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  1. Hello, sorry for my english, I'm using Google Traslate to translate from Portuguese to English.
    I was looking for some booking system for use on my client's site, I found this plugin and I'm really enjoying it initially. I wonder how do I fix it on a page, but without being a widget, I leave it on its own page. In this free version to some impediment to that?
    I'm leaving this code within the page:
    <a href='LINK'>Make booking here</a>
    but it does not work. Can you help me?

  2. Hi! Is there a way to set the plugin to allow for multiple bookings on one date up to a certain number? This is for a tour, and we'd like to limit the number to 10 per day for example. Thanks!

    • Hello ,
      If you are need the several bookings for the same date, if yes you are need to check the Booking Calendar Business Large version .
      At the Booking Calendar Business Large version is possible to set the capacity of the booking resource, it’s mean that your visitors can make the several reservations per the same date, in other words, the date(s) in calendar will be available until lumber of reservations per these full dates is less than capacity of the booking resource. Please note, if you will use the timeslot selection for the booking resource with capacity higher than one, so then this timeslot will be simply record as a data into DB according this booking, but will not impact to the time availability.
      Please read more info about the booking resources and how to configure them here
      Please read the Booking Calendar version overview here:
      You can test Booking Calendar live demos at this page to be sure in functionality and do not have misunderstanding.

  3. Hi,
    I want to implement your system for a client with certain specific needs - it's a service sector business for collecting orders online to sell goods the client bakes.
    The system needs a max limit of 5 bookings a day for delivery, and also, if today is 14th Jan, the earliest any customer can book a delivery for the baked goods ordered should be 16th Jan, i.e. 2 days later. Is it possible to set up something like that? Which version of the booking calendar would you recommend?

  4. Hello, I have the Large Business version of the plugin. Rentals will be purchased 7-days at a time. I have the calendar set up to do so, but when I select an additional 7-days, the rate remains as the 7-day cost. So, whether I select 7,14,21 I still only see the 7-day rate. Please show me what I am missing. Thanks.

    • Hello.
      Probably you are set the fixed cost instead of the cost per day at the General booking settings page.
      Or you are have some wrong configurations of the "valuations days" cost settings at the Cost and Rates button.
      So please recheck that. If you are still will have this issue, please send the screenshots and link to the page with booking form at client side, where this issue is exist to this email: info @

  5. Hi,
    I am using Business medium  version 9 4.0.2.
    I want my customers to book for a market either single day (Saturday or Sunday) or for the full weekend.  Is there a way I can setup so if you book for the full weekend it is a set price compared to the single day? For example Saturday $60, Sunday $60 but if you booked for the Full weekend its only $100.
    I tried to do this using the valuation days but using the ‘together’ 2 days for $100 but still charged $100 if the customer books for two different Saturdays and not Saturday and Sunday in a row.
    Please could you help?

    • Hello,
      if you are need possibility to select the multiple days in different ways: sometimes 2 days in a row (Sat and Sun) and sometimes only the different Sundays. And in additional to set the different cost for the 2 days, which is selected in a row (Sat and Sun). So unfortunately, its not possible in the actual versions. Sorry.
      Its possible to set the different cost for the specific number of selected days, but system is not checking if its go one after other or not.

  6. Hello-

    I need to make style changes to the send button:

    1) change the color
    2) change the height
    3) make 'Send' all capital letters
    4) change color of text on the button

    If you could please let me know where to go to change these, I would greatly appreciate it. Here's an example URL:

    Thank You!!!


  7. is there any way to integrate the Booking Calendar with external calendars? If there is an existing site that already does bookings (and uses it's own calendar), and I create a new site using WP booking calendar, can I sync both the calendars automatically? Any particular method or central calendar you recommend or suggest?

    • Hello.
      Unfortunately, such feature is not available yet. Sorry.

  8. Hi,
    i'm using booking calendar free version 3.0 and WP 3.3.1. I have made any updates.
    The pb is that the calendar doesn't appear anymore in the client. I think there is a pb with the css:
    div#calendar_booking1 ==> no element in this css objet.
    In the admin panel, the calendar appears but it is not the same css object: the object called is div#calendar_booking1.hasDatepick.
    Where are the code to call this CSS objects, i didn't find it? Do you have any idea of the issue?
    Thanks a lot

    • Hello,
      If you do not see the calendar at the client side of your site, so probably, you are have some javascript errors at your page.
      And thats why the calendar is not showing.
      Please check the troubleshooting instructions at the FAQ relative to such issues: (at the troubleshooting section).
      If you are still will have this issue, please send the link to the page, where this issue is exist and we will try to help you.

      • Thanks a lot for your answer.
        It was due to an update of jquery.
        $.browser not more supported.
        best regards

  9. I installed Booking Calendar BM on a website. After I installed it and configured it a few of the other plugins dont work now. 🙁 I suspect its something to do with js or something like that. Do you know of any other plugins that Booking Calender might not be compatable with? Even when I try to insert a calendar in a page, although I have a Booking Calendar butto, nothing happens when I press it. I bought this plugin about 3 months ago and really I only used it once before. I got a multisite license for this plugin.
    The other plugins that are not working are TheThe Tabs and Accordians, NexGEN Gallery, NexGEN Smooth Gallery. These plugins dont work anymore now 🙁
    Could you please help.

    • Hello.
      Probably you are have some JavaScript error(s) at the page, and that's why you are have an issue. Please check, what javascript error you are have. Then let check, what the reason of that issue. Please deactivate one by one your active plugins, until you will not have that JavaScript error.
      You can check some troubleshooting instructions at this page:
      If you are still will have this issue, please send the link to the page with booking form, where this issue is exist, and we will try to help you.
      Kind regards.