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  1. Hi,

    There's a nice little pop-up in the admin panel that shows the hours booked in any given day. Is there any way to apply this in frontend too?

    It seems kind of stupid that customers have to choose a day, choose hours and then click a button only to know that the hours they want aren't available. And even after this they don't know what hours are available that day.



    • Hello.
      That popup is also have to show at the client side pages, when you mouse over the specific date in a calendar. Probably you are have some JavaScript errors at the client side of your page, and that's why it's not showing. Please recheck your page at client side for the any JavaScript errors and fix it if its possible.
      Also, please be sure that you are do not disabled the loading of the bootstrap linearity at client side of your site. You can find that option at the general booking settings page at the top first section, after expanding the advanced section.

  2. Hi,
    I would like to use the calendar only view on my site but have it so that when someone clicks on an available date the form then appears in a popup or on the page.
    Is this possible as at the minuet if I don’t have the form with the calendar there is no way of making a booking.

  3. Hello 🙂

    Is possible select holidays on calendar?
    My client does not work these days and you need to select it as unavailable.
    I have 9.Business.Small.SingleSite.4.0.1


    • Hello.
      the possibility to set the specific dates in the calendar as unavailable, based on the season filters is possible at the Business Medium and higher versions. At these versions you can define those holidays dates at the season filters in the Booking > Resources > Filters page and then at the Booking > Resources > Availability page set these dates as unavailable for the specific booking resource(s). You can make upgrade to this version, using the upgrade link at the General Booking Settings page.

      At your exist version (Business Small), you are need to make the "blank" (dummy) reservation(s) (for each of your booking resources) at the Booking > Add booking page for making those dates as unavailable.

  4. Hello
    Few weeks back i've noticed  miss-synchronized data on my web page which use WPML plugin. It worked really well, nothing has been updated for a while while a problem occurred: somehow 1 language doesn't store reservation while other 2 works normally. It didn't happen before at all.
    What im talking about is this: > english version, go August 2013 .. Everything is OK
    but  > german version of same page, August 2013 is totally lacking data
    WP is latest (updated now, thought it will fix problem but no) and i use this version 


  5. Hello again, I have another query
    Having made the form using [select my_slct "a" "b" "c"]
    I created the reply mail using <span class="fieldvalue"> [select] </ span> but this one did not recognize the choice made in that form.
    What is the field corresponding to 'select my_slct'?
    Thank you!

    • Hello.
      You are need to use instead of that code:

      <span class=”fieldvalue”> [select] </ span>

      this code:

      <span class=”fieldvalue”> [my_slct] </ span>
        • One more question:
          On the form I have several fields to select using: 
          <spanclass=”fieldvalue”> [my_slct] </ span>
          How I can differentiate it?
          in the reply mail not be duplicated the contents of the first field [my_slct] 

          sorry for the inconvenience. 🙂

          • Hello.
            If you are have the several select-boxes in your booking form, so you are just need to have the different names for these select-boxes.
            For example:

            My first select box:  [select my_slct "a" "b" "c"]
            My second select box:  [select my_sbox "d" "e" "f"]

            So then in the content form at the bottom of the Settings Fields page, you can use these shortcodes:

            <span class=”fieldvalue”>select box #1: [my_slct] </ span>
            <span class=”fieldvalue”>select box #2: [my_sbox] </ span>

            Please read more about the form fields configuration here:

  6. Hello, I am having a problem with 9.Business.Small.SingleSite.4.0.1. (I am using PHP 5.3.8, WP 3.4.2, TwentyElven theme with no active plugins)
    I added some fields to the booking form. When I view the Bookings Listing page I still only see the default form fields. I don't see any of the data from the added form fields.

    Is there something I am missing? I think I should be able to see the data from the added form fields when I view the list of bookings. I am developing this on a localhost so I can't provide a link to my site.

    Thanks You,


    • I figured it out. I didn't understanding the booking form customization directions at first. Now it is more clear.


  7. You do not set any parameters for booking editing are you going to tell us how to set it up I see atleast 5 people with this error and no solution from you?

  8. Hi,
    How do I setup the reservation system so I can book one single resource twice the same day during departure and arrival?


    • Hi again,

      Just found the answer (use fix time for entry and departure in setting) searching a bit more the forum. 

  9. Hi... I've got a problem with the calendar not displaying properly on a mac, the width is stretched and the << >> arrows have disappeared. Works fine on all PC browsers.
    Here's the URL: I can upload a screenshot of the problem on a mac.
    Any clues?

    • Hello.
      Please clear the browser cache and then please test it again.
      I am retested it in the Safari and its seems that there is everything is fine.

  10. Hi we just bought multiuser system, I am trying to install on one of our sites for testing and integration.... Plugin activates fine, but when i go to the dashboard of the site i am installing it on, and click on the Bookings>> Settings menu link i get the following. Please advise as i have only a few days to integrate this into the site

    You do not have permissions for this page.
    Your account is not active, please contact administrator.

    • Hello.

      You are need to log in as a booking super admin then open the general booking settings page and at the right side,
      set the correct permissions for the each booking admin page, relative the your wordpress users access level. Or activate the specific users accounts at the Booking > Settings > Users page, when you are logged in as super booking admin user (in your case it's first user admin of the site).

      • Got you, thank you, although I am a super admin on the site, i had to log in with the admin account... ok then get to settings and it asks me for order number wgich i copu and paste from email into box, clicl on register and nothing happens... tried few times, it does not appear to be submitting.

        I am installing this on our domain under, as the site is a live site, and I need to get the configuration figured out b4 moving it over to production site.

        Best Regards - Greg   

        • Hello.
          Please try to make the activation one more time.
          Then refresh that page. If its not help, please try to check your page for the any JavaScript errors and inform about them to me, also please recheck that your server have Internet connection.
          Also please note, your version is possible to use only at one domain. It's possible to use firstly it at the test server and later transfer to the live domain, but you are need to inform about these domains to us and delete the version from the test domain after transfer. It's possible to make such transfer only once.
          Kind regards.