Please, feel free to propose new ideas or new features, which you desire to see in future releases of Booking Calendar Plugin.

420 thoughts on “Ideas

  1. Hi, 
    I would like to ask if is it possible to change the price of booking according to user role? I need to implement a feature, where certain types of users will have discounts on the bookings. It’s not a problem for me to implement it in the code, however I need to be sure that it would be possible before I buy the plugin as it is a main feature that my client requests. Thank you

    • Hello.
      Unfortunately, the functionality like in your description do not exist in actual versions.
      But in the Booking Calendar Business Large version possible to create the coupons codes for the discounts. It’s mean that you can inform these coupon codes for your users and they can get discounts during creation bookings.
      Kind regards.

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