Please, feel free to propose new ideas or new features, which you desire to see in future releases of Booking Calendar Plugin.

  1. Hi, thanx for great job !
    I need for a new project a solution to propose booking for music lessons :
    criteria : kind of lessons / availability by hour / stocks by hours
    example :
    piano lessons > monday > 10am to 11am > 2 available
    piano lessons > tuesday > 11am to 12am > 3 available
    I didn't find demo with hours and "stock" availabilities ? Which version is made for me ?

    Best regards

    • Hello Julien,
      Exactly functionality like in your description is not available yet at exist versions.
      But If you will have per day only one time selection, so then it's possible to have some kind of close solution to your description using Booking Calendar Hotel Edition version. Relative to your description. You need to create booking resource - piano lessons. And set capacity to this resource as 3 (maximum possible). Then you will be need to make some temp registration at the days, where number of stocks is less then 3. So you will need to make one reservation at admin panel - "Add booking" menu for Tuesday. So then you will have maximum reservation 2 there. You will not have time selection at booking form at all in ts situation, you just need to make notification inside of post about times for specific day of week.
      So right now, it's not really available the functionality like from your scripttion, only by using this tips from above.
      Thank you. May be latter it's will be avilale functionality for more easy realization of this concept.

      • Another question,
        I could probably find my solution if i was able to configure options for each calendar separatly (these time without paying attention to hours):
        -piano lessons > unavailable day = sunday
        -guitar lessons > unavailable days = monday; sunday
        -dance lessons > unavailable days = tuesday, wedmesday, sunday
        (but perhaps if stricty the same problem)

        • Hello,
          If you need to have just ability for each booking resource (calendar) seperatly set specific unavailable days. So then this feature is available at the Prwmium Plus and Hotel Editon versions. At these versions you can set specific days unavailable using season filter and after set predefined filter as unavailable for specific bookimg resource.
          You can test it at live demos of those versions.
          Thank you.

  2. Hi,
    Similar to the question above, we would like to book consulting appointments. These are the requirements:
    1. Set 30 mins appointments per day, every one hour or in other words starting on the hour, between 9-4
    2. Only show available times/days
    Can an edition do this?


    • Hello Adam,
      At the Premium and Premium Plus versions you can define fixed time ranges for visitor selection.
      So when visitor come tothe site, he can select the day and then select from selectbox specific AVAILABE time slot (all unavailable time slots will be disabled, is multiple days selction is unchecked at settings page). The time slot become unavailable after visitor reservation.
      Please test it at live demo.
      Thank you.

  3. Is it possible to export the calendar information to update (for instance) Outlook or Google Calendar?

      • Exporting directly into a google calendar in the standard edtion would be an awesome feature.

        For now: Thanks for Booking Calendar!

  4. Hello,
    Which version would work for my situation: i am looking for a calendar for a beauty salon allowing clients to book and pay online. Each product has a specific duration and price (eg. a leg wax is 20 min and a spa treatment is 90 min). We are two of us working with time schedule slightly different. Would any plugin be suitable?
    Thank you

    • Hello Agnes,
      Please check Premium Plus version. At this version you can define start time of booking and duration of booking. You be able also to define several booking forms configurations for your services. Please test it at live demo.

  5. I would like to use this for scheduling and managing golf course tee times. Is that possible?

    • Hello Mitch,
      Please check Premium or Premium Plus versions, which are support time. You can test live demos of these versions here

  6. Is it possible to set the system (Premium Plus/Hotel Edition) so that notifications are also sent by SMS?
    Thank you.

    • Hello,
      This feature is at todo list and will be available at future updates.
      Thank you for idea.

      • Great - please put it at the top of your to-do-list as it is a very normal feature in similar, non-wordpress booking systems 🙂

        When can you have it ready?

        We just purchased the Hotel Edition and our client is eager to get the SMS feature as well - so it's quite important.

        Thank you.


        • Hello,
          Sorry, I can not say right now exact time, because I am also have some other very important features for implementation. It's will be implemented at some future.
          As for now I can propose some trick, you can set email, which using for administrator notification about new booking to the email service, which are support SMS notification about new email income.

  7. Is there functionality to notify subscribers of opening in a particular schedule? If my calendar is booked during a give period I would like to be able have an email or SMS sent out to people when I have an opening.

    • Hello,
      Sorry it's feature is not exist yet. I hope it's will be available at some future updates.

  8. Print/email feature

    Hi , thanks for a really nice plugin, i´m not sure if it´s only me that has this need , but an option to print/email list for i.e cleaning personnel, kitchen personnel etc would be really good to have, almost every resource that can be booked needs some kind of involvement of different persons, so an option to create print/email lists of custom chosen fields from the booking form would add value and make it easier to inform the right people on what's going on in a given time-range.

  9. Is this booking managment system only available in english? Owner of hotel website sometimes offer booking formulars in at least 3 different languages.

    • Yes, its support multi languages. You can check all available right now languages here
      Also you can check here how to make new translation.
      Thank you.

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