Please, feel free to propose new ideas or new features, which you desire to see in future releases of Booking Calendar Plugin.

  1. It would be nice to have a feature that will block out the date when a maximum number of orders are placed for that date. Lets say you have only 3 cabins for Tues, once 3 people pick that day then it is unavailable to the next person.

  2. Hi,

    I can see it is possible to set a range of days, e.g. only allow selecting a whole week (entering 7 in the Count of days field), I need this function, as some of the services I offer have to be ordered for a week at a time, but other services can be booked on a day by day basis.

    In the demo it seams I can only have one or the other, if I set the range to 7 days, no one can book just 1 day.

    My suggestion is to move the 'range' settings option to each individual Resource name, that way, one resource can be set to only be booked for whole weeks, while other resources can be set to be booked for 1+ days.

  3. I want to use this plugin in a Clinical institute.. What version I have to choice?(sorry for my english)

    • Hello,
      The version is depends from functionality, which you need. I can suggest that you need bookings for specific time. So then you need to check Premium or Premium Plus version. Please check feature list for this versions and test live demos.

  4. When using the calendar to make a booking, would it be possible to block out all dates in between just by clicking on the start and end date?

    • Yes, its available at Premium and higher versions.
      You need to activate range days selections using 2 mouse clicks at general booking settings page.

  5. I'm looking for a restaurant booking feature.
    Something that will allow customers to book available tables online depending on availability.
    Party Size [dropdown], Date [selectable date from calendar] & Time [available time]

    Thank you!

    • Hello Denny,
      Please test live demo of Hotel Edition version, its most close to your needs. But this version have not capacity for booking using time. So please check demo.
      Then if You have a questions, please contact me by email.

  6. Hi, This is an amazing system...but i wonder whether you can design a daily or weekly view schedule timetable...

    • Hello Tim,
      right now its not restricted, but its possible that some future versions updates will have some limitation, but right now there is no.

  7. This plugin seems great but it only lacks the function to add many items to a shopping basket along with time and date which will make it perfect for a travel agent where people can book cars, hotels and more with one transaction and only fill in their details once. Please cotact me if you get functionality like this. Then I would like to buy

    • Thank you for the suggestion. The basket functionality is at my todo list, so it's will be at some future updates.

  8. If you can make it so when there is a reservation made, it does not block out the date until it is approved. This way others can request that day and we wont loose out on possible buisness.

    • Hello,
      You can set at Premium and higher versions auto cancellation of bookings after specific period of time, if this booking was not have successfull payed or not approved.
      If you need to have several reservation for the same day at same booking resource so then you need Hotel Edition version.

  9. Would be great to be able to custom design the forms and calendars in the settings panel without having to edit the .css file. And also on the client booking form to have a drop down option of rooms available so client can choose which room they want (sea view / mountain view etc)

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