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    • Hello,
      please open this file:
      find this code at the line: 17

      .booking_form_div textarea, .booking_form_div input, .booking_form_div select, .booking_SagePayForm input {
        border-style: solid;
        border-width: 1px;

      and make this modifications:

      .booking_form_div textarea, .booking_form_div input, .booking_form_div select, .booking_SagePayForm input {
        border-style: solid;
        border-width: 1px;
        width: 275px;
      • Hello-

        Thanks for your help. The boxes were successfully resized, however, now my drop down boxes are too big.

        Previously they were at minimal size and on the same line which I liked a lot better. Can you help me do that?

        Thanks so much for your help!!!


  1. Hello there,

    How do I align multi calendar (i've set 3 months) to the center while the form fileds aligned left ?
    Also, I'd like to resize the calendar width to maximum width(100%) of the theme always.


    • Hello.
      1) Please send the link to the page, where you are have the booking form, with calendar, so then I will check and try to help you.
      2) Please open the ../booking/css/client.css file
      and add to the bottom of that file this code:

      .datepick-inline table.datepick td a {
        width: 82px !important;

      where 82 is width of 1 cell of calendar. So try to set there different width (or set the width in percents).
      Also in the same way you can set the height of cells.

      • Thanks for your reply first of all, though I am working on it offiline (internal ip). so I'll leave it for a last things to do, and will send you the link to get your help.

        Thanks again! 

  2. I am using wordpress v3.3 with Booking Calendar v 4.01

    After logging into the dashboard of the site to adjust the availability settings in the plugin, I got a 404 message & the script did something which triggered my hosting's automated modsecurity which is the web server firewall which protects the server against attacks.
    My email and websites are now back up and running but i'd like to avoid having the same issue again, as I still need to make the amends to the availability.
    The way I see it is to either;
    1. remove the plugin from the site
    2. update to the latest version of wordpress (I made some custom tweaks to the css without creating a child theme and at present don't have time to fix that, hence the apprehension to update)
    Appreciate any advice moving forward. 

      • Hi,
        Thanks for your response, The permissions have been changed on all folders to 755. When I enter the path into the browser"" I get "You do not have permission to direct access to this file !!!" even after emptying on the cache & checking on multiple browsers.
        I went back into the settings in wordpress and tried to change the availability dates again and got "ERROR 403".
        All folders on the above path have 755 set as the permission.

        • Hello.
          The first message it's normal message if you open that file directly. According "403 error" it's seems that at your server is still something misconfigured with permissions. Please recheck the relative info, for example here

  3. Hello and thanks for all the support so far!!

    Currently when someone sends a booking, the calendar and fields just disappear. Is there a way to change is so that it doesn't disappear and a message comes up that says something like "Your request will be answered within 24 hours".

    This is really important for us to let the customer know the request has been submitted.

    Thank You!! 

    • Hello,
      the booking form is disapear, because the booking was made, and we are need to prevent the situation , when the customer is submit the same form several times.
      You can activate and show the "thank you" message at the General Booking Settings page, please note, its showing only, if the payment is not active or = 0.

  4. Dear Team at Wp Booking Calender.

    Just wanted to say I am very happy with your plugin! it has been a breeze to use and I highly recommend it to all. 

    Know, I am wanted to know if you can help me with a little issue. When I enter into the BOOKING LISTING page I hover my mouse arrow above the ACTIONS ELEMENT ICONS and the icons to EDIT, DELETE, CHANGE STATUS ect. vanish.  

    Also when I am in the BOOKING LISTING page I am experiencing BOOKINGS that vanish & it is only when I hit refresh on my CHROME browser that the return.  

    Now I am gathering this could be due to some PHP coding not loading properly but I wounder if your team could help me out. 

    Looking forward to your response

    Kind regards


    • Hello.
      Its seems that this issue is because you are do not loading the "Bootstrap" library.
      The tooltip, when mouse over the specific button, is require that you are loading the "Bootstrap" library.
      So please be sure that you are do not disabled the loading of the bootstrap library, please open the General Booking Settings page expand the "Show advanced settings of JavaScript loading" and recheck that you are NOT disabled loading of any of listed JS files there.
      You can disable it only, if some other plugin or your theme is loaded it already.
      Kind regards.

  5. Hello. Thank you for all the support. I just have a few other issues and I will be finished! 🙂

    I need to change the size of the calendar to 300px. Could you please let me know how?

    I also need to change the size of the send button to be 300px. And I would like to change the color of the button.

    Thank You So Much!!!!


    • Hello.
      1) Please open the ../booking/css/client.css file
      and at line 204 make modifications from this code:

      table.datepick {
        width: 284px !important;

      to this:

      table.datepick {
        width: 300px !important;

      2) Please add to the bottom of the previous file this code:

      .booking_form_div input[type="button"]{
         width: 300px !important;

      Inside of this CSS code you can change the color of this button.

  6. Hi

    I have added about 30 resources, when i try to add the resources to the booking widget, it only allows me to choose from the first 10 (the 10 that are on page 1 of the resource page) effectively not allowing me to choose the other resources, this seem's like a major bug ? would love a reply as soon as possible, leaving a little sour taste in my mouth after purchasing the small business package, given i couldnt test this from the free version.

    • Hello.
      Yes, you are right. Sorry for that. For fixing of that issue, please make this small fix.

      Please open this file ../booking/lib/wpdev-booking-widget.php

      find this code:

      $types_list = get_bk_types();

      and replace it to this code:

      $types_list = get_bk_types(false, false);
  7. I downloaded your Booking Calendar Free for my 10 room hotel. When a customer books the days he needs on the calendar, the days remain blocked when another customer wants to book a room on the same days. How do you make the marked dates disappear once the customer sends the inquiry so that the next customer is not blocked from booking the same date?

    • Hello.
      The possibility to have several independent calendars is possible at the any paid versions of the Booking Calendar.

      You just need to create the booking resources:

      And then insert the booking shortcode for the specific booking resource into the post or page:

      If you are need to have the possible to make the several reservations for the same FULL date, you are need to check the Booking Calendar Business Large. At the Booking Calendar Business Large version is possible to set the capacity of the booking resource, it’s mean that your visitors can make the several reservations per the same date, in other words, the date(s) in calendar will be available until lumber of reservations per these full dates is less than capacity of the booking resource. Please note, if you will use the timeslot selection for the booking resource with capacity higher than one, so then this timeslot will be simply record as a data into DB according this booking, but will not impact to the time availability.

      Please read the Booking Calendar version overview here:

      Please read more info about the booking resources and how to configure them here

      Please test the live demos of these versions to be sure in functionality and do not have misunderstanding

  8. Hi,

    i have a question regarding the automatic sending of e-mails.
    When a booking is approved --> i dont want the client to recieve an e-mail (long story ...) but i want the approval-mail to be send to the admin.
    I enabled the option "admin gets mail" in the settings.

    Is there a piece of code, whare the mail is sending to the client is handeled, that i can delete?

    thanks in advance.

    • Hello,
      You can open the admin panel: Booking > Settings > Emails page and then s elect the "Approve" tab.
      At the top right side please set checked this option "Send copy of this email to Admin" and set unchecked this option: "Active",
      after this save the settings and make test.

  9. hello - how can i change the text (translation) in the mail?
    (Your booking for: 10. Januar 2013 - 12. Januar 2013, 19. Januar 2013, 26. Januar 2013 has been approved.)

    • Hello.

      Please read more at the FAQ at the translation section.

      The Booking Calendar is use the active locale of the site for the activation of the specific language from the ../booking/languages/ folder.

      For activating the specific translation you have to activate the locale at the config.php file at root of your WordPress installation.

      If you are use the free version, so then you are need to make the FULL reinstall of the plugin, its because the email template and labels to the booking form is saved to the DB during activation of the plugin and you are need to make this reactivation. Its mean that the exist bookings and settings will be erased. So firstly you are need to make translation in a language files (those words have to be there, just check carefully). Then you are need to open the general booking settings page and set checked this option: "Delete booking data during deactivation of plugin" - its at the right side of the page. Then you are need to deactivate and then again activate the plugin (in both actions, please wait until system will show that the plugin is deactivated successfully or activated successfully). Then test it.
      Here is instruction how to check it or fix/add translations:

      If you are using the paid version of the Booking Calendar, so you can customize the booking emails at the Booking > Settings > Emails page at top form.