Please, feel free to propose new ideas or new features, which you desire to see in future releases of Booking Calendar Plugin.

  1. Is there a way to charge the customer a 50% deposit of the total amount? We would like only charge half of the price of the reservation using PayPal

    • Right now its possible todo, using rates system or advanced cost management at the Booking Calendar Hotel Edition version.

      • Is it possible to have them pay the other 50% say two weeks before the actual stay? With everything automated?

        • Hello it's possible that your visitors make payment of 50%, after booking is made. You can lately send payment request for payment of 50% from admin panel.

  2. Currently I use google caneldar shared with my propoerty manager to schedule my vacaiton home. I'd really like it if I could have such a booking plug-in for WordPress but that it also synced/updated my coogle calendar, that way the propoerty manager can add events and see bookings. Sync with Google Calendar!

      • We are looking for the same. Do you have a timeline and excepted product level at which this functionality will be available?

        • Right now this task at my todo list. But I can not say, what exatly version number update will support it, because I m also have many other great features todo. Hope that it will be one of the close update. Thank you.

    • Hello,
      Please send link to your site to my email, I will help you. You can check FAQ section also, there are several items similar to this.

  3. Our apartments are supposed to only be available to book whole weeks, I know I can set a fixed 7 days, but I would also like to have the ability to add more weeks by clicking the next week, and so on.
    If you also added season-filtering by week number, and added week number in calendar, then your calendar would be fully "week booking compatible".
    I would also like to have my forms show only with field_value and no description, but if i click on them I manually have to erase the value. It would be nice if the value was written in grey, and clicking on it made it disappeared, if nothing was entered when clicking other places, the value would reappear.
    There should be a preselected country named "Country", and maybe when choosing country, one could automatically get the country code for a telephone field.
    My last request would be to get colors in the calendar, defined by filter.

  4. It would be good to be able to set dates as unavailable but not as a booking.

    We run a small business hiring equipment but when we are on holidays we can't hire anything so need to make some dates unavailable.

  5. Hi - I really like the look of your plugin, I have just installed the free version to get a feel for it.
    I really need the ability to charge the customer if they want to change their booking when it is less than 2 weeks away.
    So, for example, a client makes a booking for a month from now. Then, 5 days before the appointment, they decide they want to move the booking to be 3 weeks away. Is this something you could include in the Premium version?

    • Hello Steve,
      At the paid versions is possible to provide for user link of editing his booking. So user can go by that link and make some corrections of his booking, for example change days of booking. If you are mean something else please describe more detail, what functionality do you expect ? Thanks.

  6. Hi Authour(s),

    Is there any thought to implementing a 'search' feature in the future?
    For example, a client can 'search' for which booking calendar has available 'days' matching the dates the user specifies in the search.

    i.e. A client needs to book an appointment on July 10th for a haircut; I have 5 hairdressers with online calendars, each showing when they are available. The client wants an appointment for 'July 10th', and is able to search a form, which would return only the calendars which have July 10th as a FREE date.

      • Shoot, I was hoping the latest update (released today) would have included this feature! Any idea of when it might be made available?

          • How will you implement the search?

            I am hoping that searching will be accomlished with a 'calendar'. Users can click on the dates of interest, hit 'search', and any Post that contains a Calendar which has that date Free is listed usig category.php, or a similar wordpress-run format.

  7. We're considering purchasing this product but would like to know if one of your packages allows for promotional codes to be entered. We have group mailings that we send out which advertise certain promotions, such as during ski season for a certain weekend, but do not see how we can achieve this through your package. Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Hello Nicole,
      if you mean by "promotional codes" - coupons for discount of reservations.
      So then this feature will be available at the Booking Calendar Hotel Edition version 2.7 update, which have to come soon.

      • Thanks for the info. Yes, that's exactly what I meant - coupons for discounts of reservations.
        Can you please tell me when Hotel Edition version 2.7 will be available?

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