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  1. Hello once more,

    I would like to manage two resources with different days checking. In particular, I have set the calendar for only weeks Sat-Sat with half days, that is for my main resource. Then I would like to have a resource without days specification and I could not find out if/where this is possible to set.

    Thank you again.

  2. Hello,

    When a new reservation is made, I would like to send an email notification to two different email adresses. I tried to fill both adresses in the field using ";" or "," as a separator, which didn't work. Can I set it somewehere?


    • Hello.

      After visitor submit the booking, system can send email to the administrator (about this new booking), and confirmation email to the visitor.

      You can configure these emails at the Booking > Settings > Emails page.

      You can define the comma separated emails in the field "to" for email template, that is sending to the administrator, at the Booking > Settings > Emails page.

      For example:;

      But it’s will be the same email that is sending as copy to different email addresses.

      If you do not receive any emails, then please check this troubleshooting instruction:

      The most probably you need to check the point #5 from this instruction and install WP Mail SMTP plugin which is 'sending emails via php' option and it can resolve that issue.

      Kind Regards.

  3. I'm having trouble connecting to Airbnb. I have imported .ics no problem but I am having trouble with exporting .ics feed url. How do I develop this url path? Thanks.

    • Hello.

      Please check more here

      If you get error during generating .ics feed.
      In case, if you start import of .ics feed into Google Calendar by URL "Other Calendars > Add by URL", then in the point #3 you need to configure URL that ending with wpbm.ics. For example:

      1) So please try to configure link with wpbm.ics at the end of links at the Booking > Settings > Sync > "Export - .ics" page, like this:

      After this click on icon near specific .ics feed url, its will open new .ics feed in new browser window.

      2) Otherwise, probably, its because of conflict with some other plugin or actual theme.
      Please try to deactivate one by one all your active plugins at the WordPress > Plugins menu and make testing after each plugin deactivation.
      If its not help, please deactivate all your plugins and active the default WordPress theme. And then retest it again.
      We just need to find the reason of this issue.

      3) Finally, please recheck your error.log in your server configuration, about any relative errors. If you can not find error.log file, please contact support of your hosting company about helping in finding this file.

      Kind Regards.

  4. Dear Customer Service, I bought your multiusers plugin.

    I have a problem with the form templates and to associate my custom templates with users: I can create custom forms for booking appointments, but when it comes to associate them to regular users, I'm not able to select/see any of those from my Resources panel. I can associate the not-default one only to administrator.
    Is it a bug?

    Thank you,
    have a good day

  5. Hello,
    Any suggestion how to use the plugin to calculate taxes?
    Here we need to apply 3.5% at the price (tourism tax).

    At that price, we need to apply a another tax of 5%
    (final price+tourism tax)*5%

    And another one of 9.975%
    (final price+tourism tax)*9.975%

    And to obtain the final price will have
    (price of the nights+tourism tax)+first tax+second tax.

    It's complicated, but the taxation is important in that business, so maybe you can integrate a better option for taxes in future.
    Meanwhile, if you can give me a hint how to resolve it....

  6. Hello,

    I am trying to add the short codes [click2approve], [click2decline] and [click2trash] to the emails which are sent out when a customer has done a booking, because I want to approve/decline bookings by just clicking directly in the email without having to login to WordPress.
    What am I doing wrong? I am sure the spelling is correct, I've tried to copy/paste and I've tried to type it in manually but nothing works.
    I've tried to add other short codes for testing and those are working fine.

  7. Hello there,

    I bought the Business Large version of the plugin and I have a few question>

    Displaying total costs + days after selecting days
    When I select dates in the booking calendar, the total costs and the selected dates are not shown below the calendar. Where can I select this option? It's pretty important to show the total costs and the selected dates after the guest selects the dates...

    Add more fields to search results
    Is there a way to add more fields to the search results page (custom fields) ? Now I only have the option to display price, dates, featured image, excerpt etc (but no custom fields that I create for my resources).

    Changing the anchor on the individual resource page after clicking 'Book Now' in search results
    Right now, whenever the "book now" button is clicked in the search results, the individual resource page is opened on a certain anchor level (right at the booking calendar - which then shows the selected days). I most certainly need to change this anchor to become 'top of the page'. Please kindly refer to the code that I can edit in the plugin files.

    Thank you very much in advance!!

    • Hello.
      1) You can configure it at the Booking > Settings > Form page.
      Please use shortcode generator at the right side of the Booking > Settings > Form page for the fast and correct creation of booking form fields.


                Dates:[selected_short_timedates_hint]  ( [days_number_hint]  - day(s)) 
                Full cost of the booking: [cost_hint]

      Watch it in this video guide

      2) Unfortunately, in the search results does not possible to show the "custom fields". Sorry.

      3) You can make this fix.
      Please open this file ../wp-content/plugins/{Booking Calendar Folder}/inc/_bl/wpbc-search-availability.php

      ( you can check how to edit files in WordPress menu in this article )

      then find this code:

                              $custom_content_found_item_echo = $first_part .
                                      '<a class="btn" href="' . $my_link . 'bk_check_in=' . $bk_date_start . '&bk_check_out=' . $bk_date_finish . '&bk_visitors=' . $this- rel="nofollow">search_param_visitors . '&bk_type=' . $value->id . '#bklnk' . $value->id . '" >' . trim( $get_button_title ) . '</a>' .
                      } else {
                          $custom_content_found_item_echo = str_replace( '[link_to_booking_resource]', '<a class="btn" href="' . $my_link . 'bk_check_in=' . $bk_date_start . '&bk_check_out=' . $bk_date_finish . '&bk_visitors=' . $this- rel="nofollow">search_param_visitors . '&bk_type=' . $value->id . '#bklnk' . $value->id . '" >' . __( 'Book now', 'booking' ) . '</a>', $custom_content_found_item_echo );
                      $full_link = $my_link . 'bk_check_in=' . $bk_date_start . '&bk_check_out=' . $bk_date_finish . '&bk_visitors=' . $this->search_param_visitors . '&bk_type=' . $value->id . '#bklnk' . $value->id;

      and replace it to this code:

                              $custom_content_found_item_echo = $first_part .
                                      '<a class="btn" href="' . $my_link . 'bk_check_in=' . $bk_date_start . '&bk_check_out=' . $bk_date_finish . '&bk_visitors=' . $this- rel="nofollow">search_param_visitors . '&bk_type=' . $value->id .'" >' . trim( $get_button_title ) . '</a>' .
                      } else {
                          $custom_content_found_item_echo = str_replace( '[link_to_booking_resource]', '<a class="btn" href="' . $my_link . 'bk_check_in=' . $bk_date_start . '&bk_check_out=' . $bk_date_finish . '&bk_visitors=' . $this- rel="nofollow">search_param_visitors . '&bk_type=' . $value->id . '" >' . __( 'Book now', 'booking' ) . '</a>', $custom_content_found_item_echo );
                      $full_link = $my_link . 'bk_check_in=' . $bk_date_start . '&bk_check_out=' . $bk_date_finish . '&bk_visitors=' . $this->search_param_visitors . '&bk_type=' . $value->id ;

      Disclaimer. Unfortunately we can not start, right now, some personal customization or custom development, because almost have no free time.
      Check more about new features here
      Thank you for understanding.
      Please note, if you will modify the source code of the Booking Calendar, we will not guaranteed the correct work of plugin and do not support it.

      • Hi!

        Thank you very much for your fast reply!

        I have 1 more question, related to the custom fields.

        What do you advise to use for individual resources: Posts, Pages, or can I also use CPT (Custom Post Types)? It seems that WP Booking Calendar does not work properly with Custom Post Types (in my case in created; Cars). Should I use a page for every car instead?

        Example: In the search results, the featured image and the excerpt of my CPT are not visible, while if I use Posts or Pages, they are visible. Why is that? Can I solve this with some different shortcodes? I can't find documentation on this topic.

        Kind regards!

        • Hello.
          Probably excerpt and favorite images in your custom posts was added in some other way than in usual posts or pages.

          Firstly please try to open the Booking > Settings > Search page and Click on clear search cache button. Then try to make test search at the front end.

          If it’s does not help, so then please use usual posts / pages for booking forms for ability to make search.
          Kind Regards.

      • Hello,

        Your support is great but unfortunately the code above didn't work / broke the site. I changed the code back to original but still the site was broken.

        Could you please re-check this code and let me know if you made any mistake there or if you are sure it is correct.. If you are sure it's correct, I will try again.

        Thank you!

        • Hello.
          Just rechecked its once again.
          You need to find this code:

                                  $custom_content_found_item_echo = $first_part .
                                          '<a class="btn" href="' . $my_link . 'bk_check_in=' . $bk_date_start . '&bk_check_out=' . $bk_date_finish . '&bk_visitors=' . $this- rel="nofollow">search_param_visitors . '&bk_type=' . $value->id . '#bklnk' . $value->id . '" >' . trim( $get_button_title ) . '</a>' .
                          } else {
                              $custom_content_found_item_echo = str_replace( '[link_to_booking_resource]', '<a class="btn" href="' . $my_link . 'bk_check_in=' . $bk_date_start . '&bk_check_out=' . $bk_date_finish . '&bk_visitors=' . $this- rel="nofollow">search_param_visitors . '&bk_type=' . $value->id . '#bklnk' . $value->id . '" >' . __( 'Book now', 'booking' ) . '</a>', $custom_content_found_item_echo );
                          $full_link = $my_link . 'bk_check_in=' . $bk_date_start . '&bk_check_out=' . $bk_date_finish . '&bk_visitors=' . $this->search_param_visitors . '&bk_type=' . $value->id . '#bklnk' . $value->id;

          and replace that code to this code:

          $custom_content_found_item_echo = $first_part .
          				'<a class="btn" href="' . $my_link . 'bk_check_in=' . $bk_date_start . '&bk_check_out=' . $bk_date_finish . '&bk_visitors=' . $this- rel="nofollow">search_param_visitors . '&bk_type=' . $value->id . '" >' . trim( $get_button_title ) . '</a>' .
          } else {
          	$custom_content_found_item_echo = str_replace( '[link_to_booking_resource]', '<a class="btn" href="' . $my_link . 'bk_check_in=' . $bk_date_start . '&bk_check_out=' . $bk_date_finish . '&bk_visitors=' . $this- rel="nofollow">search_param_visitors . '&bk_type=' . $value->id . '" >' . __( 'Book now', 'booking' ) . '</a>', $custom_content_found_item_echo );
          $full_link = $my_link . 'bk_check_in=' . $bk_date_start . '&bk_check_out=' . $bk_date_finish . '&bk_visitors=' . $this->search_param_visitors . '&bk_type=' . $value->id;

          I have tested it, and its working fine for me at my local system.
          Kind Regards.

  8. Hello ,
    I have the Business small version and want to set 30 available spaces for my clients, 3 times a day for 3 hour time slots. Client would have the ability to reserve up to 16 spaces. Is it possible to do with the small version as I am having a difficult time getting this to work for me thanks

    • Hello.

      Unfortunately, if you are need to make the several specific number of bookings per the same timeslot at same date in SAME CALENDAR, its does NOT possible in any versions of Booking Calendar. Sorry. Please check my suggestion bellow.

      A) The ability to book for the specific times only possible in the Booking Calendar Business Small / Business Medium versions (and in higher versions for booking resources with capacity =1). Please note if you will make the booking for the specific timeslot, this timeslot become unavailable for the other visitors for that selected date in current specific calendar.

      In lower versions of Booking Calendar possible to make bookings only for restricted timeslots.

      You can configure the timeslots selections on the Booking > Settings > Form page. Please use the "shortcode generator" on the right side of that page for the correct generation of the shortcode.

      You can use one"timerange" (timeslots) or "start time" and"end time" selections or"starttime" and "duration"of time selections shortcodes or even start time and end time entering shortcodes. Please read more about the booking form fields configuration here

      You can test the bookings for the specific time-slots in action on the live demo of Business Small version (which is configured by default for the bookings of specific time-slots) here: Other live demo you will need to reconfigure.

      B) If you need to make the specific number of bookings per days, then you need to check the Booking Calendar Business Large version, where is possible to make several reservations per specific FULL date(s) by visitors (not time slots). Please read more about it here

      At this version is possible to set capacity of the booking resource, so date(s) in calendar will be available until number of reservations is less then capacity of the booking resource.But in this version is possible to make reservation only for FULL date, not a time slots (time slots in this version only record data in the DB, but do not play any logic in reservation). Please read more info about the booking resources and how to configure them here

      We highly recommend to check this article about different configuration of capacity and availability


      Suggestion! I can suggest that you can create the booking resource with specific capacity in Booking Calendar Business Large version for the each of your times and then have the independent own calendar for the each of your time slot for the reservation. Its mean that your visitors firstly, need to select the times in the selectbox, where will be list all your options.

      And only after that select the date and fill the booking form. Its can be look like this:

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