in calenderview are completely onorganized. It look like this:

    Oud Huijzer-2
    Belz 620-3
    Open motorboot 8pk-3
    Motorboot 8pk stuurconsole-3
    Cresent Allure 21-3

    Oud Huijzer-3
    Etc. etc.

    You can select objects, but then I have to click 16 times. Is there a way tot order this? Maybe by categorisation? Or is it possible in the next update to make sorting an option in calenderview?

    A different problem is that you can rent a boat for a day, from 09.00-17.00. The calander then says it is partially booked, but in fact it is fully booked. Is there an option to change this? We work with time slots (morning, afternoon, day, weekends, midweeks, weeks) so I think it’s difficult. But if I could use a different color for each timeslot it would be very helpfull. Is that possible?

    Kind regards,

    • Hello.
      1) In timeline (which you inserted into the front end side) the booking resources is sorting in that order, which you have defined in the Booking Calendar shortcode.
      Please check more here

      [bookingtimeline type='1,5,6,7' header_title='All Bookings' scroll_month=2]

      The order of booking resources is defined by this paramater


      2) At the admin panel the Calendar Overview page is sorting booking resources by priority key, which you can define for each booking resources at the Booking > Resources page.

      3) Unfortunately its Does not possible to define the different color for different booked timeslots in calendar. Sorry.

      Kind Regards.

      • Hi,

        Thank you very much! I knew about 1, but did not know priority was for the order of the objects in the backend. This helps a lot!

        Kind regards,

  5. Hi there, I asked for the following fix for an older version, and you provided an excellent working piece of code.

    (the old request)
    I am running the Small Business Version and looking for a possibility to show the name of the person who did place a booking in the frontend calendar. Currently, I can only see that there is a booking but not by whom.
    I have been runnung a previous version of booking calendar before, and I remember it has been possible there.
    (end of old request)

    Now I updated the plugin, and the code fix you provided for the older version is not possible anymore. So is there any (new) way to show the name of the booking person in the frontend, in calendar view?

    Thanks for you help!

    • Hello.
      It’s possible to activate this option from the settings in the Booking Calendar Business Medium or higher versions. It’s works only for bookings for specific timeslots.
      Plesee open the Booking > Settings General page and in Calendar section set checked this option “Show booking details in tooltip” to display booking details with a tooltip, when mouse hovers over each day on the calendar(s). Its works only for bookings for specific timeslot(s)!
      Kind Regards.

      • OK, thanks for the answer. It is a pity it does not work in the small version any more - that is the one I bought for the second time now... how can I upgrade from small to medium then? And does it then keep the data from the small version?


  6. Hello

    I have a strange issue where I've updated the 'From address' in the settings, but it is still sending from the previous address. I have cleared all caches and am mystified

    Is that something you've come across before?

    • Hello.
      Please make test booking at the front-end side and make tests in such way. Do not use sending test email from the Booking > Settings > Emails page.

      If you still will have an issue, sonthen please recheck about any other plugin, that can make this issue. May be some other mail plugin make overriding of the email addresses.

      Kind Regards.

  7. Why am I unable to update the Version 9.Business.Large.SingleSite.8.3.2 version of the plugin? I receive the message below when I attempt to update. I am currently unable to use the plugin within Gutenberg. Error message received, "Update Failed: Update package not available."

  8. Hello,
    To whomsoever it may concern,
    I have purchased your plugin - WP Booking calendar. Currently the plugin is providing only the feature of booking. So, I wanted to know if you can provide us the features of rescheduling and cancelling too from the front-side?
    Waiting for your prompt reply.
    Thanks in advance

  9. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to have the calendar as a date form field instead of having the whole calendar visual?

    • Hello.
      Unfortunately, its does not possible.
      Booking Calendar support only inline month view calendar for dates selection at the front-end side. Its because, much logic depend from this view calendar, like range days selection or conditional days selections, etc...
      Kind Regards.

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