Please, feel free to propose new ideas or new features, which you desire to see in future releases of Booking Calendar Plugin.

  1. Is it posible to get a frame or bold devison line between the months if you display 2 or 3 months in one bookingform?

    Now when you have three months you lose track of where one month ends and the new one starts in the middle week of a month. So one could pick a set of dates that look like to be in one continues periode but in fact start in say week three of March and continu in week three of April.

  2. I would love to see Square implemented as a payment option. I am already using Square to sell products via WooCommerce. While PayPal is also an option available in WooCommerce, I am already invested in and prefer to use Square. It would be great not to have to maintain two different seller accounts.

  3. Is it possible to ask for confirmation before approving a booking (like for other actions such as deleting a booking)?

    • Hello.
      By default it’s does not possible. We will add this feature to the TODO list for having it in future updates of plugin.
      Kind Regards.

  4. Hi

    1) Possibility to chose calendar in dropdown menu. As a big company we have multiple locations, but we would like to have only one webpage where is calendar displayed. It would have blank calendar and before sending u would need to select location. After selecting location, it would switch calendars to the one that was selected. (We know it is possible to program ourselfs, but i think this would help more users)

    2) Almost the same thing as first one, but now it would switch documents in email. For example, after choosing from Build,Destroy,Renew it would have different email sent to the customer.

    3) I read that u are/were working on the reminder functionality. Is it still in progress?

    Great plugin and great customer service. Good luck and thank you.

    • Hello.
      1-2) Relative these 2 points, may be for you will be good solution to have booking resources (calendars) selection at the same page, like in this example:
      But please note, if you will have too many calendars selection, its can be reason of low speed of page loading.

      3) Yes, its still in progress. Sorry.
      Kind Regards.

  5. can you make confirm booking + pay button 1 button
    -or do not go to next page
    -or do not hide calendar when you display amount and dates for confirmation before payment with stripe button

    • Hello.

      Currently it’s does not possible. Because pay now button it’s not only the button but also the new payment form. And we can generate this form only after submitting the booking. So showing calendar in this case have no sense, because at that point we can not change anything there.

      You can activate to show the booking summary info above the payment form. You can activate it at the Booking > Settings > Payment page.
      Kind Regards.

  6. can you make the form for name, email,address on another step (so it is not on same page as the calendar)?

    • Hello.
      Basically its already exist in the paid versions of Booking Calendar.
      Please open the Booking > Settings > Form page then in toolbar select "Wizard (several steps)" in toolbar and click on "Both" button to reset the booking form to this booking template. Then click on Save changes button. Test it.
      Kind Regards.

  7. When editing a booking, the edit view in the backend (WP Control panel) does not show which property the booking is assigned to. It would be nice to see which property the edit will affect, for peace of mind.

    • Hello.
      If you editing the booking in admin panel, so you can see info about the booking resource in top toolbar.
      If you was asked about the editing booking by visitor at the front end side, so this info is not showing. We will add this feature to the TODO list for having it in future updates of plugin.
      Kind Regards.

  8. Hi,
    I have searched through the ideas-section but did not find anything: Are there plans to add a customer-database in future versions? We have a number of customers (approx. 2000) that constantly book our resources. So we have to retype their names, email addresses etc. each time in the backend when we book for them.
    Thanks, Frank

    • Hello.

      Yes, we are having in plans such functionality in new plugin (CRM), that will be native integration with Booking Calendar.
      Kind Regards.

  9. Would love to see datepicker for Start and End dates instead of clicking each day. My booking is on monthly basis. It would have been a perfect plugin if it uses datepicker.

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