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  1. Hallo,
    leider ist es nicht möglich den Kalender mit zu synchronisieren.

    • Booking Calendar plugin is supporting
      - import of events via .ics feeds from Google Calendar ( or Airbnb or any other calendar that support .ics format, like iCal application)
      - and export bookings to .ics feeds (files), which possible to import in Google Calendar (or Airbnb,, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, VRBO, FlipKey and any other calendar that uses .ics format ).

      Please read more about this feature here:

      Please note, the import process is working in that case, when some visitor is open your website page with booking import shortcode. So you can configure CRON at your server, for periodically access this page with booking import shortcode to start import process. Or you can insert the import shortcode before booking form shortcode, so firstly system will start import process and only then show booking form, when someone visit your page.

      Export. Booking Calendar is generate .ics feed with bookings in real time. But how often some service (like airbnb, or ) access this .ics feed to import the bookings from Booking Calendar into own system, does not depend from Booking Calendar. So in other words, Booking Calendar does not force to generate import process by third party service, when some booking is created. You need to check with support of this service (like airbnb or, about how often they can access the .ics feed tor making import.

      Kind Regards.

  2. Hello,

    Where can I find a video tutorial on configuring the booking calendar?

    I just installed the plugin, and i need to create forms.

  3. Hello,

    The booking system is working as I want and have everything configured accept one final step. The customer can select the dates they like to stay, fill out the form and pay a deposit. The admin then confirms that the booking has "Payment Partially paid" and sends a Payment Request to Visitor. The link in the email opens the /manage-booking/?booking_hash=(SECRET HASH)&booking_pay=1 but still shows me the message "You do not set any parameters for booking editing. Please check more about configuration at this page." I have read over and over the steps to make sure everything is correct.

    1. I have created a page called Manage booking with the permalink /manage-booking/ and added the [bookingedit] shortcode
    2. I have added this permalink to the General booking settings page under "Advanced section" for field "URL to edit bookings"
    3. I have added [visitorbookingpayurl] to the Payment Request email notification.

    WordPress 5.0.2
    PHP 7.2
    Booking Calendar Version 9.Business.Large.SingleSite.8.4.3

    Please help!



    • Hello.
      Just tested it in PHP 7.2.12, and its working fine for me.

      Please send screenshots:
      - from the Booking > Settings General page (Advanced section),
      - send screenshot of edit content page ( with [bookingedit] shortcode)
      - and screenshot of email, where you see link for booking editing,
      - and screenshot from the Booking > Settings > Emails page (with booking edit link),
      - and also please send the exact link for this booking editing, where after clicking on this link, you are having this issue.

      Please send all this info to support @

      Thank you.

  4. Hello,
    in my configuration (Business Large SingleSite 8.4.3) I have a form with multiple resources
    [bookingselect type='1,5' selected_type='5' ...]
    Resource with id 5 ha childs.
    id:5 "Room 1"
    id:6 "Room 2" parent:5
    id:7 "Room 3" parent:5

    When a user book resource 5 I need that in the mail message appear "Room 1" or "Room 2" or "Room 3", however will be always sent the name of the parent resource. How can I solve this?

    thank you

    Fabio L.

    • Hello.
      1) Currently this is not possible in actual versions. Sorry.
      We will add this feature to the TODO list for having it in future updates of plugin.
      2) You can try to use for the "parent" booking resource, some custom booking form at the Booking > Settings > Form page.
      And then to use in the "Content of booking fields data" form for this custom booking form (some custom text, like "booked 3 rooms"). This "Content of booking fields data" will be inserted into the Email templates, if you are using [content] shortcode in the email at the Booking > Settings > Emails page.

      Please do not forget to set "as default" specific custom booking form for specific booking resources at the Booking > Resources page.
      Watch it in this video guide
      Kind Regards.

      • Hi,

        I think I did not explain well my problem.
        When a user book a resorce (parent resource) in the admin timeline I can see wich resorce he booked (ex. "Room 2", which is a child of "Room 1"), but the mail the user receives display "Room 1". I need that the user see the correct resource name he booked.

        thank you

        • Hello.
          Yes, I understood this. But if your visitor make the booking in the booking form of "parent booking resource" and the first available child booking resources in this parent booking resources is "Room #1", system will still send info about the booked "parent booking resource" ( and the name of parent booking resource in this case is "Room #1".

          If you will insert into some other page the booking form directly for this child booking resources "Room #2" and visitor make the booking for this child booking resource, so then system will send the info about booked child booking resource.

          So that's why I was try to explain it in my previous comment.

          We will add this feature to the TODO list for improving it in future updates of plugin.
          Thank you.

          • Hello,
            I found that if I disable the auto-approve everything works as I expected. This is because with auto-approval enabled the "booking_type" field in "wp_booking" table was not already updated by the function "reupdate_bk_type_to_childs" in file inc/_bl/biz_l.php when executed, so the mail start when the "booking_type" is set to the parent resource.
            However I cannot find why this happens, since it seems that the execution order of the functions is correct.


            • Hello.
              You have pointing to the correct place of this code in this file ../wp-content/plugins/{Booking Calendar Folder}/core/lib/wpbc-booking-new.php
              But in this case, the order of function execution is not correct.

              Its does not work if you activate the "auto-approved" function, as well. Its can work only for "Approved" emails, if the cost of booking == 0 and you have activated the "auto approve the booking if the cost of booking == 0" feature. In this case, system will send email relative to child booking resource - "Room #3" instead of "Room #1".

              In general. This issue exist, because emails about the new bookings is sending

                          wpbc_send_email_new_admin( $booking_id, $bktype, $email_content ) ;
                          wpbc_send_email_new_visitor( $booking_id, $bktype, $email_content ) ;

              before execution of this function:

              make_bk_action('wpdev_booking_reupdate_bk_type_to_childs', $booking_id, $bktype, $str_dates__dd_mm_yyyy,  array($start_time, $end_time ) , $formdata , $skip_page_checking_for_updating );

              Trick / Fix
              So in your case, if you are using the "Auto approve function" then you can make this fix (but its more trick than correct workflow.

              Please open this file ../wp-content/plugins/{Booking Calendar Folder}/core/lib/wpbc-booking-new.php

              ( you can check how to edit files in WordPress menu in this article )

              then find this code:

              make_bk_action('wpdev_booking_reupdate_bk_type_to_childs', $booking_id, $bktype, $str_dates__dd_mm_yyyy,  array($start_time, $end_time ) , $formdata , $skip_page_checking_for_updating );

              and replace it to this code:

                  make_bk_action('wpdev_booking_reupdate_bk_type_to_childs', $booking_id, $bktype, $str_dates__dd_mm_yyyy,  array($start_time, $end_time ) , $formdata , $skip_page_checking_for_updating );    
                  wpbc_send_email_approved($booking_id, 1);

              Also you need to disable sending emails at the Booking > Settings > Emails page about the new booking (because its will send email with info about the "Parent" booking resource).

              Additionally in this file for do not sending 2 emails about the approved booking, you need to comment this line:

              wpbc_send_email_approved($booking_id, 1);

              in this code:

                      if ( ( $auto_approve_new_bookings_is_active == 'On') && ($is_send_emeils != 0 ) ){
                          wpbc_send_email_approved($booking_id, 1);

              Kind Regards.

              • Thank you very much, it works! Even if the option auto "approve the booking if the cost of booking == 0" is disabled.

                Great support, thank you

                I hope this feature will be in the main code one day, so I can update the plugin...

  5. Hello,
    I'm currently using WP Booking Calendar in the free version for one of my client, which is a barber shop.

    The plugin works perfectly, but I'm unable to do 2 things :


    I need to purpose different range time, for different services.
    For example, a haircut has to be booked for 30 minutes, and a beard cut has to be booked for 30 minutes.

    Is it possible to do something like this ?


    How can I set different opening hours ?
    Example : open from 12 -> 6pm, Monday to Friday and open from 12-> 11 pm on saturday ?

    Thanks a lot for your help,
    Best regards

  6. Is it possible with any of your versions to offer an hourly rate, a daily rate, and a weekly rate? We rent bikes by the hour, by the day, and by the week. We just purchased the Small Business version.
    Thank you!

    • Hello.
      1) In the Booking Calendar Business Medium or higher versions possible to set additional cost for the times selections, if the times selection will be configured in the booking form as selectbox. For example:

           <p>Select Times:[select rangetime "06:00 - 06:30" "06:30 - 07:00" "07:00 - 07:30" "07:30 - 08:00" "08:00 - 08:30" "08:30 - 09:00" "09:00 - 09:30" "09:30 - 10:00" "10:00 - 10:30" "10:30 - 11:00" "11:00 - 11:30" "11:30 - 12:00" "12:00 - 12:30" "12:30 - 13:00" "13:00 - 13:30" "13:30 - 14:00" "14:00 - 14:30" "14:30 - 15:00" "15:00 - 15:30" "15:30 - 16:00" "16:00 - 16:30" "16:30 - 17:00" "17:00 - 17:30" "17:30 - 18:00" "18:00 - 18:30" "18:30 - 19:00" "19:00 - 19:30" "19:30 - 20:00" "20:00 - 20:30" "20:30 - 21:00" "21:00 - 21:30"]</p> 

      Then for each of these timeslots you can set additional cost at the Booking > Resources > Advanced cost page. Check more about this feature here:
      Watch it in this video guide

      Important! But this additional cost will NOT depend from the days belonging to the specific seasons. So this additional cost will be the same for any week days or other day during specific season.

      2) The ability to set the different daily cost possible in the Booking Calendar Business Medium or higher versions via "Rates" at the Booking > Resources > Cost and rates page. Check more about this feature here:
      Watch it in this video guide

      3) In the Booking Calendar Business Medium or higher versions also possible to set different cost depending from the number of selected days (for example its can be lower cost of booking, if the visitor select 7 days (week selection)). Its possible to configure at the Booking > Resources > Cost and rates page via "Valuation days" cost settings. Check more about this feature here:
      Watch it in this video guide

      Important!. This "Valuation days" can depend only from the belonging "check in day" (first selected day) to specific season. Or if "Valuation days" does not depend from the seasons.
      Its means that if you select 2 weeks, the "Valuation days" can apply costs only depending from the check in day belonging to specific season, even if some other days belonging to other season.
      In other words, if you will have the days selection with season intersections, then you can have issue.
      Basically the "Valuation days" is useful, in case, if you need to set some discount or higher cost depend from the number of selected days. For example if visitor select 7 or more days so then booking will have 10% discount, etc...

      You can make upgrade to the higher version of Booking Calendar from your exist version of plugin by clicking on the "Upgrade" menu item at the top right side of General Booking Settings page in your admin panel.

      You can test Booking Calendar live demos at this page to be sure in functionality and do not have misunderstanding.
      Kind Regards.

  7. Hello,

    I'm using the test "Wizard Form" from the standard booking calendar install.

    How do I obtain the 'short code' which is needed to input into WordPress to input the test Wizard Form.

  8. A fantastic plugin and exactly what we are looking for, but did have one issue I was hoping you could assist with. It has to do with auto notification of a new booking to my client.. The site the plugin rests on is All works fine when one wants to block out time, the request writes to the New Bookings correctly and the customer received his auto email just fine. Where we are having issues is to have notification of the New Booking email to my client. I see that the plugin needs to have the From email match the domain of the site; which we did. But, in the To: it doesn't seem to matter if we place a direct email or a forward we created which ALSO is a domain email ( or or / which all fowards to the gmail address. ) Dont care how its gets there (using direct gmail or a forward) just need it to 😉 I know the forward works, as when we send to that domain email, from an email client, it reteaches my client just fine. But, when either are placed in to the TO; email section of the plugin, he never receives any notifications, in the IN box, or SPAM / JUNK. Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated as we love your plugin, but do need to have this notification feature work.



    • Hello.
      Please note, Booking Calendar is use standard WordPress wp_mail function for sending emails. This function can be overridden by other plugins.
      Please check this troubleshooting instruction
      The most probably you need to check the point #5 from this instruction and install WP Mail SMTP plugin which is ‘sending emails via php’ option and it can resolve that issue.
      Kind Regards.

  9. I have used the form in my word press page and have used to check boxes for customers to choose which service that they want to book but the check box is not appearing. I have tried adding to the CSS to customise this but it is not working I just get a line showing on the page but not the box. I can click on the line and it will work in that it will select the correct service when booking but a customer will not know to do this as they will expect to see a box to click.

    • Hello.
      Can you send configuration of your booking form from the Booking > Settings > Form page ?
      Also please send the link to your page with booking form, where you are having the issue.
      Thank you.

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