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  1. Hi, 

    We have 3 overlapping sessions that run each day "9:30 - 12:00" "11.00 - 13:30" "12:30 - 15:00" , I have set these up as as select rangetime, but if I book "9:30 - 12:00" I then cannot book "11.00 - 13:30", is there a way to allow overlapping bookings?

    Thanks Tim 

    • Hello,
      unfortunately, its not possible to have the overlapping time ranges for the same date in the same booking resources.
      You are need to use only different timeslots for the same date.

  2. Hello, 

    I am finding out how I can do the following:
    We rent a large boat/ship. People can rent the whole boat or a bed in one of the rooms. The rooms have 2 beds. They can rent a whole room alone or with two people. They can also rent one bed for one person and than another person will get the other bed in the room. So it's something different than normal rooms.
    How can I configure this in the Booking Module? I have business large.



    • Hello.
      You are need to create the booking resources with capacity (number of child objects), which have to equal to the number of the rooms. Then to the parent resource, please set the maximum number of visitors as 2 at the Booking > Resource page (it's your 2 beds).
      Now at the general booking settings page, please activate the "visitor apply to capacity" option and select second radio button option in the sub settings. Now you can make tests.
      Please read more about the configuration of the booking resources and availability here:

      • Thanks! 
        I already did that now but there is one thing I need and that's not possible. The booking calendar calculates everything per day but I have to calculate per week. You can only select 1 week at a time, not days. Because the recource can only be booked for a whole week. 
        How can I program this?


        • I need a selection possibility not per hour, per day but per Week. Is that something I can build in myself somewhere? 
          I Know PHP  

          • Hello.
            You can activate the range days selection (using 1 or 2 mouse buttons and configure additional sub settings).

  3. Hi,
    I searched the FAQ and 'attempted' to search this site as well.
    I've recently taken over support and hosting of a WordPress blog from a tax accountant who is using the booking calendar to setup 30 minute appointments during the tax season.

    I seem to have things working correctly for booking, emails etc, but the accountant wishes to block out times that have already been reserved.
    IE. the drop down box would not show that 30 minute time spot, if it were already taken by someone.  

    Apparently it was setup this way for her last tax season.  

    It is version 'Version 9.Premium.SingleSite.3.0'   WordPress 3.5 and PHP version I believe is 5.1 (I may need to verify that if someone thinks that PHP is the issue, but I do not think it is.) 

    Is this possible?  

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hello,
      If you are want that the visitor can not select the already booked time slots in the selectbox (of the timerange shortcode), so you are need to deactivate the "multiple days selection" in the general booking settings page. So then, if someone is select the specific date, the all booked timeslots for this date of this bookig resource in the selectbox will be inactive.

      Please note, if you are even do not make that configuration, and visitor try to make a booking of the time slot for specific date, which is already booked by someone else, he is still will not able to make this booking, the warning message will show that this timeslot is already booked.

    Hey there,
    I have purchased one of you Business APPs and I am really happy with  it.
    Very fine work and good job. 
    I have 3 questions tho
    1.) I need to customize the content a little in the page right after the reservation.
    It's called the Payment description:in the Backend of WP.
    Is it somehow possible to customize the content of this specific site? 
    I tried putting html into the little text area but that didn't work so now I am stuck.
    2.) How do I change the whole Booking Calender into another language?
    Right now I have changed the english content into german but which are the files i need to change the content of the false input text showing up in the reservation form?
    Since I am from Germany we have other online payment options availible here too. Such as 
    Sofortüberweisung and giropay or Click & Buy.
    3.) Would it be possble some how to intergate those or at least one of them also into the payment or is it just to difficult?
    It really doesn't  need to be automated like the existing paypal payment option.
    Thank you very much
    I appriciate you help.

    • Hello.
      1) There is restricted possibility of customizations. Sorry. Its possible to show the description of the payment using this specific field at the Booking > Settings > Payment page at the PayPal section tab. Unfortunately, there is support only plain text and restricted number of shortcodes, which you can find at the help section, near this field. Also please note, there is limit for maximum number of characters set by PayPal as 127 symbols.
      2) Please read more at the FAQ at the translation section.

      The booking calendar is support changing the interface based on locale of the site. So you are need to have the correct locale settings at the config.php file at the root of your site.

      The Booking Calendar is use the active locale of the site for the activation of the specific language from the ../booking/languages/ folder.

      For activating the specific translation you have to activate the locale at the config.php file at root of your WordPress installation.

      If you are use the free version, so then you are need to make the FULL reinstall of the plugin, its because the email template and labels to the booking form is saved to the DB during activation of the plugin and you are need to make this reactivation. Its mean that the exist bookings and settings will be erased. Here is instruction how to check it or fix/add translations:

      If you are using the paid version of the Booking Calendar and need only the booking form labels at the client side of your site in different language, so you can customize the booking form at the Booking > Settings > Fields page at top form. Please test it at the live demos here

      3) Unfortunately, right now the Booking Calendar is not support the integration with the orhet payment systems integration other then defaults, yet.

      The Business Small and higher versions of the Booking Calendar is support Paypal, Sage pay and ipay88 payment systems integrations, other payment systems are not supported yet. Sorry.

      But you can check how is integrated the Payment system (on the exmaple) of the PayPal system at t this file:../booking/inc/payments/paypal.php

      So you can create your file with similar structure at that folder,

      also you are need to include the calling of your file into this file: ../booking/inc/payments/index.php
      in the same way, as it was done for the other 3 payment systems

      Please note, if you will modify the source code of the Booking Calendar, we will not guaranteed the correct work of plugin and do not support it.

  5. Hi there,
    Is it possible to customise what the calendar displays when a booking has been made? E.g. instead of not making the date clickable, the word "booked" appears.

    • Hello.
      Sorry, right now this feature is not supported yet in the actual versions of the booking calendar.

  6. Why is the calendar only permitting booking for a year from now, not after that? is this a selection somewhere I missed?

    I use business large.


  7. I do have another question: 
    When I use different rates for season filtered dates, these rates are not calculated in the form. I used another Day rate for a season I put into the season filter but this is not calculated or used correctly in the frontend of the form. 
    It looks like something goes wrong?
    Or did I oversee something?

    • Hello.
      Probably you are not activated the rates at the season filters. Please open the Booking > Resources > Cost and rates page, click on rate button near specific resource, and recheck that your specific rates was active - the checkbox at the left side of the specific rates are CHECKED.
      Kind regards.

      • I have the rates checked in the Cost and Rates page. But still it does not calculate right. 

        • Hello,

          please send the screenshot of your cost/rates settings and the link to the page, where you are have the booking form with  description  about not correct cost  calculation to this email info @


          • Thanks I send you the asked screendump and info. 
            I want to compliment you on the quick responses and the great support!

            I wish you the best for 2013!

  8. Hi,
    My client wants to only allow members access to the booking calendar so that only members can make bookings.
    Have you tried this with a membership system like s2member?
    thank you,

      • Hello.
        the plugin is not tested yet with the s2member plugin, yet. sorry.
        But you can insert the the booking forms into the password protected pages and inform the password to those pages only to your members.
        Kind regards.

  9. Hi an other question 😛
    Do you know if there is a way to display first in my calendar only the months where booking is available ?
    It's hard for the customers to find the way...
    Do you understand my problem ? 😛

    Thanks so much !