Please, feel free to propose new ideas or new features, which you desire to see in future releases of Booking Calendar Plugin.

  1. Hello,

    Are the following options available? I cant find them in the demo nor here:
    1: Customer cancellations: make it so a customer can cancel up to 2 days before the booking, but not if its nearer than 2 days.

    2: Automaticly send a reminder 1 day before a booking to the admin and customer.
    I can find this:

    Support on 14/09/2017 at 16:19 said:
    This feature have high priority in our list beside this feature also have priority "sending reminders".
    I can not say right now when exactly its will be implemented, but hope, its will asap.

    As that comment is a year old, has this feature been implemented yet?

    Kind Regards.

    • Hello.
      1) Currently you can activate this option "Change hash after the booking is approved" at the Booking > Settings General page in Advanced section, if you want to change the booking hash after approval. When checked, visitor will not be able to edit or cancel the booking.

      But its does not possible to automatically change hash of booking before 2 days to check in day of booking.

      2) Unfortunately, not yet. Sorry. Its still in development process. Last year we was working on other important functionality, like ability to import / export .ics feeds for sync of bookings and integration of new Gutenberg editor. Hope we will add this reminder functionality, soon.
      Thank you.

  2. Is it possible to have two calendars where I can choose the start date on the first one and end date on the second one?

  3. The checkboxes in the admin area are showing up as lines that are hard to select at time. It looks like the following css in is the culprit.
    .wpbc_page input[type="checkbox"] {
    height: auto;

    It seems like it might be better to just not declare it so that the checkbox shows up as a standard size.

    • Hello.
      Its known issue since last update of Firefox.
      This issue will be fixed in next update of Booking Calendar. Update have to come soon.
      Thank you for notification.
      Kind Regards.

  4. Hello, we'd really like to have the feature of recurring bookings added. We have many of our events that have weekly, monthly or yearly recurrences and this would take the step of having to re-add the events each week off... right now we select multiple days as a workaround but this is a bit tedious. We have purchased the Business Large system.

    We utilize this plugin to allow our employees and residents to book available rooms for special events and help us stop double-booking of rooms.

    Also one question - would be is the ability to integrate into Gravity View through API's?

    • Hello.
      1) Recurring bookings.
      We will add this feature to the TODO list for having it in future updates of plugin.
      2) Relative integration of Gravity View. Unfortunately this is not possible in actual version. Sorry.
      Kind Regards.

  5. Hi,

    Can we please get a line of instruction above the Captcha image? Or a placeholder text in the field?


    • Hello.
      Unfortunately, Booking Calendar does not support integration with "Square for payment processing". Sorry.
      The Business Small and higher versions of the Booking Calendar is support Stripe, PayPal (Standard and PayPal Pro Hosted Solution (please note, PayPal PayPal Pro Hosted Solution its does not the same as PayPal Pro)), Authorize.Net, Sage Pay, iDEAL via Sisow and iPay88 payment gateways integration (also plugin support showing text info for payment by cash and bank transfer - its only show text info but does not connect to any bank system), other payment systems are not supporting yet. You can configure and activate it at the Booking > Settings > Payment page.

      Please watch more in this video:

      If you want to make the integration of your payment system by yourself, so you will be able to check how was integrated exist payment system in plugin like Stripe payment gateway. Please check more about this here:

      Please note, if you will modify the source code of the Booking Calendar, we will not guaranteed the correct work of plugin and do not support it.

      Kind Regards.

  6. New feature... SEARCH FORMS ... should be for urgent...
    Seachforms in Business Large and higher should be able to be customized and duplicated. E.g. I need 1 search form for accommodation rentals and 1 for car rentals. Of course they are different. It should be possible to show them horizontal for the header and vertical for sidebars. Can´t believe, that such a great tool is not made that for. Thanks

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