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  1. Hi!

    I've just explored this plugin and it seems brilliant. I will make a site for bookings and appointments in a sports center.
    Is it possible to make an automatic list of all the bookings so the website visitors and clients can see how many who and how many who have booked a time on the current day?

    Thanks /Simon P. 

    • Hello.

      Unfortunately the possibility to see, who is made the bookings for the specific date is possible only at the admin panel at the Booking Listing page. You can use the Filter tab at the top of the page to show only the bookings which you are need to see.

      The possibility to book for the specific timeslots are possible at the Business Small and Business Medium versions. At these versions you can configure the time slots selections at the Booking > Settings > Fields page

      Please note, if you will use the fixed time slot list selection (and not the time entering using the text fields) in the booking form, the timeslot list will be the same for the any date of week, in other words the fixed time slot list is not depend from the week of day. Also if some visitor will reserve the specific time slot at selected date at specific booking resource (calendar), this timeslot become unavailable for the other visitors at this selected date in this booking resource.

      Please tests the live demos to be sure in functionality and do not have misunderstanding

  2. I just upgraded to WordPress 3.5 and now I get this error message when the plug-in is active:

    : Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/villalossuenos/ on line 1252 and defined in /home/villalossuenos/ on line 990

    • Hello,

      Sorry for that we will fix the compatibility with WordPress 3.5 during 24 hours.

      Right now, please rename the booking calendar folder, using the FTP. Its will disable the plugin until the new update will come.

      Kind regards.

        • I am still getting all of those errors, even after updating the plug-in. What's up?

            • I would hope you all would update the paid versions before the free version. My current version of small business is not functioning with the WordPress upgrade. Please help!

                • just purchased the software and uploaded it I'm having the same error.  Has the software been updated yet or do I just need to send an email with the order number over to get the update?

                  • Hello.
                    Right now all new customers are getting latest version, which is compatible with WP 3.5 (it's version 4.0.2).
                    What version did you are using now? You can check it at the general booking settings admin page at the right side of that page.
                    In any case, if you are have any issues, please send the order number of purchase the booking calendar to the info @ and we will resend the latest update to you.

                    • the one emailed to me was 4.0.1 I will send an email.

  3. Hi guys:
    I have the same problem like everybody else on the new WP 3.5 software. I got the pay version of booking and I was wonder when are you guys coming with an update of the booking software.
    Thanks again.
    Cristian Rodriguez 

    • Hello.
      the update of the any paid versions are also available.
      Please send to this email info @ your order number of purchase the booking calendar, with request about the new update.
      Please read more about getting updates of the paid versions here:

      If you are using the free version you can download it from the WordPress directory.

  4. Our treasurer has asked if it is possible for the plugin to retain a record of booking transactions that can be downloaded or printed out at the end of each accounting period.  At the moment I can only see the currently approved bookings in the near future.

    The website in question is
    The plugin version is Version 9.Premium.Plus.SingleSite.3.0 | 

    Ray Cassidy 

    • Hello.
      Unfortunately, such feature is not supported yet, sorry.
      I think you can get such type of report at the payment system website, which you are selected at the Booking > Settings > Payment page.

      • Thanks for the reply, that feature would make your plugin into a really useful booking maker and monitor.  Marketing opportunity there chaps!

  5. As a small community organisation, we offer our users the chance to be members and to get a discount rate on bookings.  What is the most effective way of doing this within the plugin?

    The website in question is plugin version is Version 9.Premium.Plus.SingleSite.3.0 |  

    Ray Cassidy

    • Hello,
      At the Booking Calendar Business Medium version is possible to set the rates, which will depend from the season filters, plus you can set the more advanced cost for the booking, where cost is depend from the number of selected dates. Also you can set additional cost for the option selection at selectboxes or checkboxes at your booking form. this additional cost can be fixed sum or percent from the final cost of booking.

      In addition at the Booking Calendar Business Large version is also support the coupon codes for getting discounts of bookings.

  6. hi there

    How do you edit the dates of a booking once approved?


    • Hello,
      At the any paid versions, you can edit the exit bookings (even reselect the dates), by clicking at the "edit button" at the right side in the booking row at the "Booking Listing" page.

    • Hello.
      You are have the several JavaScript errors at your site, similar to this:
      Error: ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined
      Line: 153
      thats why the calendar is not showing.

      Its seems that the jQuery library is not loading. Probably the issue in the "wp-minify" plugin which is not the jQuery as other JS files of the Booking Calendar successfully:


      Try to deactivate that plugin or reconfigure it...

  7. Hi,

    How do I get hold of my paid update? I got


    How do I get
    version 4.0.2!

    And how do I update the system without any losts? 

    Br Jonas 

    • Hello.
      This issue is because of update to WordPress 3.5
      The Booking calendar version 4.0.2 is compatible with the WordPress 3.5. If you are using the free version of the Booking Calenadar, please make update to the version 4.0.2 from WordPress directory.
      The update of the any paid versions are also available.
      Please send to this email info @ your order number of purchase the booking calendar, with request about the new update.
      Please read more about getting updates of the paid versions here: