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If you have any technical question about the plugin or configuration of plugin or if you found some issue, please describe it here. Please, inform inside of message your version of WordPress, PHP, Booking Calendar. Also sometimes is needed list of used plugins inside of system and name of your WordPress theme.

  1. Hi,

    I need to resend the confirmation of the booking to the customer.

    How do i do it via the booking calendar?


  2. I have paid for an upgrade for increased functionality. I do not know how to install it. The last time I upgraded it was a simple process through my WP site. Please fix this as I need the function I paid for. Tell my what you need from me to assist you . This is the email conformation below.


    Kind Regards.

    • Hello.
      1) Booking Calendar set "From" email the same with your admin email. Its required for ability to delivery emails, because sometimes some servers can block emails that was sent from one server, but the From emails defined relative to some other server.

      But beside this, each email have hidden “Reply-to” field in the emails. And here Booking Calendar automatically set the email of your visitor. So if you try to reply to such email, then email have to be send to your visitor.

      2) In case, if you are having issue with such "Reply-to" field.
      Please be sure that you have correctly configured the emails fields at the Booking > Settings > Fields page.

      It’s have to be like this:

      Email (required):[email* email]

      Also please recheck your configuration of emails at the Booking > Settings > Emails page relative defining correct admin addresses there.

      Otherwise please recheck about any other email plugin that can override exist emails and update info about the “Reply-to” field in the emails.
      Please try to deactivate one by one all your active plugins at the WordPress > Plugins menu and make testing after each plugin deactivation.
      If its not help, please deactivate all your plugins and active the default WordPress theme. And then retest it again.
      We just need to find the reason of this issue.
      Kind Regards.

  3. Hello, is it possible to set last available day in calendar globally? For example, we don't want to allow people book after 5. 6. 2020. Business medium version has only maximum visible months from now, but we'd like to set specific day. Thanks in advance!

    • Hello.
      It’s possible to set how many months or years to scroll in the Booking Calendar at the Booking > Settings General page in Calendar section for the option “number of months to scroll”. It’s global option.
      Kind Regards.

  4. Hi There,
    I'm using your Plugin for the first time and have inserted it into my page no problem. When testing it, most functionaility seems to work but once the date is selected, the booking form completed and sent, with the standard "thank you for booking etc.." message that appears on the screen, the page then reloads with some aspects missing and the calendar is in a loading loop. I'm getting this when I investigate the code. Uncaught ReferenceError: date_admin_blank is not defined
    at HTMLDocument. (
    at i (jquery.js:2)
    at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js:2)
    at Function.ready (jquery.js:2)
    at HTMLDocument.K (jquery.js:2)
    (anonymous) @
    i @ jquery.js:2
    fireWith @ jquery.js:2
    ready @ jquery.js:2
    K @ jquery.js:2

    Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to resolve the issue.

    I'm using WordPress 5.1.1
    Woocommerce 3.6.1
    PHP 7.1.28
    Booking Calendar 8.4.6


    • Hello.
      1) The reason of this error, is not loading JavaScript and CSS files of plugin.

      I can suggest that this issue is relative to your actual theme. Probably its use some type of cache mechanism that do not load the CSS and JS files or its does not have the wp_head() in header file.

      Please recheck the header.php file from your actual theme.

      this file have to have this code:

      < ?php wp_head(); ?>

      before this:

      Its standard rule for the themes.

      That code allow to load the JS and CSS files for the plugins.

      2) If you still will have this issue, please recheck for the any cache plugins, like “WP Super Cache” or “W3 Total Cache”. If you are using someone, please deactivate it or add the exception to the page with booking form for do not cache this page(s).

      Otherwise, Probably, its because of conflict with some other plugin or actual theme.
      Please try to deactivate one by one all your active plugins at the WordPress > Plugins menu and make testing after each plugin deactivation.
      If its not help, please deactivate all your plugins and active the default WordPress theme. And then retest it again.
      We just need to find the reason of this issue.

      Kind Regards.

  5. Hello,
    I bought the plugin in the paid Business Small version and integrated it into my website. I've inserted a calendar with the form on my website, but I can not make any bookings because there is always a message saying that no date has been selected in the calendar, even though this has been done. How can I fix the problem? Thank you.

    • Hello.
      Can you send screenshot of shortcode that you have inserted into that page and send the link to your page with booking form, where you are having the issue.
      Please send all this to support @

      Kind Regards.

  6. Hello,

    I have my booking form up and running however there are a few things I have been trying to change and am struggling to find an answer searching through your support comments.

    I am using a wizard template:


    Adults (required): [select visitors class:col-md-1 "1" "2" "3" "4" "5"] Children: [select children class:col-md-1 "0" "1" "2" "3" "4"]
    Full Name (required):[text* name]
    Email (required):[email* email]
    Phone (required):[text* phone]
    Notes & Special Requests: [textarea details]

    [submit class:btn "PROCEED TO PAYMENT"] BACK A STEP

    Visitors: [visitors]
    Name: [name]
    Email: [email]
    Phone: [phone]
    Notes & Special Requests: [details]

    1. Currently I am getting a booking when the user reaches the summary page (i.e. the page with the payment gateway, after they have entered their details). I only want to receive a booking after they have paid, how can I set this?
    2. Can I add a back button to the summary page.
    3. When the user presses the back button on the from section, can I have it automatically deselect any previously selected dates on the calendar?

    This is a great plugin and is so close to working as I would like. I appreciate any help you can give.



    • Hello.

      It’s does not possible to force make payment.
      Booking is created before payment process in any case.

      You can activate auto cancelation of pending bookings that have no successfully paid status after specific amount of time.
      So if the booking is not approved, and do not have the successfully payed status, this booking can be auto canceled after specific amount of time.

      But you are need to be sure that all "good" bookings have to be approved or have the successfully payed status.

      Because if you are using the PayPal standard integration and your visitors is made the payment for the booking, but do not click on the "return link" on PayPal site to your site, so Booking Calendar do not know that the payment is successful, and this booking can be auto canceled with that feature.

      So sometimes its possible that the successfully payed bookings will not have this status and that's why can be auto-canceled, if you do not approve them.

      Ideally (for PayPal) you will be need to activate and correctly configure the PayPal IPN system, at the Booking > Settings > Payment page and in the PayPal account. So in this case the PayPal have to send the messages directly to your booking system.

      Please read the Booking Calendar version overview here:

      You can test Booking Calendar live demos at this page to be sure in functionality and do not have misunderstanding.

      Please watch more useful video guides here

      • Thank you for the quick response!

        Ok, sounds like the auto cancellation method might be the best. Can you help with my other inquiries?

        2. How can I add a back button to the summary page.
        3. When the user presses the back button on the from section, can I have it automatically deselect any previously selected dates on the calendar?

        Thanks again for the help


        • Hello.
          these 2 questions are relative.
          Unfortunately, at the "Summary" page the booking already created, and we can not use there "Back" button to delete the booking and deactivate selected dates.
          So from the point, when visitor click on "Send" button in the booking form, and is showing "Summary" and payment forms, booking already exist and there is not way to rollback.
          Kind Regards.

          • Ok, understood.

            Is there a way for the "Back" button on the "Form" page (step 2 of the wizard) to send the user back to the calendar with the previously selected dates to be deselected (i.e. no dates selected)?

            Thanks for your help,


            • Hello.
              Basically in the original “Wizard style” booking form this Back button exist at that step. But it’s does not possible to deselect selected dates automatically. Sorry.
              Kind Regards.

  7. Hi,
    How to block a certain day, say Tuesday, to accept bookings? Also if I don't want to take bookings for a week, how to configure the calendar?

  8. I have my home on a website and there is a possibility to mirror the schedule of booking calendar with there website but then it has to have an ical link. Is this possible? Thanks
    I need the URL of the iCal https then.

    • Hello.
      Please note, Booking Calendar does not make instance or automatic sync or mirroring of the booking data!
      Please note, the import process from external .ics feeds does not automatic process, but you can define CRON script for periodically start import of external sources ics feeds.

      Booking Calendar plugin is supporting

      - import of events via .ics feeds from Google Calendar ( or Airbnb or any other calendar that support .ics format, like iCal application)

      - and export bookings to .ics feeds (files), which possible to import in Google Calendar (or Airbnb,, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, VRBO, FlipKey and any other calendar that uses .ics format ).

      Please read more about this feature here:

      Please check about the configuration of import events from .ics feeds in this FAQ instruction here
      Please note, the import process is working in that case, when some visitor is open your website page with booking import shortcode. So you can configure CRON at your server, for periodically access this page with booking import shortcode to start import process. Or you can insert the import shortcode before booking form shortcode, so firstly system will start import process and only then show booking form, when someone visit your page.
      In case if you are having some issue of not ability to import new events, then check this troubleshooting instruction:

      You can define CRON at your server for periodically access pages with import .ics feeds shortcodes and start import process during specific time-intervals, then check this:

      Please check about the configuration of export .ics feeds in this FAQ instruction here
      Booking Calendar is generate .ics feed with bookings in real time. But how often some service (like airbnb, or ) access this .ics feed to import the bookings from Booking Calendar into own system, does not depend from Booking Calendar. So in other words, Booking Calendar does not force to generate import process by third party service, when some booking is created. You need to check with support of this service (like airbnb or, about how often they can access the .ics feed tor making import.

      Kind Regards.

  9. Hello,

    thanks for your cool plug in. I have two "problems".

    1) When I testbook, I get the message. "Could not instantiate mail function." But I actually get an mail, and can also approve the booking.

    2) My pending bookings are not shown in the calendar on the website: in the backend I can see them yellow, as pending but not on the page.

    What can I do about it?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Hello.
      1) If you are using some mail plugin, please recheck settings of such mail plugin, may be something was configured incorrectly.
      Please note, Booking Calendar is use standard WordPress wp_mail function for sending emails. This function can be overridden by other plugins.

      Please check this troubleshooting instruction

      Check the point #5 from this instruction and install WP Mail SMTP plugin which is 'sending emails via php' option and it can resolve that issue.

      2) If you do not see the booked dates in calendar at the front-end, please open the General Booking Settings page and in the “Advanced section”, please be sure that you have not activated this option: ”Use pending days as available” and “Allow unlimited bookings per same day(s):”. This option must be unchecked. If its checked, please uncheck it and update the settings.
      Kind Regards.

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