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  1. Hi,

    it's possible to have different time slots for the same day with the large version?

    For example:
    Full day segment: from 10 am to 6 pm
    Morning booking segment: from 10 am to 2 pm
    Afternoon booking segment: from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm
    Night booking segment: Only saturdays from 7 pm to 10 pm

    King rewards,

  2. Hello, i have a website for an hostel and i have a problem for the date. If a client want a room for the 24 april to 25 april, he select the two days in the calendar, it's only one night but we receive a reservation for the two days (double cost). Can you help me ?
    I have a Business Small SingleSite 7.0 on a WP 4.9.10

    • Hello.
      Please open the Booking > Settings > Payment page and set “cost per 1 night” option instead of “cost per 1 day”.
      We also recommend to update your version of Booking Calendar to the latest update 8.4.6
      You can request the new update of Booking Calendar on this page:
      Kind Regards.

  3. Hello, I have a problem with an incorrect calendar being displayed when the Add Booking page is first displayed to the user.
    I have created three resources and three booking forms. When I select Booking / Add Booking, the Booking Resource and Booking Form names are pre-filled correctly with one of these three resources and the correct form name. However, the calendar which is displayed beneath is NOT the correct calendar for the named resource. In fact it does not relate to any of the three resources I have set up so I don't know where it is coming from. This has caused problems with my users entering bookings in this 'unknown calendar' by mistake. There is a way around this problem, which is to select another resource from the drop down list before adding a new booking and then going back and re-selecting the first resource. The correct calendar is then displayed. As you can imagine, this has led to bookings being added incorrectly by my users. Can you help please?

    • Hello.
      We do not have such issue early.
      Please note, if you are using the Booking Calendar Business Large or higher version so it’s possible that you have configured the “parent” booking resource with specific capacity.
      In this case at the Booking > Add booking page will Be Listing 2 booking resources (parent and same booking resource as child booking resource). First booking resource it’s booking resource, where you can see the capacity - availability per days (based on all child booking resources) and second booking resource - it’s this booking resource, that counting as child booking resource, because “parent booking resource” also counting for total capacity. And of course other child booking resources will be listed below.

      In case if you are having some other issue, so firstly please try to update your version to the latest update 8.4.6
      You can request the new update of Booking Calendar on this page:

      Otherwise please send screenshots of Booking > Resources page and screenshot of issue with incorrect calendar and your selected booking resource and screenshot of page, where you see the correct calendar. Also please send links to both these pages (URL from browser). Please send all this to support @ ).
      Kind Regards.

  4. Hello,

    We are using the Booking Calendar Business Medium Version, and it is for booking appointments in 4 different offices.
    My question is: is it possible to set different emails for the different offices?
    For example: if a customer books an appointment in Office 1, only the secretary in that office receives the appointment.

    Thank you.
    King Regards

    • Hello.

      The ability to configure the different emails for the different booking resources (calendars) possible only in the Booking Calendar MultiUser version.

      If you need to have the different emails for the different calendars, then it’s possible only in the Booking Calendar MultiUser version with different users.
      In this version different activated regular users can have own booking resources and own configuration of emails.
      It’s means that booking resources that belong to specific user will have specific independent configuration of emails.

      You can make upgrade to the higher version of Booking Calendar from your exist version of plugin by clicking on the “Upgrade” menu item at the top right side of General Booking Settings page in your admin panel.

      Check this General info about the Booking Calendar MultiUser version.
      In Booking Calendar MultiUser version possible that each registered WordPress user (your owner) have own individual independent booking admin panel, and can see and manage only own booking resources and some other settings (other owners will not see the bookings from this owner, they can see only own bookings). Please check more here (at bottom of the page)

      Also each owner (user) will receive the emails about the bookings of the own service(s) or property (booking resource(s)) and can approve or decline them. Please note, that the each owner WordPress user) will have different individual calendar(s) with booking forms in the separate pages. Please retest it in the live demo. You can read more about the initial configuration of the Booking Calendar MultiUser version:

      Watch it in this video guide

      Please test the live demo of Booking Calendar Multiuser version here:
      Admin Panel of Multiuser version (here you can test several admin panels functionality):

      Kind Regards.

  5. Hello, I have a customer who has twice tried to book using the calendar and paid her deposit via Paypal, which was received. But the booking was then automatically cancelled and she received a cancellation email, even though the paypal payment had gone through correctly. This has happened twice but I haven't changed any settings. We have recently updated to Business Large Developer 8.4.6. Do you have any idea how we can stop this happening? Thanks

    • Hello.
      Please open the Booking > Settings General page and deactivate the "auto cancellation of pending booking that does not have successfully paid status".
      Description why its can happens.

      You are need to be sure that all "good" bookings have to be approved or have the successfully payed status.

      Because, if you are using the PayPal standard integration and your visitors is made the payment for the booking, but do not click on the "return link" on PayPal site to your site, so Booking Calendar do not know that the payment is successful, and this booking can be auto canceled with that feature.

      So sometimes its possible that the successfully payed bookings will not have this status and that's why can be auto-canceled, if you do not approve them.

      Ideally (for PayPal) you will be need to activate and correctly configure the PayPal IPN system, at the Booking > Settings > Payment page and in the PayPal account. So in this case the PayPal have to send the messages directly to your booking system.
      Kind Regards.

      • Thank you for your reply but this setting is NOT checked. It reads:

        "Auto-cancel bookings Check this box to activate auto-cancellation for pending, unpaid bookings."

        How can I ensure bookings won't be cancelled if the customer does not click on the "return link" on PayPal site to your site?

        The IPN settings haven't changed either, and Paypal informed me that the booking was cancelled, even though the payment had gone through.

        Many thanks

        • Hello.
          Basically you need to be sure that this option “Auto cancelation of bookings” at the Booking > Settings General page was unchecked. Please try to resale Settings at the Booking > Settings General page.

          Also please open the Booking > Settings > Payment > PayPal page and uncheck this option “Auto approve / cancel” bookings. Save changes.
          Test it.
          Kind Regards.

  6. Hello,

    How do I modify the wizard form button on? Ideally I would like to, change its colour, centre it beneath the calendar and make it span the width of the calendar container.

    Kind Regards,


    • Hello.
      You can do this in some CSS file. You can add to this button some CSS class.
      and then at the CSS class, (for example in ../{Booking Calendar Folder}/css/client.css) you can add your CSS code for modifying style of specific element.
      Kind Regards.

  7. Bonjour, depuis que j'ai fait la mise à jour de mon calendrier en version gratuite ( le 9 avril 2019), plus rien ne marche pour mes demandes de réservations (je ne reçois plus aucun mail par la page contact du calendrier) : cela est très important pour moi car je ne peux plus avoir de clients en direct sur mon site et travaillant dans l'hébergement touristique ( je loue une maison d'hôtes), cela est catastrophique pour moi!

    Merci d'avance pour votre aide en URGENCE si possible
    Salutations, Antoine

    • Hello.
      1) Please note, curently support and communications possible only in English via emails or at support plugin forum. Thank you for understanding.

      2) Please note, Booking Calendar is use standard WordPress wp_mail function for sending emails. This function can be overridden by other plugins.

      Please check this troubleshooting instruction

      The most probably you need to check the point #5 from this instruction and install WP Mail SMTP plugin which is 'sending emails via php' option and it can resolve that issue.

      3) Otherwise, probably, its because of conflict with some other plugin or actual theme.
      Please try to deactivate one by one all your active plugins at the WordPress > Plugins menu and make testing after each plugin deactivation.
      If its not help, please deactivate all your plugins and active the default WordPress theme. And then retest it again.
      We just need to find the reason of this issue.
      Kind Regards.

  8. Hello,
    I have purchased the medium business version. For the Booking Calendar widget, when just the availability calendar is shown, would it be possible to have the option of selecting "all resources" in the "Booking Resource" dropdown? Currently you can only select one individual resource to show in the widget.

    Thank you,

  9. Hello,

    On the front end of my website I cannot "click" any buttons on my website's booking calendar. I cannot click the >> buttons to move to the correct date nor click on the dates to try and book. The cursor changes to show they are links but when clicked they do nothing.

    I am using the latest version of WordPress and the latest version of the plugin, I have tried deactivating other plugins and the theme on the site to see if these are conflicting, have also tried on a different browser and changed the theme on the calendar, which is something I saw suggested on another support thread, all with no luck.

    Can you please advise as to how I fix this issue?

    The webpage is

    • Hello.
      Its seems like some conflict with some other plugin or your actual theme. Because all JavaScript ode war removed from the Booking Calendar links in header for scrolling the calendar months.

      Please try to deactivate one by one all your active plugins at the WordPress > Plugins menu and make testing after each plugin deactivation.
      If its not help, please deactivate all your plugins and active the default WordPress theme. And then retest it again.
      We just need to find the reason of this issue.
      Kind Regards.

      • Can you please show me the JavaScript your removed so I can see what it relates to? As explained in my first message but maybe not clear enough, I have deactived ALL plugins and set the theme to a default WP theme and while all that is in place, I still cannot click the buttons.

        • Hello.
          Each calendar day and scrolling buttons, have to have "onclick" events. But by some reason, its was removed. I can suggest that its because of some other plugin.
          Currently at this page loaded all other plugins and some your theme, so I can not test it in default conditions.

          By the way do you have this issue at the admin panel at Booking > Add booking page ?
          Thank you.

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