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  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if you had any updates regarding the API updates that you mentioned in May. As an alternative to the API I was wondering if there was an easy way for the calendar to grab the information from an RSS and populate the reservations.

    • Hello.
      Unfortunately that update is not ready yet. Sorry.
      Right now we are finishing one big update, after that we will integrate the API mechanism.

  2. Hi, I would like to ask, I created my own translation of your plugin using Poedit, the question is, how can I turn my translation on? I don´t see any Language panel in settings of Booking calendar in wordpress administration.

    • Hello ,

      Thank you for interest to the Booking Calendar. Please read more at the FAQ at the translation section.

      The booking calendar is support changing the interface based on locale of the site. So you are need to have the correct locale settings at the config.php file at the root of your site.

      The Booking Calendar is use the active locale of the site for the activation of the specific language from the ../booking/languages/ folder.

      For activating the specific translation you have to activate the locale at the config.php file at root of your WordPress installation.

      If you are use the free version, so then you are need to make the FULL reinstall of the plugin, its because the email template and labels to the booking form is saved to the DB during activation of the plugin and you are need to make this reactivation. Its mean that the exist bookings and settings will be erased. Here is instruction how to check it or fix/add translations:

      If you are using the paid version of the Booking Calendar and need only the booking form labels at the client side of your site in different language, so you can customize the booking form at the Booking > Settings > Fields page at top form. Please test it at the live demos here

  3. I have the multiuser version and I want the users that I have created to access only the booking plugin. If I use the user role "editor" then the user has access also to my posts and pages. How can I restrict any access for this users to my pages and posts and give them only access to the booking plugin?

    • Hello.
      You are need to use some other plugin, which will restrict showing of the "posts" and "pages" WordPress menu items to the users with specific role. Please, just try to search for this solution here

  4. Multiuser edition:
    trying to customize the "standard" form fields as admin does not change respectively the form fields for a multiuser account. The resource created by a user for booking appears with the calendar and all the default fields not the customized ones!
    I want to create specific fields that apply to every resource created by any user i.e Name, surename, mail

    • This is the form loaded for every user, this is what I want to be different
              <div style="text-align:left">
              <p>Start time: [starttime]  End time: [endtime]</p>
              <p>First Name (required):<br />  [text* name] </p>
              <p>Last Name (required):<br />  [text* secondname] </p>
              <p>Email (required):<br />  [email* email] </p>
              <p>Address (required):<br />  [text* address] </p> 
              <p>City(required):<br />  [text* city] </p> 
              <p>Post code(required):<br />  [text* postcode] </p> 
              <p>Country(required):<br />  [country] </p> 
              <p>Phone:<br />  [text phone] </p>
              <p>Visitors:<br />  [select visitors "1" "2" "3" "4"] Children: [checkbox children ""]</p>
              <p>Details:<br /> [textarea details] </p>
              <p>[submit "Send"]</p>

      • Hello,
        you are need to login as specific user into the "WordPress admin panel" and then at the Booking > Settings > Fields page change the booking form fields.
        You can not change the form fields of the specific user, if you are logged in as admin (you can only manage the resources, bookings and general settings).

        • thanks for your answer, but in any case the "default" fields loaded (as posted above), is there any way to change them? for example where are these settings stored in the db somewhere in a file?

          • Hello,
            you can customize it at the ../booking/inc/personal.php file
            inside of the content of the function: reset_to_default_form($form_type )
            Please note, if you will modify the source code of the Booking Calendar, we will not guaranteed the correct work of plugin and do not support it.

  5. Hello, my website is running with your booking plugin and it can work properly but yesterday, I've found problem as calendar choosing cannot appear in single page. I don't know what's happened? Could you help me or suggest me how figure it out? 


    • Hello.
      this issue is possible, when you are have any JavaScript errors at your site.
      Please, try to deactivate one byone all your active plugins for searching the reason of that issue. If its not help, try to deactivate the actual theme and activate the default one and then check it again. You can check some troubleshooting instruction at the FAQ here

      If you are still will have this issue, please send the link to the page with that issue, we will check it and try to help you.

      •  Now, I can resolved problem and I found WP booking plugin not support latest jQuery version (v.1.9.0) that just released on 15th Jan 2013 (for info: because my website theme is using jQuery from that will fetch latest jQuery version. Due to jQuery version issue, so I already changed jQuery version back to previous version as 1.8.3  and it can work properly but I think your team should work on supporting latest jQuery version (1.9.0) and release new version of plugin that would be great.



        • Hello.
          Thank you for this info.
          We will add support of latest jQuery version for the future updates.
          Kind regards.

  6. is there any way to customize the payment "page" that appears after the submitting the booking form? 

    • Hello.
      Unfortunately, the actual versions are not supported it yet. It's possible to show only standard payment form. In the next update will be availabale to show the overview of the booking above the payment form.

  7. It would be very beneficial to allow the bookings to be sorted by date (asc or desc) in the bookings console. Will you consider this as part of your next update? It is very hard to organise bookings when you can't sort them into date order! Look forward to your response. Thanks

    • Hello,
      the possibility to sort the bookings by dates will be available in the next update of the Booking Calendar.
      I hope that this update will come already soon, probably during a month or so. But right now I can not say about the exact date of this update.
      Kind regards.

  8. Hi
    I have set up a resource to be unavailable for a season filter that only has the 27-28 Jan 2013 ticked. The booking form is displayed but the calendar is not. The error console in safari shows the following: SyntaxError: Unexpected token ']'. The line in the html where it fails is below:
    </script> <script type='text/javascript'>  jQuery(document).ready( function(){  date_admin_blank[1] = [];  date2approve[1] = [];  var date_approved_par = []; is_all_days_available[1] = 1;  avalaibility_filters[1] = [];  avalaibility_filters[1][ avalaibility_filters[1].length ]= [], [27, 28, 29, 30, 31], [1], [2013] ];   init_datepick_cal('1', date_approved_par, 1 , 1, [2012,01]   );  }); </script><div  id="paypalbooking_form1"></div>
    It seems an extra "]" is being added to the code after "[2013]" above.
    I am using version 9.Business.Medium.SingleSite.4.0.2.
    How can this be resolved?

    • Hello,
      please send the link to the page, where this issue is exist and also the screenshot of the filter settings page.
      So then I will recheck it and try to help you in fixing this issue.
      thank you.

      • Hello,
        I can suggest that you are not selected any "week days" in the first column in the Booking > Resources > Filters page .
        So please recheck that you are selected all week days (Sun - Sat) at the first column for that your filter.
        Kind regards.

        • Thanks very much for your help. That worked.

          One small suggestion, can you please add some small notes or hints for how a season filter must be filled in (if there's none already - I could not find anything).

          Thanks again. 

          • Hello,
            next update of the plugin will have one other way of creation the season filters. In additional to the "conditional" way, as it's now, you will be able to select range days for the creation of the season filters.

  9. Hi
    I have bought this plugin, but cannot select South African currency (ZAR) under payment settings.
    Help please.

    • Hello.
      Inside of the payment systems are list only the currencies, what are supported by specific payment systems.
      So ZAR, right now are not supported yet by exist payment systems. Sorry.

      Kind regards.

        • Hello.
          The Business Small and higher versions of the Booking Calendar is support Paypal, Sage pay and ipay88 payment systems integrations, other payment systems are not supported yet. Sorry.
          But you can check how is integrated the Payment system (on the example) of the PayPal system at t this file:../booking/inc/payments/paypal.php
          So you can create your file with similar structure at that folder,
          also you are need to include the calling of your file into this file: ../booking/inc/payments/index.php
          in the same way, as it was done for the other 3 payment systems
          Please note, if you will modify the source code of the Booking Calendar, we will not guaranteed the correct work of plugin and do not support it.
          Kind regards.