Please, feel free to propose new ideas or new features, which you desire to see in future releases of Booking Calendar Plugin.

  1. Is it possible to upgrade from on version to another for a difference in price?.At this stage of our project we can not afford what we think we might need in the future.Apart from that this looks like very promising feature to our website.

    • Yes, its possible to make such upgrade to higher version. The cost of upgrade is litlle higher then "difference in price", but its not full cost of course.
      Please note: its not possible to upgrade from single site usage version to multi site usage versions.

  2. Is it possible to make hourly reservations? Equipment rentals or table reservations, etc.? From the demo's I've seen, it seems you can have multiple booking resources, but it would seem ridiculous to have a booking resource for every hour, every piece of equipment, etc.

    • The hourly reservations are available at the Premium and Premium Plus versions. Please test it at live demos.

    • Hello,
      Direct credit card payment is not supported, because it require SSL and some other security things. So this type of payment at Booking calendar right now is not supported. Sorry.

      • Ok I understand.
        I have two ideas :
        - Is-it possible ton link Booking Calendar with an external platform of payment, like a Bank platform ? The payment will be done on this platform and the platform will redirect on a validation page of booking calendar.
        - Update automatically the status of a booking in the admin panel when the payment will be done (by Paypal or another thing)

        • Hello James,
          right now at the Premium and higher versions this functionality is already included according Paypal and Sage payments systems.

  3. Hi - Wht do our clients book out the booking form on our web site when they are only making enjquiries, We have to log in each time and clear this so other cliets know until its booked that its still free. We also cant find anywhere we can price paprticular days or weeks so it shows this to the client? Thanks

    • Hello Jason,
      At the version 2.7 is exist feature for auto cancel bookings, which is not paid and not approved by administrator (Premium and higher versions).
      According other question, if you want to set some other (diferent from base cost of booking resource) cost for specifc days, so then you require Premium Plus or Hotel Edition or MultiUSer versions, then you can use seson filter, set the days definishion and after set for these days some rates (cost, which you are need).

  4. Hi
    I have 2 suggestions (i'm interested in hotel edition)
    1º Range of months; because I want only have online reservations since 1 month after today.
    2º The possibility to change availability for the differences months.

    • Hello Brh,
      1) You can set 30 days at the range days selections.
      2) You can change it using Season filter (you can define several filters for days or sesons at that menu)
      then assign your filters to the your booking resource at the "Cost and Availability" settings menu
      for setting unavailable of your specific days

  5. It would be cool if we had the ability to have check boxes on the booking form for rooms / cabins that are available so that when people book, they can select which cabins / rooms they want to book by ticking the checkboxes of the cabins / rooms they want to stay in. This way, if a wedding party books cabins 1, 2, and 3, and tells their friends which cabins they are staying in, someone else booking can select cabin 4 so that they are next to the wedding party. Is this possible?

  6. Are there any 3rd party plugins or something in the Hotel version that allow us to pull reports from past bookings?

  7. How do I lock out a range of dates that I don't want to be available for booking? Is there a way for me to do this?

    • Hello.
      This feature is exist at Premium Plus and Hotel Edition versions. At these versions, using season filters, you can then make unavailable specific dates for booking resources.

  8. what would be great is if you can add rooms, tours, car rentals from various posts to a shopping cart so you can book and pay for many Items in one transaction

  9. I was very interested in buying the product but the major shortcoming for me was that you can not book multiple items from various posts at the same time like expedia and other major sites where you can book rooms, car etc and add them all to a basket and pay for all in one transaction. This is great software but It only lacks this capability

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